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Ultrasound Good- Doc Privileges BAD say abortion workers !!!

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Remember all the hoopla about Ultrasounds being required in an abortion?

Well 2 abortion clinic employees say that is a good thing:

Muriel Hogan and Wendie Ashlock who work for Affiliated Medical Services, an abortion clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin writes:

“. If you go to an abortion clinic that doesn’t insist on an ultrasound, you should walk out the door. It’s just bad medicine. Our clinic has always required ultrasounds. It’s the most accurate way to date the pregnancy and determine which type of procedure is most appropriate…we do perform transvaginal ultrasounds in cases involving early pregnancy, morbid obesity, or anatomical variants in the uterus. Some women find them uncomfortable, especially if they’ve suffered assault or abuse. We try to convince them of the medical necessity, and we treat them with respect and sensitivity. Some well-meaning pro-choice people have called transvaginal ultrasounds a form of rape. This just adds to the patient’s anxieties. Please don’t tell women that they’ll be ‘raped’ at an abortion clinic.” ~

They then boo the 30 mile rule – which means simply that a circuit riding abortionist from out of state must have in state and in city privileges at a local hospital to do abortions- sounds simple enough to me, right?

Not to these 2 clinic workers, who write: “In fact, the 30-mile rule could compromise patient safety. If a physician’s privileges are at a hospital 25 miles away, must we send a patient there, rather than the hospital that’s two miles from our door? In real life, the ambulance service chooses the hospital, determined by the shortest distance, or sometimes by the patient’s insurance coverage. The question of admitting privileges never comes up.”