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Powerful vid of Black leaders opposed to abortion and Planned Parenthood

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Black leaders from LEARN – such as Dr. Johnny Hunter, Dr. Clenard Childress, Akua Ferlow , Star Parker president of C.U.R.E.

Johnny Hunter Say SO

“Stop giving to groups that are trying to wipe us out. We’re calling on all Black folks that the way to stop this thing is a very simple solution. We’ve had to boycott buses in the past. We’ve had to boycott grocery stores; we wouldn’t even buy toothpaste if they didn’t like us. Well, I’ve got a solution- it’s a very simple thing. Let’s boycott the abortion industry.” ~ Dr. Johnny Hunter

Star Parker

“It is time for the Congressional leaders and the Supreme Court to understand that we need a new civil rights amendment, we need to overthrow Roe. V. Wade. It is time for us to stand up and say Roe v. Wade and Dred Scott read verbatim. And there is something wrong with calling a human being – a human life- PROPERTY. We are calling today for a boycott of Planned Parenthood. We want you to shut up your doors and leave our communities right now. We are calling on Black America to stop going into these clinics. They are convincing you that they are providers of health care and they are providers of slaughter and we want them to leave our neighborhoods…It is time for the pastors to stand up- get some back bone and see what is happening in our neighborhoods.”

Bishop Eddie Long

“If we believe murder to be wrong only because of human suffering involved we have an unstable foundation for making an ethical decision. The basic criteria for such decision will be the desire to minimize suffering instead of developing respect for life. Eventually that criteria or that basis provides the rationale for abortion of the handicapped and the deformed babies.”

“One of the problems with the fall of Rome, let me tell you how they became so immoral. That mothers were having children. They didn’t have abortions they would go ahead and have the children and put them on the street. And the government, the Roman authorities, forbid anyone to touch the babies, let them die. But, the Church, under the threat of death, would go out in the street and get the babies. And many of them were persecuted many of them were killed. But, they went out anyway and would pick up the children and take the children home and raise the children. That’s what a remnant church does. A remnant church isn’t just sitt’n up talking about how they’re going to get blessed and how they’re going to get debt free. A remnant church are those who are willing to go in the streets and pick up what was laying on the wayside and not sit up and talk about how inconvenient this might be. When do we place a value on life?” ~ Bishop Eddie Long