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Pregnancy Test Vending Machine in bar to protect the Unborn

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Minnesota bar installs pregnancy test vending machine
July 20th, 2012 by Stella Martin

One of the first pregnancy test vending machines to be installed in a bar will be Pub 500 in Mankato, Minn.. Screen shot via CBS News.

A pub in Mankato, Minnesota called Pub 500 has voluntarily allowed a non-profit organization to install vending machines dispensing pregnancy tests. One of the organizations founders, Jody Allen Crowe, suggested the idea to the owner in effort to help women make better choices about alcohol consumption if they think they might be pregnant.

The organization behind the vending machine is Healthy Brains for Children which promotes refraining from alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Crowe has written a book suggesting that prenatal alcohol exposure may lead to aggressive behavior later in life and possibly cause brain damage. The organization seeks to reduce, if not eliminate, fetal alcohol syndrome.

The bar’s owner, Tom Fredrik, said it didn’t take much convincing to get him on board.

Crowe further told CBS News, “How many times have you heard people say, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize I was pregnant’,” when speaking to unintentional alcohol consumption during the early stages of pregnancy.

The vending machine will be installed in the women’s bathroom and will take credit cards and debit cards. The cost of a vending pregnancy test will be $3.