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Baby in sac – shows humanity of unborn child !

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Several vids now on YouTube and Facebook claim they are showing an abortion – but cannot be verified. Whatever the case, some of these vids show the unborn child is alive and moving which clearly show the humanity of the unborn child.

Abortion is horrific murder- lets stop it !@

Other here herehere….

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Abortion clinic in Colombia closed for trafficking children

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Bogotá, Colombia, Jul 16, 2010 / 05:47 pm (CNA).- A top health official in Colombia said this week that three abortion clinics in the capital city of Bogota have been closed, with the latest case involving the trafficking of children.

The district Secretary of Health, Hector Zambrano told Colombian radio that the latest clinic, shut down last weekend, “was not equipped to provide ultrasounds,” and “was hiding illicit activity such as illegal abortions and trafficking of minors.”

He added that the clinic also “employed unlicensed medical personnel.”

Zambrano noted that so far this year, officials have closed down three clinics, thanks to help from nearby residents.
In 2006, Colombia’s Constitutional Court legalized abortion in the country allowing it in three cases: rape, fetal deformation or to save the life of the mother.