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Complaints filed against Indiana abortionist request immediate suspension of his medical license

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Klopfer PicClose to 500 complaints were filed Monday with the Indiana State Attorney General’s Office, alleging sloppy recordkeeping by an Illinois doctor who performs abortions at a Fort Wayne clinic one day a week.


FORT WAYNE, IND. – Today, representatives from Indiana Right to Life and Allen County Right to Life held a press conference to announce 487 complaints being filed against the Fort Wayne abortion doctor, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, of Crete, Ill. Each complaint is the result of a termination of pregnancy report containing errors or omissions by Klopfer. Complaints are being filed with the Indiana Attorney General’s office.

The complaints addressed more than 3,000 errors and omissions uncovered on publicly-available terminated pregnancy reports spanning abortions performed July 2011 through June 2013. Indiana law requires abortion doctors to file terminated pregnancy reports with the Indiana State Department of Health for each abortion performed. Indiana law also specifies that failure to complete and submit the report on time carries a Class B misdemeanor charge.

Allen County Right to Life and Indiana Right to Life routinely request and review terminated pregnancy reports from the state after the filing period closes. As each organization reviewed the documents, they found multiple errors and omissions on the reports submitted by Klopfer. Errors ranged from including the wrong address of the abortion facility to stating that the post-fertilization age of the fetus was 88 weeks. Omissions ranged from no county of pregnancy termination listed to no date of the patient’s last normal menses.

Activists Claim Errors

Complainants are requesting the immediate suspension of Klopfer’s medical license pending a full investigation. Additionally, a meeting is being requested of the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office as the local prosecutor carries the authority to bring criminal charges against Klopfer.

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“The quantity and type of errors and omissions speaks volumes about Dr. Klopfer’s abortion business,” stated Cathie Humbarger, Allen County Right to Life Executive Director. “Every termination of pregnancy report in 2012 and 2013 listed the address where Dr. Klopher’s old abortion business was, a site where he hasn’t practiced in seven years. Every report during those years also stated that the baby was age 88 weeks after fertilization. An elephant could develop in 88 weeks. Dr. Klopfer’s errors and omissions are simply careless. These errors and omissions raise serious concerns over how Dr. Klopfer runs his abortion practice.”

“We call on the Attorney General, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board and Allen County Prosecutor to pay immediate attention to these 487 complaints,” said Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “Any business owner in Indiana will tell you that he or she has to abide by state laws governing their industry and that penalties are issued for violations. We are asking for Dr. Klopfer’s abortion business to be subject to oversight and enforcement measures as well.”

“Bringing these errors and omissions to light brings transparency to an industry often shrouded in secrecy,” stated Dr. Peter Scaer, Board President of Allen County Right to Life. “Our community deserves to know what goes on at Dr. Klopfer’s facility. Last month Allen County Right to Life’s Executive Director alerted the community to Dr. Klopfer’s failure to report a 13-year-old abortion on time as required by law. This month we’re reporting on 487 complaints against Dr. Klopfer. It’s concerning to think ‘what’s next?’ if he’s allowed to continue practicing at his abortion business.”

The complaints are being filed today by 17 concerned individuals in the Fort Wayne area.

View a Consumer Complaint and Termination of Pregnancy Report example here.

Click here for a photo of Humbarger, Fichter, Scaer and complainants at the press conference.

Allen County Right to Life, based in Fort Wayne, Ind., operates out of a common concern for the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

Indiana Right to Life’s mission is to protect the right to life, especially of unborn children, through positive education, compassionate advocacy and promotion of healthy alternatives to abortion.


According to Life Dynamics, complaints have been filed with the Indiana Attorney General’s office and the Indiana Medical Licensing Board against a Ft. Wayne Indiana abortion doctor who failed to report an abortion he performed on a 13-year-old child.

IndRTL COmplaint

The documents, filed by members of Allen County Right, state that Dr. Ulrich Klopfer of Illinois, who performs abortion in Fort Wayne at 2210 Inwood Drive, failed to report an abortion he performed on a 13-year-old as required by state law.

IND Law Klopfer Child Pred

The age of the patient surfaced as Allen County Right to Life Executive Director, Cathie Humbarger, reviewed publicly available terminated pregnancy reports. The pregnancy report, filed with the State Department of Health, appears to confirm the allegation. (Read Allen County RTL Report here)

13 TOP Report

Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, points out that although we do not know the circumstances of this child’s pregnancy, mandatory reporting statutes which require healthcare workers to report reasonable suspicions of child sexual abuse to the authorities are being ignored inside American abortion, Planned Parenthood and family planning centers.

Life Dynamics has documented this in an undercover investigation where they called over 800 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation facilities across the nation.

According to Mark Crutcher, founder of Life Dynamics, “The results of this survey were appalling. Even though many of these clinics openly acknowledged to our caller that this situation was illegal and they were required to report it to the state, the overwhelming majority readily agreed to conceal this illegal activity.”

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Crutcher continues, “When we began to investigate we found it was even worse than we thought it was. Initially we thought perhaps the abortion clinics were only reporting half of the incidents, but instead we found that they were reporting hardly any of them.”

To combat this problem, Life Dynamics recently unveiled a national outreach by contacting over 53,000 personal injury attorneys to educate them about the pedophile protection racket being covered up inside these clinics.

View DVD here

According to Crutcher, “this is the largest criminal conspiracy in American history. ”

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