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Hitler and his racist Nazi and Eugenic views on Blacks and Afro-Germans

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The fate of black people from 1933 to 1945 in Nazi Germany and in German-occupied territories ranged from isolation to persecution, sterilization, medical experimentation, incarceration, brutality, and murder.

These Are exerts from the powerful documentary: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America

Go to 8Minutes to begin Nazi / Hitler/ African section:

Full Maafa21 documentary here

Maafa21 Trailer:

More interesting videos:

Hitler on Race in the Americas (Mein Kampf in English)

Racist White Elitists and Maafa 21

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Stunning is the word that continues to come to mind after viewing the documentary: Maafa 21.

Zanzibar Slave Monument

Zanzibar Slave Monument

To watch how slavery, colonization, and eugenics was used to “get rid” of the Africans in this nation brought me to tears.

Elaine Riddick

Elaine Riddick

When you watch this well documented film, you will hear an interview with a Black woman who was sterilized against her will when she only 14, and the racist reason as Elaine Riddick puts it in the film was , “Because I was Black.”

President Richard Nixon

President Richard Nixon

Included in Maafa21 are the racist words of former Republican President, Richard Nixon in saying that the reason people will vote for abortion is because the ones they think will be aborted are the “little black bastards.”

eugenics-board-markerIt is no surprise that “Code Words” are being used to describe African Americans so elitists can impose their racist stereotypes on them: Feebleminded, imbecile, idiot, criminal , lazy. Maafa 21 clearly details the oppressive language used to label African Americans.

Hitlerfilm10What was very interesting was the discovery that, in Germany, Adolf Hitler sterilized Blacks as one of his first acts of German Eugenics. Given the small numbers of Afro-black citizens in Germany, it is a much overlooked tragedy, which needs to be taught. Hitler forced Afro-German citizens in the Rhineland to turn over their children for forced sterilization. This idea may have come from American Eugenicists and as you watch Maafa21 you will see first hand the documents and quotes of this American Racist Regime !

Ota BengaBook It was disgusting to see in Maafa21 how the New York Zoological Society allowed an African Pigmy, Ota Benga, to be placed in a monkey’s cage at the New York Zoo to drive home Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution which makes Africans the lowest on the evolutionary scale. This display was clearly an effort to reinforce the idea that Whites were SUPERIOR and Blacks were INFERIOR !

innis_royThe Black Panthers and those involved in the early civil rights movement including Jesse Jackson, Dick Gregory, and Roy Innis warned blacks that eugenic comrades were out to get them. Maafa21 clearly documents this as well.To prove this was a shocking interview with a Florida Abortion Clinic owner, Joyce Tarnow who said that she believes in survival of the fittest. Included in the Maafa 21, is the fact that Tarnow also told a newspaper that she was against helping Haiti and we should let them wither on the vine. She also told them that she tries to “get as many people sterilized as are in my way.” Tarnow has retired as an abortion clinic owner and is currently the President of Floridians for a Sustainable Population, I wonder why?

You must purchase this persuasive and historic documentary and get multiple copies of Maafa21 to pass to every one you know. Put one in your library, school, church, and home. Maafa21 is a shocking expose of racism in America that is still happening to this very day !


Maafa 21 Documentary

Maafa 21 Documentary