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Pro-life group to protest Bank of America over Planned Parenthood support

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Provoked by videos exposing a grisly practice of harvesting baby parts by Planned Parenthood, a Texas pro-life group is challenging a national bank to drop their support of the abortion business.

John Pisciotta, founder of Pro-life Waco, told Saynsumthn that they have plans to challenge Bank of America (BOA) the first of September.

John Pisciotta Bank of America Planned Parenthood

Pisciotta said that on Tuesday, September 1st concerned pro-lifers will hold several 4’x4′ corrugated plastic that read:

    This Bank Donates to Planned Parenthood. Friends don’t let friends use Bank of America.

BOA is going to feel some pain for financially supporting a so-called healthcare organization named Planned Parenthood. We hope this will lead to a national challenge to Bank of America for its entanglement with Planned Parenthood,” Pisciotta stated.

This summer, Saynsumthn exposed the fact that a prominent employee at Bank of America was also on the board of a Texas Planned Parenthood.

Alan Kramer Planned Parenthood

Alan Kramer, Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking at Bank of America brags on Linkedin that he worked on a large rally with First Lady Hillary Clinton, and is also the current chair of the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood South Texas.

Alan Kramer Planned Parenthood Texas Value

The Bank of America VP is also the registered agent for, Delantero Investors, Ltd., which purchased the property for a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is San Antonio.

During a March 11, 2015 speech the Bank of America VP gave at the state capitol, Kramer called Planned Parenthood a Texas value.

Planned Parenthood Matching Gift Bank of AmericaPisciotta is committed to showing Bank of America customers how evil Planned Parenthood is.

In addition to being the largest provider of abortion in the nation, Pisciotta wants Bank of America and their account holders to know that Planned Parenthood has been caught selling the organs of babies they abort.

“The organs harvested by Planned Parenthood are not those of the mother. They are organs of a separate human being who neither chose to be aborted nor consented to donating his or her tiny heart, lungs and liver for medical research,
” the pro-life leader wrote in a local op-ed recently.

John Piscotta

Pisciotta is not a novice at exposing the evils of abortion. He has organized protests to expose the way Planned Parenthood marketed sex to children as well as targeting Susan G. Komen for their support of Planned Parenthood.

Recently, Pisciotta has been educating his community by organizing overpass demonstrations to expose the horrors of abortion.


Pisciotta said that he had several new people join him during his most recent overpass demonstration

Several newcomers came out. This showed increasing interest in pro-life with the despicable Planned Parenthood actions shown on eight videos,” he stated.

One of the most positive developments was that one person who traveled through the overpass came back to join the movement,” Pisicotta said.


Pro-life Wacos’ overpass demonstration is being replicated in other states and Pisciotta said that he will encourage groups in other cities to demonstrate at Bank of America branches as well.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood must know that an alliance with Planned Parenthood is just not acceptable in decent society,” he said.

The group plans to be at Bank of America on the corner of Valley Mills Drive and Lake Air Drive in Waco, Texas every Tuesday in September from 11:00am to 1:00pm.