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Easy find? ObamaCare plans that include abortion giant Planned Parenthood

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A headline today over at The Stanek Report reads: Obamacare: Still nearly impossible to find info on few “pro-life” plans

Stanek Report ObamaCare Jan 2015

It links to a Townhall story, from the article:

    Americans seeking health care coverage on the Obamacare exchange system have two weeks left in the 2015 open enrollment season. For individuals and families seeking to avoid purchasing coverage of elective abortion, the process has been – and continues to be – tricky.

    Indeed, none of the troubles besetting the Affordable Care Act has been more emblematic than its massive imposition on consumer conscience. As the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) and Family Research Council (FRC) research teams have confirmed, it is nearly impossible for pro-life consumers to identify and access health care plans that do not trespass upon deeply held beliefs about the value of all human life.

    The groups’ joint project,, sheds light on elective abortion coverage in the 2015 Obamacare plans and allows consumers to make a more informed choice.

Lozier abortion ObamaCare map

At the end of January 2015 Kaiser Family Foundation reported:

    This lack of transparency was the impetus for a U.S. General Accounting Office review of the availability of abortion coverage in 2014 Marketplace plans.

    The report found that among the states without Marketplace abortion coverage bans, in five states (Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont) there were no Multi-State plans offered, and all of the Marketplace plans in those states included abortion coverage. This meant that consumers in those states who wanted to secure a plan without abortion coverage did not have that option. While it is stipulated in the law that at least one Multi-State plan in each Marketplace is required to exclude abortion coverage, there is a transitional period to implement this policy (ending in 2017).



But, while pro-life people try to find out which plans will avoid the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies, over at abortion giant Planned Parenthood, all you need to do is enter your “zip code” to find out which plans include Planned Parenthood.

Coincidence? I think not!

Plans include PP Zip

And there is a Planned Parenthood plan finder page:

Planned Parenthood ObamaCare lan Finder

And what does Planned Parenthood advertise on their healthcare “Plan” website under: Maternity Care?


PP Abortion Services on ObamaCare

    What maternity care services are covered?
    Every plan will cover essential maternity services. Plans on the Marketplace will offer some prenatal services and screenings for free with no copay, as well as breastfeeding counseling and services. However, the other covered services and copay amounts vary greatly from plan to plan, so make sure you know what and how much a particular plan covers before selecting it. For Medicaid, all covered pregnancy-related services (prenatal care, labor, delivery, and post-natal care) are covered for free, with no copay.
    If you are pregnant or just had a baby and are covered under your parent’s plan, please keep in mind that your parent’s plan may not cover your newborn. It’s important to call your parent’s insurance provider to see if you can add your newborn to the plan.

    After you give birth, you may also be eligible for a special enrollment period, which means you will have 60 days to enroll yourself and your child, or just your child, into a new, more affordable health plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace. To find a plan that meets your needs and to see if you could be eligible for financial help, click here. You or your newborn may also be eligible for low-cost or free coverage through Medicaid or CHIP.

    If you need to consider ending a pregnancy, it’s important to know that abortion coverage will vary from state to state and plan to plan. Some states have banned coverage of abortion altogether, and some plans just don’t cover abortion services and procedures.

    Learn more about abortion services.

    Does the plan cover your current provider (a specific doctor, OB-GYN, or health center you prefer, such as Planned Parenthood)?
    Insurance plans have a “network” or list of providers where you can use your insurance. Not every plan will include every provider, so check to see if your current provider is included in the plans you are considering.

    If you want to have Planned Parenthood as an option for care, make sure you choose a plan that includes us as a provider.

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