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Eugenics Founded Planned Parenthood targets and recruits African American Teens

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Planned Parenthood has developed a recruitment video for African American teens in which they will be “Paid for Their Participation”


SIHLE – is described by the abortion giant as a “fun program just for African American teen girls who are all about making the best choices for their life.” It is a TeensRise! program, paid for by Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando and the Office of Adolescent Health. SIHLE means beautiful in Zulu, an African culture.

According to the Teens Rise site: What happens when SIHLE meets?
“Every time we meet we’ll have games and music (music you like), we’ll chit chat, have fun and food. You will even earn money! The SIHLE office is located at 2817 Belco Drive, Suite 6 Orlando, FL 32808. Stop in or call 321.247.8608 to join! Don’t delay, the next SIHLE session will be starting soon!”

PP SHILE What is it

If you watch Maafa 21: ·Black Genocide· in 21st Century America you will know the history behind Planned Parenthood and how they target minority communities.

If you go to their Facebook Page- The SistaSpot – you see the Population Control Push in the suggestion these teens get their Emergency Contraception from Planned Parenthood:
PP SistaSpotFB

and under FREE STUFF Planned Parenthood offers teens Free Birth Control Counseling and Condoms:


iN 1983– A study conducted in Waller County , Texas, which had a 52% Black population rate, The study found that a substantial percentage of the respondents indicated agreement with each of the following genocidal statements: 5> Birth control programs are a plot to eliminate Blacks; (45.3% agreed)

Ted Hayes, civil rights and homeless activist, tells people about the millions of black babies lost to abortion

1977 It is strange that they choose to start talking about population control at the same time that Black people in America and people of color around the world are demanding their rightful place as human citizens and their rightful share of the material wealth in the world.” Jesse Jackson, 1977

1976 Jesse Jackson: “I think it is a significant issue, it reflects at one level, the moral decay and ambiguity in society, I think that Whenever Human Life ceases to represent the highest value in the human sphere, the society is in trouble….at this point what the court have ruled in abortion, the legal , it almost takes away from the young man the responsibility, and from the young woman the responsibility, of the act they have engaged in. And when people begin to use the excuses like “this girl is not ready yet” it means that the law of convenience becomes the highest law, and that is a very dangerous precedent morally, even before it becomes political!” (Jesse Jackson, Press Conference USA, February 2,1976)

Listen to VID:

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Jesse Jackson calls abortion’s “Law of convenie…, posted with vodpod

1971 Contraceptives will become a form of drug warfare against the helpless in this nation.” Jesse Jackson, 1971

1971 Proponents…have argued this bill is for blacks and the poor who want abortions and can’t afford one. This is the phoniest and most preposterous argument of all. Because I represent the inner-city where the majority of blacks and poor live and I challenge anyone here to show me a waiting line of either blacks or poor whites who are wanting an abortion.Iowa State Rep. June Franklin, Democrat 1971.

1971 The abortion law, hides behind the guise of helping women, when in reality it will attempt to destroy our people.” Brenda Hyson, New York chapter, Black Panther Party, 1971

1970 A true revolutionary cares about the people–he cares to the point that he is willing to put his life on the line to help the masses of poor and oppressed people. He would never think of killing his unborn child.Detroit chapter, Black Panther Party, 1970

1969 A May 1969 issue of The Liberator , told readers, “ For us to speak in favor of birth control for Afro-Americans would be comparable to speaking in favor of genocide.” In articles and in cartoons in the Black press, the Pill was depicted as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A poster circulated by the Berkley group: EROS, Endeavor to Raise Our Size- likened the Pill to lynching. Lynching represented “Birth Control Then…the crude way.” Under the image of a woman reaching for her oral contraceptives was the caption: ““Now, the Smooth Way.” (SOURCE: Devices and Desires, a History of Contraceptives in America, by By Andrea Tone Published 2002, Hill and Wang; PP.254-256, google books online)

1968The idea is to make less niggers so they won’t have to build houses for them.” , Dr. Charles E. Greenlee, a Negro physician and a chairman of the Health Committee of the Pittsburgh branch of the NAACP. ( SOURCE: The Problem of Black Birth Control THE TITUSVILLE HERALD, TITUSVILLE, PENNA, PAGE SEVEN: OCTOBER 7,1968)

1968 Negro doctors Association with the Black Congress attacked some aspects of the government’s birth control program as being genocidal. In Intent for Black People, Walt Bremond, chairman of the Black Congress, said the highly diversified group felt that , “ if we don’t band together in our struggle, we’ll all perish as a people.” ( New York Times: Negroes see riots giving way to Black Activism and drive for Community Control: 10/21/1968)

1967 Newark, Black Power Conference resolution, “rejection of all birth control programs”
( Source; The cry of the ghetto, Saturday Evening Post : 8/26/1967, Vol. 240 Issue 17, P80-80, 1P, Editorial)

1967 On September 10,1967, H. Rap Brown, National Chairman of the Students Nonviolent Coordinating Committee urged an audience of 1000 that the Vietnam War and Birth Control programs are part of a genocide against Negroes. ( SOURCE: The New York Times: Rap Brown Calls Nation on ‘Eve’ of a Negro Revolt: 9/11/1967)

1962 Whitney Young, leader of the Urban League, revoked his group’s support of contraception in 1962 Marvin Davies, head of the Florida NAACP, rejected contraception and argued that black women needed to produce large numbers of babies until the black population comprised 30-35 percent of Americans; only then would blacks be able to affect the power structure. (SOURCE: Journal of Social History, Birth control and the black community in the 1960s: genocide or power politics?, by Simone M. Caron, (Spring 1998)

Some of these quotes are from a new film on Eugenics and Population Control called: Maafa21. It is a MUST SEE film- the best ever made on this issue. The early civil rights leaders, Black Panthers and others saw through the Planned Parenthood mirage. They saw it for what it really was: BLACK GENOCIDE.

In fact, civil rights icon, Fannie Lou Hammer saw clearly that abortion and birth control were being used as Genocide first hand.
Below are exerts of an eye opening incident Ms. Hamer experienced in the realm of Black Genocide written by Black journalist Samuel Yette. Yette was the first Black Washington Correspondent for Newsweek who was later fired after he himself authored a book exposing how birth control and abortion would be used as black Genocide, more on that later. Here Yette writes about Hamar’s experience in the Afro-American:

Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer was Tough Fighter The Afro American – Apr 2, 1977 By Samuel Yette

” It is still a society in which an injured man must show his ability to pay before getting hospital services, but his daughter or wife can be aborted or fed birth control pills, at public expense…For these and other reasons the recent death of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer …was noted here and across the nation not only with personal sadness, but also with stern political reflection.

When the charades of Richard Nixon included a White House Conference on hunger in 1969, Mrs. Hamer was among the hundreds of authentic grass-roots persons brought here to confir with the highly paid experts.

But the conference (whose name was changed from a conference on hunger to a conference on “Food and Nutrition”) was in reality, one great fraud against the poor.

Instead of seeking ways to feed the hungry, the back stage plan was to get the poor unwittingly to endorse a plan to eliminate from the society those who were hungry.

For example, a panel of medical experts pretended to be studying was to insure proper nourishment for babies and pregnant women. Instead it adopted-in the name of the poor at the conference- a resolution providing for:

– Birth Control devices for young girls, free, and with or without parental approval;

– Required abortions of unmarried girls discovered during the first three months of pregnancy; and

– Forced sterilization of any such girl giving birth out of wedlock a second time.

Only one black person-a nurse-was a member of that panel.

Yette continues, In my reportorial role, I found Mrs. Hamer for a reaction to the newly passed resolution.

She responded with shock and outrage at the deception, “I didn’t come to talk about birth control, ” she protested, ” I came here to get some food to feed poor, hungry people, Where are they carrying on that kind of talk?”

Hearing the location of the panel, she gamely pulled herself up on a cane, and made her way to the panel’s meeting room. Along the way she beckoned several black men, who followed seriously intent on doing her will.

She went straight to the front of the room and demanded to be heard.

With the power and conviction of personal tragedy, she told how she, herself, had once been sterilized under the guise of an unrelated surgical procedure. She told how such tools as their resolution in the hands of racist medical personnel would mean tragedy for the black and poor.

Finally, with several large black men at her side, Mrs. Hamer demanded that the resolution be reconsidered. It was, and voted down. But she could not stand and watch forever.

Though she saw the deception and illuminated the society’s most immoral contradictions , she, like the hope and moral vigor of he 1960’s ran out…

The author of the tribute above, Mr. Samuel Yette also suffered persecution for exposing the sinister plot to exterminate blacks with population control methods.

Samuel Yette authored a stunning book called: My Book, “The Choice” and it exposed high level eugenics efforts against the black community

Samuel Yette was also one of the first and very distinguished Black journalists to work for Newsweek. After he published his book, The Choice” which exposed high level attempts of Black Genocide through birth control , abortion, and additional means , he was fired by Newsweek. Yette claims his superiors told him that the “Nixon Whitehouse” wanted him out of Washington.

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more about "Samuel Yette:My Book, “The Choice”", posted with vodpod

In One chapter on Birth Control

Yette exposes President Nixon’s White House Conference on Food and Nutrition of December 2-4, 1969. In Mr. Yette’s words it, “was worse than a farce.” President Nixon opened the conference with 3 recommendations designed to reduce the number of hungry people! He suggested no measures for the relief of hunger in America.

1. He wanted everyone to have a guaranteed minimum income of $1,600 a year. (This is less than welfare was paying at that time.)
2. A supposed expansion of the food stamp program that would be tied into and compliment the welfare reform package in #1. (His plan would have actually reduced the amount of food stamps. Less money + less food =more hunger.)
3. Provide family planning services to at minimum 5 million women in low-income families.

This last proposal was part of a plan formulated by Dr. Charles Lowe of the National Institute of Health. The plan recommended Congress pass a law that:

1. Made birth control information and devices available to any and all girls over the age of 13 with or without parental consent.
2. Allowed mandatory abortions for unmarried girls within the 1st three months of pregnancy.
3. Mandatory sterilization for any unmarried girl giving birth out of wedlock for the 2nd time.

In that book, Yette describes how black activist, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer was there for the Conference on hunger. When she heard about the birth control proposals she grabbed about a dozen young black men, walked into the room, and demanded to be heard. She spoke about ten minutes on the evil results of this plan and the conference dropped it from consideration.

Today 5 BLACK babies to every 1 White baby will die inside American Abortion Clinics. Is there a targeting going on? Find out: Maafa21:


An incredible documentary that everyone must see.

They were stolen from their homes, locked in chains and brought across an ocean. And for more than 200 years, their blood and sweat would help build the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever known.

But when slavery ended, their welcome was over. America’s wealthy elite had decided it was time for them to disappear and they were not going to be particular about how it might be done.

What you are about to see is that the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today. So don’t think that this is history. It is not. It is happening right here, right now.

African American Pastor Claude May asks: “What’s the #1 problem in the black community?” ABORTION !

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African American Pastor Claude May asks: “What’…, posted with vodpod

Learn why abortion IS black genocide (Watch Maafa21)

Abortion- Discussed by African Americans

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Why are African Americans targeted for abortion- Watch Maafa21

Minorities split over history, goal of abortion

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Minorities split over history, goal of abortion

Alveda King
By Charita Goshay staff writer

Posted May 16, 2010 @ 07:00 AM

Is abortion being used to eradicate certain groups of people, or is it strictly a health-care issue?

A black anti-abortion activist who underwent two procedures herself claims that minorities are being proportionately targeted for abortions.

Others say the notion is ridiculous.

Alveda King of Atlanta, director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life, says it’s not a coincidence that, although blacks make up 12.3 percent of the population, they constitute 38 percent of all abortion procedures. In Ohio, the numbers are 11.7 percent and 39 percent, respectively. In Stark County, it’s 7 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

Abortion-rights supporters point to poverty and a lack of access to preventative care as factors behind the numbers.

Specifically targeting Planned Parenthood, King argues that as the minorities’ demands for equal rights grew, so did the agency’s push to give them more access to birth control and abortion.

“Most of the abortion clinics and Planned Parenthoods are in minority neighborhoods,” she said. “The second targeted place is college campuses. That’s demonstrable.”

A niece of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda King argues that the roots of the family-planning movement can be found in “eugenics,” the theory that whites are genetically superior to nonwhites. In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler cited the American eugenics movement as a model for his racial-purity policies. As recently as the 1970s, some states had eugenics boards which facilitated forced sterilization of the poor, welfare applicants, the developmentally disabled and minorities.


King points to the late Margaret Sanger, mother of the birth control movement in America, and founder of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Sanger befriended eugenicists and once wrote: “Slavs, Latin and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds, a deadweight of human waste. … Blacks, soldiers and Jews are a menace to the race.”

The Rev. Ralph Bradley, pastor of Eternal Light Church in Canton, sides with King, saying that a number of world leaders past and present have embraced eugenics.

“Margaret Sanger is only one of a long list of people in the New World Order’s plans, which will eliminate countless millions of people of color,” Bradley said. “If the New World Order members can continue in the financial banking fraud in the U.S. and around the world, abortion will be only one way to get rid of what Henry Kissinger calls ‘useless eaters.’

King disputes suggestions that her uncle supported abortion rights. In 1966, Planned Parenthood of America awarded Martin Luther King Jr. its first Margaret Sanger Award.

“Planned Parenthood loves to post his acceptance speech on its website,” she said. “The award was given to him, but he (personally) did not accept it. His wife went to the ceremony and read a speech he did not write. It’s trickery and deception.”

King further argues that women aren’t being told the truth about the medical risks connected to abortion.


“I had two abortions and two miscarriages related to my abortions,” said the mother of six. “They’re not safe. They lie when they say, ‘The reason we’re making abortion available is because we want to help people.’ I was tricked into having both of them by a Planned Parenthood-affiliated black doctor in Atlanta. My experiences with abortion were a nightmare.”

She also pickets the NAACP and other black organizations that support legalized abortion.

“I realized they lied; that’s a baby,” she said. “In 1983, I publicly took a stand. How can the dream survive if we’re killing our children?”

King also accuses Planned Parenthood of deliberately distributing low-dosage birth control and condoms to generate more money for abortion and other services. Planned Parenthood of Stark County does not perform abortions.

“All of it is a scam and a disgrace, not just for the minority community, but everybody,” she said.

Taba Aleem, director of community services for Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio, disputes King’s accusations.

“Dr. King was happy to work with Planned Parenthood,” she said. “Alveda has failed to realize that Margaret Sanger was very connected to the black community. Her ‘Negro Project’ was not intended to eradicate blacks, it was about access to birth control. Sanger worked with blacks, including W.E.B. DuBois and the Call & Post. For her (King) to come up with the idea that they didn’t think that through, I don’t think so.”


“I agree with Alveda King,” said Debra Martin, relationship and marriage education director at the Pregnancy Support Center of Stark County. “I always say go back to the source of where an organization started and why they started. With Margaret Sanger, you hear it over and over. We as African Americans believe it’s been a good thing, not knowing the source.”

Martin said she also thinks clinics are deliberately placed in poor neighborhoods, adding, “We’re losing our status as far as population is concerned. I do believe it was, and still is, purposefully put there and targeted toward us.”

Lillian Williams, regional director of health center operations at Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio, calls abortion “a personal medical decision.”

“When it comes to the issue of child-bearing and abortion, everyone has their own set of values,” she said. “Our (goal) isn’t to encourage a woman to make a decision one way or the other. Our intent is to provide the information they need, so they can base their decision on all factors. We definitely recognize these issues don’t occur in a vacuum.”


Williams, who is black, said Planned Parenthood has been an affordable source of reproductive health care for minorities.

“It’s a safe environment for people to come for quality care,” she said. “Women of color are disproportionately affected by our system. A lot of times women face barriers to quality care. Blacks and Latinas are more likely to be uninsured and under-insured, and are more likely to experience higher rates of illness and death as a result.

“Planned Parenthood does more than any organization to provide preventative services to 18 million men and women a year. Ninety-five percent of what we do is preventative in nature.”

Aleem said she’s disturbed when activists such as King use religion as a wedge in the black community. Planned Parenthood has an outreach program for clergy, and clergy regularly serve on the agency’s boards of directors.

“Being the daughter of a retired minister, my dad sat on Planned Parenthood committees for several years,” Williams said. “He said it was some of the most rewarding work he’s ever done.”

“We’ve got so many health issues we need to address as a church, such as HIV and AIDS,” Aleem said. “We need more ministers to talk about health issues. … The problem with right-to-life activists is they don’t want to hear anything about sex education, which would go a long way in reducing the incidence of an unplanned pregnancy that no one wants.”

Martin, is who married to a minister, disagrees.

“People tend to throw religion into everything,” she said, “But the reality is, it’s a life. I became pregnant in high school at 17. I look at my oldest daughter now, who has given me two beautiful grandchildren I would have never known. People don’t realize we could be aborting the next president. It has nothing to do with religion; it has to do with life.

“More of our black kids are being killed through abortion. We need to understand the full effect of abortion, from the emotional hurt that we don’t deal with, to the reality that our population is going down. Ultimately, we’re going to suffer because of that.”

Watch the 2.5 hour film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21St Century America for proof: (Trailer Below)