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Another Michigan Abortion Clinic Closes

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Feminine Health Care abortion clinic of Flint, owned by Alberto Hodari, where abortionist Theodore Roumell runs the business, is now closed, according to local pro-life activists !

Since November of 2011, 10 abortion mills in Michigan have shut their doors.

Theodore Roumell

The abortionist, 78-year-old Theodore Roumell, who has open formal complaints against him, has been doing abortions at the Feminine Health Care abortion clinic after Hodari retired. The Flint abortion clinic was in non-compliance with the State of Michigan. Both the medical waste and free-standing surgical license had expired, and following open formal complaints against the clinic, the abortion mill is no longer open, says pro-lifer Lynn Mills.

Mills told a local radio station that she discovered a law about controlled substances and then filed a complaint with the Attorney General against the abortionist Roumell and she predicts three more abortion clinics will close because of this complaint.

According to local pro-lifers, abortion calls to the closed Flint clinic are now being routed to the WomanCare abortion mill in Lansing owned by Roumell.

Pro-lifer Lynn Mills claims that Roumell is running Hodari’s abortion clinics and he is not in compliance with this law and is on the hot seat with the AG.

Mills told radio talk show host Jay McNally that her next report will make these two abortionists look like girl scouts!

Abortion clinics that are licensed as freestanding surgical facilities engage in the same illegal practices. From 2007-2009, the Bureau of Health Systems inspected three abortion clinics licensed as freestanding surgical facilities: Birth Control Center, Inc. in Sterling Heights, Feminine Health Care of Flint, and Womancare of Southfield. All three were cited for noncompliance with state regulations for surgical facilities regarding the administration and/or storage of medication:

Violations at Womancare of Southfield, owned by Alberto Hodari, were particularly egregious.

During an October 2009 investigation of Womancare, BHS staff found no physician’s order for a medication that had been sent home with a patient, and no physician signature verifying several other medication orders. They also found two unlocked hallway cupboards with multiple medications and an unsecured refrigerator with medications in patient areas where patients are left unattended. Opened, unsecured medications included Ketamine, an addictive controlled substance often sold illegally as a “club drug” and used as a date-rape drug.25 Narcotics logs were insufficient or nonexistent. BHS further learned that the facility had no policy for medication storage or for verifying which staff is licensed and qualified to administer medications. BHS cited the facility and accepted a plan submitted by Womancare to correct this noncompliance.

BHS never returned to the facility to verify compliance, and does not appear to have referred the physicians overseeing the staff for disciplinary action by the Board of Medicine.

Reports show that At Feminine Health Care in Flint, again clean instruments were being stored in the same space in which dirty instruments were sterilized, and the clinic also was not conducting weekly spore tests to check equipment safety. In addition, the clinic failed to have a sanitary liquid waste disposal system.

Two women filed allegations against abortion doctor Alberto Hodari with the Bureau of Health Professions, one for a 2009 incident at Feminine Health Care in Flint, and the other in 2008 at Womancare of Southfield. In both instances, the patients allege that Alberto Hodari and/or an assistant used force to hold her down while the abortion was performed.

According to ABC News, A young Michigan woman who changed her mind about having an abortion while on the doctor’s table has accused her doctor of terminating her pregnancy even after she pleaded with him to stop.

A lawsuit filed by 20-year-old Caitlin Bruce against Dr. Abraham Hodari is now winding its way through the Genesee County court system, but the case has raised questions about when an abortion can be stopped. Bruce said she walked into Hodari’s Feminine Health Care Clinic in Flint, Mich., in April 2008, intending to have an abortion. She claims in an interview with she changed her mind, but was pinned down, her mouth covered to muffle her screams, while Hodari forcibly terminated her pregnancy. “This is a question about choice. Who makes the decision here? He told her she could back out any time,” Bruce’s attorney Tom Pabst said. “Who does he think he is?”

A post on the pro-life FB page, 40daysforlifeLansing says, “Since Feminine Health Care abortion clinic in Flint has shut its doors, the phone number for women seeking abortions is now being routed to Lansing’s WomanCare abortion clinic. It is now more important than ever to pray on the sidewalk. Join us, September 25 – November 3 for the next 40 Days for Life Lansing prayer and fasting campaign. Abortions are scheduled Wednesdays and Fridays. Go to for more information.”

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Former NAF abortionist has his abortion closed by state for not being licensed

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UPDATE from the Detroit Free Press: Lathrup Village abortion clinic fighting efforts to close it
Apr. 19, 2011 |

The lawyer for a Lathrup Village women’s [abortion] clinic that provides abortions will appear in court Wednesday to fight against the state’s efforts to close it.

Womancare of Southfield, run by [abortionist] Alberto Hodari, is under fire from the Attorney General’s office for operating without a license for free-standing surgical facilities.
Last summer, based on the cost of fire code compliance tied to the license, Hodari decided against renewing. The doctor, whose medical license is separate and valid, applied to have the building grandfathered, as it is older than the codes, but was denied, according to legal filings.

The state, after monitoring Hodari’s practice for several months, found he was in violation of the license law, and the Attorney General’s office filed suit earlier this month. During that time, Hodari tried to submit plans to fix the fire code violation.

The violation is based on a section of the license law that requires Hodari to provide more gynecological services than abortions, a requirement, said his attorney, that has been difficult to uphold. But the license isn’t specific to abortion providers, just those providing surgical procedures in facilities that are not doctor or dentists offices and that are not tied to hospitals. About 70 licenses have been granted, according to state health officials, and only a few go to abortion providers.

Hodari’s attorney said the doctor has gone to great lengths to recruit gynecological patients to keep his abortion services under 51%, and that the state is unfairly imposing itself on the clinic, which has been in the spotlight before for improperly disposing of medical records. The clinic serves mostly low-income, urban women, and appears to be the only abortion provider in the area required to submit statistics to the state on its practice. Filings from the AG’s office say Hodari’s lawyer’s claims are groundless.



According to Operation Rescue, Abortionist Alberto Hodari operates group of five Detroit area abortion clinics. He garnered national attention when Students for Life in America videotaped a speech he gave to Wayne State University students where he said that he believes abortionists have a “license to lie.”

Since then Hodari’s problems have multiplied. Hodari was fined $10,000 for his part in the death of abortion patient Regina Johnson. Last November he put three of the clinics up for sale after Caitlin Bruce filed a lawsuit against him for a forcing an abortion on her after she withdrew her consent. One of those locations was the Livonia location.

Another lawsuit was filed against him last month for giving a needless abortion after he failed to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy. The Health Department has launched an investigation into his troubled abortion business. To add to his difficulties, Hodari filed for divorce from his wife of 29 years.

Now the Detroit Free Press is reporting: Lathrup Village abortion clinic could be shut over license Mar 30, 2011

The state is suing to shut down a Lathrup Village women’s health clinic for performing abortions without a surgical license.

Dr. Alberto Hodari, operator of WomanCare of Southfield, is accused by the Michigan Department of Community Health of continuing to perform surgical abortions after deciding not to renew that license in July 2010. In 2009, MDCH inspectors found a fire-code violation involving emergency exits at the facility on Southfield Road, according to court documents.

In the documents, Hodari said he was trying to sell the building and the repairs would cut into examination space. He said he would not renew his surgical license when it expired in July 2010.
Efforts to reach Hodari or a clinic manager Tuesday were unsuccessful.
State law requires a surgical license if patient load for abortions exceeds 50% of total patient load. Hodari indicated he would reduce his surgery load to comply.
Despite statistics provided to MDCH by a clinic manager, the Attorney General’s Office said it doesn’t believe Hodari did so, and will appear in Oakland County Circuit Court on April 6 to ask that the clinic be closed for the duration of the lawsuit.
“Physicians have special duty to follow state law and regulations intended to preserve the health and safety of their patients,” Attorney General Bill Schuette said in a statement.
It appears Hodari’s other clinics throughout southeast Michigan are not part of the investigation.
This is not the first time state inspectors have scrutinized the clinic.
In 2008, after receiving complaints from an anti-abortion group that fetus parts, medical waste and records were found in a Dumpster outside, the state charged Hodari with improperly disposing of medical records. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality found violations of the Medical Waste Regulatory Act, but Hodari wasn’t fined. It’s unclear whether the state found fetus parts in the waste.

Hodari’s practice has also been implicated in the deaths of at least four women from abortion-related complications. In June 2009, the Disciplinary Subcommittee of Michigan’s Board of Medicine fined Hodari $10,000 for negligence in connection with the botched abortion death of Regina Johnson.

Numerous complaints have been filed against the abortionist for improper disposal of human remains and abortion records found in Hodari’s dumpster. Hodari received a sentence of six months’ probation on one such count in February.

Last year , Hodari put his abortion clinics on the market along with his collection of expensive classic cars and hastily filed for divorce from his wife of 29 years. Local activists told Operation Rescue that it appeared that he was attempting to liquidate his assets

According to another Detroit Free Press article, A woman who answered the clinic’s phone Tuesday (3/29/2011) said the owner, Dr. Alberto Hodari, is out of the country and cannot be reached for comment.

“At one time, Dr. Hodari was an extremely fine physician with a very good reputation. He trained a number of physicians,” said Renee Chelian, executive director of Northland Family Planning Centers, an abortion provider with three Metro Detroit sites.

“Any good clinic knows what the laws are in the state of Michigan and follows them. If he’s performing abortions on more than 50 percent of his patients, then he’s in violation of the law, but only he knows that and, apparently, the state thinks they know.”

A researcher reports that Dr. Abraham Alberto Hodari worked at Northland Family Planning Clinic, a National Abortion Federation member in Michigan. He also worked at Woman Care Clinic and Detroit Memorial Hospital. He is believed to have performed the fatal abortions on Tamia Russell and Chivon Williams.

NAF Abortionist Hodari’s Troubled Past , patient claims he forced abortion

Michigan Abortionist selling clinic- forced abortion allegations and abortion deaths to blame?

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Reports indicate that abortionist Alberto Hodari in Flint, Michigan has his abortion clinic up for sale.


Flint Right to Life president Judy Climer told that she spotted the sign advertising the Feminine Health Care Clinic building at 2032 S. Saginaw St. for rent when she arrived to pray at the site today. Climer says she had earlier noticed strange behavior by Hodari.

Genessee County files show the property owned by Alberto Hodari at the Saginaw St. address has real estate taxes owed.

Climer says she believes Hodari’s abortion clinic in Southgate is also up for sale.

In June, Caitlin Bruce, a former client of Hodari, filed a lawsuit against him and an assistant whom she claims forced her to have an abortion in April 2008. The lawsuit filed in the Gennessee County District Court claims Hodari “had his assistant … restrain Caitlin Bruce and cover her mouth” and began the abortion procedure “despite Caitlin Bruce’s objecting and screaming, ‘Stop, stop, I don’t want this,’ and despite her desire not to undergo the procedure.

The lawsuit charges Hodari with medical malpractice, battery, and fraud, among other things.

Tom Pabst, Caitlin’s attorney, told that Bruce had changed her mind after initially agreeing to have an abortion. “If you change your mind, that’s it, you walk out,” said Pabst. “But he went ahead and did it anyhow, according to Caitlin Bruce.”

Bruce’s story aligns with testimonies from other women who have described similar horror stories of coerced abortions at Hodari’s hands. A report by Operation Rescue shows Hodari has a record of 49 documented lawsuits over a span of decades.

Hodari’s practice has also been implicated in the deaths of at least four women from abortion-related complications. In June, the Disciplinary Subcommittee of Michigan’s Board of Medicine fined Hodari $10,000 for negligence in connection with the botched abortion death of Regina Johnson.

Numerous complaints have been filed against the abortionist for improper disposal of human remains and abortion records found in Hodari’s dumpster. Hodari received a sentence of six months’ probation on one such count in February.


In 2007, Students for Life taped this speech by Dr. Alberto Hodari at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI on November 9, 2007
The speech was to the local Medical Students for Choice group entitled, “Why I Am An Abortion Provider” to motivate the pro-abortion medical students.

Hodari says, “I have great satisfaction of what I do, and I never feel bad or worried about doing abortions.

Hodari also spoke about how little he washed between abortions because it chafed his hands, even though his doing so puts women’s health at risk.

Most upsetting to SFLA director Kristan Hawkins is Hodari’s claim that being an abortion practitioner gives him “license to lie” to women who seek him out for abortions.

To hear Hodari speak, one wonders if Michigan is the third world,” Hawkins says in a statement she provided “Planned Parenthood complains about ‘back-alley’ abortions, even though Hodari is running a business where he’s barely washing his hands between abortions.

Hodari was responsible for the abortion death of 15 year-old African-American teenager Tamia Russel.


Taisha Glenn, the sister of Russell’s 24-year-old boyfriend, Stacy Glenn, had taken Russell to the abortion facility on January 7, 2004 without permission or notifying Russell’s mother or guardian.

Glenn and Russell went to five other abortion facilities before coming to WomanCare, Hodari’s abortion center.

Tamiia used an identification card with another woman’s picture to state she was 19, as abortions cannot be performed on minors in Michigan without parental consent.

The woman in the picture ID looked nothing like Russell — but the abortion was done anyway.

The facility vaginally inserted laminaria, a seaweed used to begin dilation. Russell was sent home, where she confessed to her family that she was pregnant and had begun the abortion procedure.

When her mother and aunt called WomanCare, they said the abortion could not be stopped once the laminaria is inserted.

Russell’s mother drove her daughter to the abortion facility the next day to finish the abortion, which was performed by Alberto Hodari. Upon her return home, she experienced severe bleeding — “so much so she soaked an entire mattress,” her family told

WomanCare told her family that such bleeding was “normal” following an abortion, and not to take her to the hospital.

Concerned for Russell, the family called paramedics who rushed her to Sinai-Grace Hospital. Russell died on the way to the Hospital.

Hodari has also come under fire for misusing the drug Digoxin in abortions.

In 2008, Hodari was also investigated for illegally dumping aborted fetuses. According to <a href="“>Citizens for a Pro-Life Society:

On August 12, 2008 the Oakland County prosecutor issued a 12 count warrant against the Woman Care abortion clinic at 28505 Southfield Road in Lathrup Village for violating the Michigan State Statutes that regulate the disposal of medical records. The Woman Care abortion clinics are owned and operated by Alberto Hodari. The warrant was sworn on August 15th and Hodari and the Woman Care clinic will be arraigned on the charges September 3, 2008 at the 46th District Court in Southfield .


Nearly 200 patient records were discovered by members of Citizens for a Pro-life Society and other pro-lifers in February and March 2008 when they conducted an investigation of the trash dumpster behind Hodari’s Lathrup Village abortion clinic. On March 6th Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, turned over all of the patient records retrieved from the trash to Serg. Vincent Lynch of the Lathrup Village Police Department.

Miller and other pro-lifers monitored the trash dumpster every weekend from Feb. 7 through March 2nd. In addition to numerous patient records which disclosed detailed personal information of patients at the Woman Care clinic—pro-lifers also discovered bio-hazard waste and the remains of aborted babies.

The bio-hazard waste included bloody suction gauze tubing used in abortions, blood drenched surgical paper, dozens of glass medicine vials, used syringes, IV bags with tubing and sharps, numerous condoms and condom wrappers probably used for ultra-sounds, bloody surgical gloves, and dozens of bloody suction canulas. (See You Tube video “Hodari Dumpster Scandal” )

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Hodari Files for Divorce, Puts Another Clinic Up for Sale

YouTube censors another pro-life video

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The Citizens for a Pro-Life Society (CPLS) say that their video depicting the Catholic funeral and burial ceremonies of abortion victims has been censored by the video-sharing site YouTube – which now has an established reputation for removing pro-life videos and issuing “warning strikes” against their owners’ accounts.


CPLS reports that YouTube pulled the original five-minute film “Requiem for the Disappeared” on August 29. The film shows the remains of 23 unborn children whose bodies were buried after being salvaged last year from trash dumpsters behind abortionist Alberto Hodari’s Womancare abortion clinic in Lathrup Village, MI., and abortionist Reginald Sharpe’s Women’s Advisory abortion clinic in Livonia, MI. The video is accompanied by the song “Tell Me Who I Am,” which was crafted for the video and produced by Mediatrix Records.


View Video – Here

“Requiem for the Disappeared” is the third CPLS video removed by YouTube, who also issued a warning strike against the group’s account. YouTube indicated that the video was removed for violating the site’s prohibition against images “intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful.

According to the site’s guidelines: “if a video is particularly graphic or disturbing, it should be balanced with additional educational or documentary context and information.”

CPLS argues that the images of the children’s’ remains were given appropriate and respectful context, and were not intended to shock, saying the video was “obviously crafted to teach, to provoke thought, to provide a moral lesson.”

The group said it was considering legal action against YouTube.

I feel strongly that we must call You Tube to responsibility,” said CPLS director Monica Migliorino Miller. “It’s obvious that pro-lifers are consistently discriminated against on this website.”


In August, YouTube removed a video (available here) published by Operation Rescue showing the abusive behavior of a man working for Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Carhart against a pro-lifer. YouTube indicated that the video inappropriately used the site as a “venue for things like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other people’s personal information, and inciting others to commit violent acts.”

I completely resent the outrageous and false notion that the video was in anyway abusive on our part,” said Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger. “The threats and intimidation shown in this video were made by the Carhart employee against the pro-life photographer, Larry Donlan. I posted the video with his permission so that the world could see the truth about the abuse and threats that pro-lifers are forced to endure.

Earlier that month, Live Action Films launched a petition against YouTube’s attack against pro-life videos. Live Action has had several of its videos exposing controversial and illegal practices by Planned Parenthood pulled from the site.

Youtube claims to be free of ideological censorship,” said Live Action Films president Lila Rose. “But they are clearly censoring an opinion they dislike, an opinion that goes against Planned Parenthood – which, as many are open about, has a good deal of influence in a lot of mainstream media, and now sadly in the new media, in YouTube.”

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