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Planned Parenthood Union Contracts

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In some states abortion giant Planned Parenthood employees are unionizing……New York !

The AFL-CIO and the Communications Workers of America have already put together their 2013-2016 contract with Planned Parenthood of Western New York:

PPWNY Union Contract Cover

It includes details on Planned Parenthood salary expectations :

Job Title code Planned Parenthood Union

Planned Parenthood Union Salary Schedule 1Planned Parenthood Union Salary Schedule 2


Planned Parenthood AFLCIO

2010 thru 2013 contract available here
PPNY 2010 thru 2013

2004 thru 2007 contract available here!

Planned Parenthood AFLCIO 2004 thru 2007

and this AFL-CIO contract with Planned Parenthood of New York City:

AFL-CIO and Planned Parenthood New York

Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Clinic:
PP Margaret Sanger Clinic


In 2011, over 160 PPCW staff voted overwhelmingly to form a union with SEIU Local 49. The group of members includes staff
throughout the region: Licensed Clinicians, Clinic Assistants, Billers, Call Center staff, Educators and more.

At their 25th National Convention the SEIU wrote, “SEIU reaffirms its commitment to women’s rights and should speak out at every opportunity, against the “War on Women” that is being waged at both the federal and state level. As healthcare workers we support the right of every woman to make choices about their reproductive health, including access to the information and services necessary to exercise their reproductive healthcare rights and give effect to the choices they make.”

SEIU 25th Convention

And then there are the SEIU – Planned Parenthood contracts like this one:


More on Planned Parenthood and the SEIU here


Even more disturbing is seeing other Unions like the United Federation of Teachers donating to the abortion giant:
UFT DOnates PP

When Parenthood in Mississippi was mobilizing to defeat a ballot initiative, Local 3515 offered use of their phone bank system and Scott, the Local 3570 president, agreed to be involved in a public service announcement. Communications Workers of America writes this in their newsletter, “While these efforts had some logistical problems, CWA and Planned Parenthood of Mississippi have laid the foundation for future work together.

In another newsletter they write, “Though it was an off-year election, CWA seized the opportunity to expand movement
building in the state by partnering with Cardinal Values Coalition, Virginia New Majority, Sierra Club, Virginia Education
Association, SEIU, League of Conservation Voters and Planned Parenthood


Mary Kay Henry, president of the SEIU called Planned Parenthood is “an essential part of our nation’s healthcare system.”

SEIU Local 73 helped Planned Parenthood and writes, “For example, Governor Mitch Daniels supports HEA 1210, which denies $3 million to Planned Parenthood. As many as 22,000 low-income Hoosiers will lose vital services, including ac-cess to lifesaving tests for cervical and breast cancer and epidemic sexu-ally transmitted disease, according to Planned Parenthood. Local 73, including the Social Service workers on Regional Mental Health Centers are mobilizing to fight these new attacks.

WRen Bradley

wRen Bradley,Social Worker III – DCFS, County of Santa Clara claims that she was , “Nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood — fought for union representation–filed multiple charges with the NLRB for violations of “concerted activity” winning everytime– opened the door to unionization. Workers now represented by SEIU.”

James Sherk, senior policy analyst in labor economics for The Heritage Foundation, says told One News Now, “Tthe United Food and Commercial Workers gave $10,000 to Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, last year,” he reports. “That was union members’ dues [that] went directly to subsidize performing abortions. The Service Employees International Union gave $25,000 to Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund and then another $25,000 to subsidize the daily operations, which included over 300,000 abortions at Planned Parenthood last year.”

Sherk adds that most major unions have also passed resolutions supporting abortion on demand.

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Also Read : Planned Parenthood Pays Cecile Richard’s Husband’s Firm $1.1 Million for Telemarketing by Life News !

Cecile Richards herself was involved in organized labor before her career in abortion, she once wrote, “I started out as an organizer in the labor movement, mobilizing garment workers and trying to help people advocate for a better lot in life.”

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Unions Send Dues Money to Planned Parenthood

Strange Bedfellows: Wis. AFL-CIO Holds Rally With Eugenics founded Planned Parenthood

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Strange Bedfellows: Wis. AFL-CIO Holds Rally Wi…, posted with vodpod

H/T In These Times
Strange Bedfellows: Wis. AFL-CIO Holds Rally With Planned Parenthood

Over the weekend, the Wisconsin AFL CIO held a rally with Planned Parenthood. The two organizations stood in solidarity, opposing Gov. Scott Walker’s right-wing budget and unionbusting.

It might seem unusual that a labor federation which traditionally has shied away from such social issues would be willing to stand in solidarity with the hot button social issue of abortion. Many union members are social conservatives. Last year, the AFL-CIO refused to take a position on the Stupak amendment to the Affordable Health Care for America Act – the healthcare reform bill negotiated last year – which restricts women from using health insurance plans toward the cost of abortions.

So why, all of sudden, was the Wisconsin AFL-CIO standing strong in support of reproductive rights?

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Learn the RACIST history of Planned Parenthood- watch Maafa21

Former SEIU director of government affairs and political director for eugenics founded Planned Parenthood to head Colorado Department of Labor

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Colorado’s Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper on Monday named a former Planned Parenthood employee and union leader to head the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and an advocate for Western Slope counties as chief of the Department of Local Affairs.

Ellen Golombek will serve as executive director of the Department of Labor.

Golombek presently works as the Colorado director for America Votes, a liberal organization focused on access to voting and carrying forward a progressive campaign infrastructure. Before that, she spent 14 years with the Service Employees International Union and the Colorado AFL-CIO. She also worked as national political director for Planned Parenthood.

Sen. Minority Leader Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, was less enthusiastic about Golombek’s selection.

“Gov.-elect Hickenlooper’s appointment to the Department of Labor may certainly take some of the air out of the bipartisan atmosphere he has promised to promote as governor,” Kopp said. “His selection of a noted progressive activist and a union boss in Ms. Golombek certainly will raise plenty of eyebrows in the business community, and with good reason.”

In 2007, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) appointed Ellen Golombe vice president for external affairs. And described her position this way, “In this newly established position, Golombek will expand Planned Parenthood’s working relationships with external partners and organizational allies, and also work to provide overall managerial support in the office of the PPFA president and to the PPFA Board of Directors.

“Ellen Golombek has been a champion of health care access for men, women, and families. Her leadership on progressive issues in the labor movement will be invaluable to Planned Parenthood, and I am thrilled to have her guidance as we work to ensure women’s health and safety,” said PPFA President Cecile Richards.

Golombek’s strong management background is reflected in the work she has undertaken for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). For the past four years, she has served as the assistant to the secretary-treasurer and director of government affairs for SEIU. Before that, she directed the successful Americans for Health Care campaign for SEIU, which played a crucial role in making health care a central issue in the 2004 election. During her time with SEIU, she was responsible for the oversight and management of a multimillion dollar budget, and she successfully reorganized four different departments for the union, creating efficiencies and streamlining processes and communications.

Prior to going to Washington, Ellen was elected as the first woman president of the Colorado AFL-CIO, where she led the political and legislative efforts for the Colorado labor movement. Her election as president came after a successful career as a flight attendant and leader of the Association of Flight Attendants. She will begin her new position at Planned Parenthood in August.

Planned Parenthood whose founder was an admitted Klan speaker was founded on Eugenics as documented in the powerful film: Maafa21

Watch how Planned Parenthood takes racist donations in this Maafa21 clip:

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Eugenics elites eliminating the poor, posted with vodpod

2004- Plans laid by Communist Party worked with Planned Parenthood, SEIU, ACORN, Health Care, and the election of Barack Obama to the Senate

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The Communist Party USA and the 2004 Elections: Build the Party, Build the Coalitions

From the The Communist Party USA

Report to the National Committee, November 21, 2004

Sam’s great dialectical report gives the framework to analyze the election as a whole. The purpose of this report is to zero in on the work of our Party in the elections.

Our banner for 2004 was “Build Unity – Defeat Bush and the Ultra-Right.” Our method was an all-out effort with the broad labor-led democratic front against extreme right-wing reaction; and within that all-out for a bigger, stronger Communist Party and YCL.

Along with our allies, we can be very proud of great accomplishments that will carry us forth even in the dreaded and stormy waters of a second term for George W. Bush.

As Communists, we experienced, we saw, we knew the brutality of this crowd poised to rip any chance for a decent job, decent healthcare, decent retirement, or decent education from working class people; prepared to wage war on Iraq and the world for hegemony and control; armed with the poison of racism and bigotry and red-baiting meant to serve the fatal blow to any opposition.

History had taught us that to reverse this extreme reaction would take the broadest possible coalition of left and center forces with the strength of labor, African American, Latino and women at the core. We also understood that building the Communist Party as part of that effort would be the best way to secure the movement for the future, toward a more advanced program.

The correctness of the center-left coalition strategy soon became clear as a fantastic movement burst forth, activating many thousands of young people, and people of all ages who had never previously been engaged. New labor and people’s structures were the heart of the voter mobilization and turnout in this election.

When this movement came so close but not close enough on election day, union after union and organization after organization immediately rejected Bush’s claim to mandate and pledged to stick together, to build on what was done, to learn and broaden out, even in an unwanted and dangerous terrain of struggle.

Our strategy, and tactics adjusted to changing conditions, enabled our small Party to make a mighty contribution in this remarkable time. This year’s experience leaves us with new respect, new clubs in strategic locations, a growing grass-roots character, and hopefully somewhat better seasoned for the next phase of our country’s titanic battle.

Just about a year ago, at a meeting in Cleveland, Ohio with neighboring Communist Party districts, the concept of a national election concentration on the mid-west was developed.

Two months later, on January 31, in this hall, we held an extraordinary national conference which established our framework for the 2004 elections.

The conference was extraordinary because of the turnout of 250 plus multi-racial, multi-national activists from states large and small across our land. It was extraordinary because of the message of leaders from other organizations who came and called upon us, that our presence was much needed as Communists.

Remember the president of NY NOW telling us she wanted to see lots of red flags at the March for Women’s Lives. And the chair of ACORN and Working Families Party who called upon us as family to make our contribution known. Did we respond? YES, we responded!

Across the country, we rolled up our sleeves, in swing states and so-called safe states. In voter registration drives, local races and Congressional battlegrounds. Walking precincts and working phone banks out of union halls. In presidential battleground states from Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to Minnesota and New Hampshire, our folks were quickly tapped to help lead the work.

Mid-West Project

The centerpiece of our effort was the Mid-West Project, under the leadership of Scott Marshall and John Rummel. We knew that between OH, MO and FL, Kerry had to win at least one to get elected. We singled out OH and MO for summer brigades. The comrades in those states did heroic work hosting, organizing, and meeting the needs of the 75 Party and YCLers who came for week-long visits from nine states and the national office in July and August.

We worked on local campaigns, knocked on hundreds of doors and made thousands of phone calls with the AFL-CIO, ACT and others. We learned a lot and hopefully convinced some voters. I will always remember the LTV steel workers whose jobs had gone, very angry, very worried and also very appreciative that Labor Council volunteers were at their door.

In Missouri, comrades had the remarkable experience of teaming up with SEIU and Planned Parenthood to door-knock in the heat and humidity campaigning for John Bowman, and then go on to win. It felt like Mississippi Summer in the 1960’s.

The effort was so successful we expanded into the fall, with 72 more Party and YCLers, including 47 to Ohio and teams to Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

We set the bar high with our goal of 100. In the end, over 147 participated. These numbers do not include union buses organized by comrades from Illinois to Wisconsin, Ohio and Missouri, and the many Party and YCL members who traveled to the Mid-West with union or other mobilizations from the East Coast states.

It must be brought out that Sam Webb took the summer and fall to travel continuously from battleground state to battleground state, meeting with districts and clubs, shoring up the Party, outreaching to friends and readers, and knocking on doors as a volunteer for the labor movement.

We developed a specific plan for election day, with national staff placed strategically in OH, FL, PA and WI, and regional efforts in AZ and NH. We helped bring voters to the polls, served as election protection observers, and just did whatever needed to be done.

The YCL did a fabulous job, with great energy and talent, connecting to youth organizing in the battlegrounds and attracting lots of young people to their ranks. In addition to mobilizing their members in the summer, the YCL staff worked on two campuses in Ohio to Get Out the Vote. They deserve a great big congratulations for their excellent contribution.

From the beginning, Ohio was at the epicenter of this election campaign, and the final results will be examined and discussed for some time. Wally will report, but it must be said that the Party there, as in Missouri, did yeoman’s work at every level and made a deep and abiding contribution recognized by the broader movement and that we pay tribute to today.

In the OH District Board report Wally emphasized “In Ohio, where 150,000 union jobs were eliminated since 2000, union members STILL MADE UP 35% OF ALL VOTES CAST IN THE STATE.” He said, “the organization of independent political structure within the trade unions went beyond anything ever done in the past, and provides the base for future struggles.”

We emerge from this campaign with new respect, but also with new members and new clubs. Our Party is growing and building in the heartland, transforming our entire organization. We will learn more from the districts, but here are a few highlights that were sent in to me:
• MO: State Rep. During the campaign to elect a worker as State Representative: A new club in St. Louis, with another in formation. A new YCL club and another by the end of the year. A total of 19 new members in the YCL and Party. An increase from 2 to 12 bundles of PWW/NM a week.
• MI: A new club in Saginaw emerged from a national/district team that helped on a local campaign which elected a township trustee. A new club in the Upper Peninsula formed after a visit by Sam. New clubs in Lansing and Ann Arbor will be formed by the end of the year.
• ILL: 27 new members and an increase in PWW/NM bundles to 2500 a week. This in the process of participating in the movement from Illinois to Wisconsin to put that state over the top for Kerry, participating in the historic election of Barak Obama to the US Senate, and the successful campaign of Melissa Bean, defeating incumbent Republican Congressman Philip Crane.

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