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Another Michigan Abortion Clinic Closes

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Feminine Health Care abortion clinic of Flint, owned by Alberto Hodari, where abortionist Theodore Roumell runs the business, is now closed, according to local pro-life activists !

Since November of 2011, 10 abortion mills in Michigan have shut their doors.

Theodore Roumell

The abortionist, 78-year-old Theodore Roumell, who has open formal complaints against him, has been doing abortions at the Feminine Health Care abortion clinic after Hodari retired. The Flint abortion clinic was in non-compliance with the State of Michigan. Both the medical waste and free-standing surgical license had expired, and following open formal complaints against the clinic, the abortion mill is no longer open, says pro-lifer Lynn Mills.

Mills told a local radio station that she discovered a law about controlled substances and then filed a complaint with the Attorney General against the abortionist Roumell and she predicts three more abortion clinics will close because of this complaint.

According to local pro-lifers, abortion calls to the closed Flint clinic are now being routed to the WomanCare abortion mill in Lansing owned by Roumell.

Pro-lifer Lynn Mills claims that Roumell is running Hodari’s abortion clinics and he is not in compliance with this law and is on the hot seat with the AG.

Mills told radio talk show host Jay McNally that her next report will make these two abortionists look like girl scouts!

Abortion clinics that are licensed as freestanding surgical facilities engage in the same illegal practices. From 2007-2009, the Bureau of Health Systems inspected three abortion clinics licensed as freestanding surgical facilities: Birth Control Center, Inc. in Sterling Heights, Feminine Health Care of Flint, and Womancare of Southfield. All three were cited for noncompliance with state regulations for surgical facilities regarding the administration and/or storage of medication:

Violations at Womancare of Southfield, owned by Alberto Hodari, were particularly egregious.

During an October 2009 investigation of Womancare, BHS staff found no physician’s order for a medication that had been sent home with a patient, and no physician signature verifying several other medication orders. They also found two unlocked hallway cupboards with multiple medications and an unsecured refrigerator with medications in patient areas where patients are left unattended. Opened, unsecured medications included Ketamine, an addictive controlled substance often sold illegally as a “club drug” and used as a date-rape drug.25 Narcotics logs were insufficient or nonexistent. BHS further learned that the facility had no policy for medication storage or for verifying which staff is licensed and qualified to administer medications. BHS cited the facility and accepted a plan submitted by Womancare to correct this noncompliance.

BHS never returned to the facility to verify compliance, and does not appear to have referred the physicians overseeing the staff for disciplinary action by the Board of Medicine.

Reports show that At Feminine Health Care in Flint, again clean instruments were being stored in the same space in which dirty instruments were sterilized, and the clinic also was not conducting weekly spore tests to check equipment safety. In addition, the clinic failed to have a sanitary liquid waste disposal system.

Two women filed allegations against abortion doctor Alberto Hodari with the Bureau of Health Professions, one for a 2009 incident at Feminine Health Care in Flint, and the other in 2008 at Womancare of Southfield. In both instances, the patients allege that Alberto Hodari and/or an assistant used force to hold her down while the abortion was performed.

According to ABC News, A young Michigan woman who changed her mind about having an abortion while on the doctor’s table has accused her doctor of terminating her pregnancy even after she pleaded with him to stop.

A lawsuit filed by 20-year-old Caitlin Bruce against Dr. Abraham Hodari is now winding its way through the Genesee County court system, but the case has raised questions about when an abortion can be stopped. Bruce said she walked into Hodari’s Feminine Health Care Clinic in Flint, Mich., in April 2008, intending to have an abortion. She claims in an interview with she changed her mind, but was pinned down, her mouth covered to muffle her screams, while Hodari forcibly terminated her pregnancy. “This is a question about choice. Who makes the decision here? He told her she could back out any time,” Bruce’s attorney Tom Pabst said. “Who does he think he is?”

A post on the pro-life FB page, 40daysforlifeLansing says, “Since Feminine Health Care abortion clinic in Flint has shut its doors, the phone number for women seeking abortions is now being routed to Lansing’s WomanCare abortion clinic. It is now more important than ever to pray on the sidewalk. Join us, September 25 – November 3 for the next 40 Days for Life Lansing prayer and fasting campaign. Abortions are scheduled Wednesdays and Fridays. Go to for more information.”

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