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Baby survives 15 minutes after birth but touches family who refused to abort her

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Bonnie and Phill Baby 3Bonnie and Phil Walker discovered that their unborn child might die at birth and so doctors offered them an “option” which they found shocking.

During a routine scan, their daughter Grace was diagnosed with a serious birth defect called anencephaly, in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull.

They were told it was therefore not a “viable” pregnancy and were offered an abortion within the week.

It was that blunt”, said Bonnie Walker, who has four older children with husband Phil. He added: “There should never be a choice like that.”

Bonnie and Phill Baby 2

Grace was born alive and the couple described that moment as “Happy sad tears.”

She survived about 15 minutes but they say those minutes touched them deeply.

Bonnie and Phill Baby

There’s a purpose for every life, no matter how short,” Said Bonnie, “the wrong choice would have been to take her away without ever having seen her face.”

Phil called his daughter an angel, “We see her as a gift from God.”

Phil said that the reason they called their daughter Grace was that, “by the grace of God we had this time with her.”