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Aisha Tyler who supports abortion and Planned Parenthood cries over her infertility

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actress-aisha-tylerEarlier this year, Actress Aisha Tyler, who brings her humor to the set of afternoon talk show, “The Talk” attended the Planned Parenthood & Rock The Vote 2013 Inauguration Party on January 20, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Tyler has supported funding Planned Parenthood as well.


Planned Parenthood runs the largest chain of abortion clinics in the country boasting over 330,00 dead babies killed at their centers annually. They also place their centers in minority communities following the racist agenda of their Klan speaking founder, Margaret Sanger.


So it seemed as a surprise when Aisha Tyler spoke emotionally about her inability to have a child.

Tyler told “The Talk” ladies:

“We [she and her husband] stopped using birth control and nothing really happened. So we went to a doctor to get examined and I was told that I have some problems with a torturous fallopian tube, which makes it very hard for the sp*erm to get to the egg, so the doctors recommended that we maybe think about IVF… but after 40 your chances of getting pregnant are between 2% and 8%. My chance was about 5%.

“We went through the process. There are all these shots, they make your body crazy, they make you emotional, they hurt, and after going through a lot of procedures and spending a lot of money… the doctor said, ‘Look, based on what we’re seeing here, I just don’t think this is going to happen to you and I think you really need to think about whether you want to spend all this money and go through all this emotional effort and probably still not get pregnant.’

“So after thinking about it and talking about it a lot, we decided that we weren’t going to try. The hardest part, I think, is I really love my husband, he’s such a good person and he would be such a great father and it would be so great to see a little him running around. But we just decided it wasn’t worth it to go through that, so we decided to stop…

“It’s OK because I married my husband because I love him and I don’t feel like there’s anything missing from our marriage, but when you think about this person that you love what a wonderful thing it would be to bring another person like that into the world. That’s the hardest part about it.”

Aisha Tyler

She went on to say “In your head you see that baby…I love kids.” YEAH SURE SHE DOES – She supports Planned Parenthood where they KILL CHILDREN