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WWYD? Boy tells pregnant girlfriend she must get abortion

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The TV show What Would You Do has produced an episode of a pregnant women being forced by her boyfriend to have an abortion.

The show uses actors to portray real life circumstances to see how the public would react.

WWYD couple

The interchange occurs inside a restaurant geared for the patrons to overhear the argument to catch their reactions on camera.

In the scenario, the pregnant actor tells her pretend boyfriend she is pregnant.

He gets irritated, accuses her of sleeping around and tells her she has to have an abortion, “You’re ending this pregnancy or I’m ending this relationship,” he insists.

As she sticks to her decision to not have an abortion, the actor playing her boyfriend abandons her in the restaurant and storms out.

WWYD Girls abortion

A table of girls seated by the couple offers the crying pregnant teen a ride home telling her, “He’s not worth it….you should keep the baby.”

WWYD man

As they reset and do the act again, the patrons appear uncomfortable, “How’d you want me to responds yeah, I’m a daddy now?” the young man says loudly, “You wanna keep this baby? I’m going to show you how to be alone, this is what it feels like,” he says as he storms out of the building.

The pregnant actor sits alone crying until one man goes over to ask if the young pregnant woman is okay and needs a ride, “You don’t deserve that, you know,” he tells her.

She is invited to join he and his mom at their table where she tells them she is 16 and doesn’t want an abortion. Although the man’s mother tells her it will be hard to keep a baby at that age, the sympathetic man intervenes and says, “You don’t know that,” in an effort to be more comforting.

What Would You Do if you overheard this conversation in a public place?

Watch the show:

Country Music Awards singer Gwyneth Paltrow is also an advocate of eugenic founded Planned Parenthood

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Hollywood darling, Gwyneth Paltrow performed “Country Strong,” the single from her forthcoming movie Country Strong, live at the Country Music Awards last night. Vince Gill backed Gwyneth on the chorus.

But Paltrow is also a supporter of abortion!

In 2006, Paltrow and her mother, Actress Blythe Danner disappointed fans by issuing a letter supporting Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion supplier, and denouncing the “growing movement” to end abortion as “disturbing.”

They chose Mother’s Day a day to celebrate life to promote child killing and support Planned Parenthood. Read Paltrow’s pro-abortion statement here

In 2007, Paltrow also supported Planned Parenthood (here)

And again in 2008, Paltrow supported the eugenics founded Planned Parenthood- See here

Planned Parenthood was founded on RACISM and this white elite star supports them – SHAME !!!! See more about Planned Parenthood’s eugenic and racist founding in the documentary Maafa21 (clip below)