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Planned Parenthood lies about age of abortion client , alters medical records, so says abortion patient in vid

Posted in Planned Parenthood lies with tags , , , , on January 20, 2013 by saynsumthn

The woman in this vid claims she got her abortion records from Planned Parenthood and discovered that the abortion giant recorded her age as 2 years older than she was at the time of the procedure. In other words, Planned Parenthood lied to make this person appear older….one can only assume what the reason would be for this, but many ideas come to mind:

In addition the woman claims that Planned Parenthood recorded on her charts that “client was offered to view the image” from the ultrasound that she had to determine how far along in the pregnancy she was and they “checked viewed” and the woman states that she was told “nothing was visible and you could not see anything” and she was never even offered to view the ultrasound. In another area, she says Planned Parenthood checked she was offered to see image, when she was never offered that option and now that she has the images, from the records six years later, it is breaking her up.