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Singer Judy Collins will perform a benefit for eugenic founded Planned Parenthood

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Folk singer/songwriter Judy Collins will perform Saturday at a benefit for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, which is observing its 75th anniversary.

Judy Collins and Peter, Paul and Mary sang “Amazing Grace” at the abortion rights rally in 1990. She signed a statement in MS Magazine, “We Have Had Abortions”. Singer Judy Collins testified on abortion legislation, that she was 42 and would consider having another child, but because ”there is a high risk for a woman my age having babies with serious birth defects,” she would prefer to have the choice of an abortion if medicine tests showed problems. She continued, ”I insist on my right to choose.” She also attended the The History of Women in Music Concert — a benefit for Zero Population Growth’s Turner/Fonda Family Planning Outreach Project.

Planned Parenthood is an organization steeped in eugenics and 19th century racism – Their founder Margaret Sanger was an admitted KLAN speaker.

Shame on Collins for supporting such a group – I urge her to watch the documentary film- Maafa21 for a clear picture about Planned Parenthood: