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Guest Editorial: What millions of abortions looks like

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Written by Rolley Haggard, republished with permission !

A little over 58 million babies have been aborted in America since January 22, 1973. Few of us have any idea how many “anythings” 58 million is. Here’s something I did that might help us all to grasp the enormity of that number:

I opened a Word document. I typed periods across the top line, no spaces in between. I repeated the process until I got to the bottom of the page. When I was done there were 50 lines with 165 periods each, for a total of 8,250 periods filling the page.

Then I repeated the process, page after page, until I had 58,000,000 periods.

I wound up with 7,030 pages.

I then printed off all the pages. It took over 14 reams of paper (a ream is 500 sheets). The resulting stack was almost 30 inches high, about up to my waist.

As I sat gazing at that mind-boggling quantity of dots, like one who has for the first time peered through a powerful telescope at a faraway galaxy containing innumerable stars, it occurred to me that on those occasions since 1973 when the church has been used by God in any worthy capacity (and it has) it has been far more a case of Him using us “in spite of our unfaithfulness” rather than “because of our faithfulness.”

I later told a Christian friend about my little experiment. His first response was, “Dude, you just killed a bunch of trees there!

Yeah. Trees. That’s the kind of “tragedy” we get worked up about.

“Wisdom is justified of her children.

** Rolley Haggard is a feature writer at BreakPoint


Below is another picture of what millions of abortions might look like compared to deaths from war.


One out of three abortions performed in US by Planned Parenthood

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There is a reason pro-life people refer to Planned Parenthood as the abortion giant of the United States.

In 2011, Planned Parenthood reported performing 333,964 abortions for the year 2011-2012, according to their annual report.

PP 2011 abortions

If you look at how many abortions were performed nationally, you will find that, at a minimum, the abortion clinic chain, Planned Parenthood was responsible for one-third of all abortions in the United States in the year 2011, the latest year stats have been published.


Now, it is a little confusing but, the Center for Disease Control which publishes abortions stats annually, clearly states that their numbers are not based on every state reporting.

2011 CDC

The CDC Abortion Surveillance Report dated November 28, 2014 reveals that in 2011 730,322 abortions were reported to the CDC down 35,329 from 2010 stats.

This report is based on abortion data provided voluntarily to the CDC for 49 reporting areas (the District of Columbia; New York City; and 47 states, excluding California, Maryland, and New Hampshire).

However, Guttmacher, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, gathers stats from all stats and all providers with few exceptions.

In 2011, Guttmacher, whose stats were released in July of this year, reports that 1.06 million abortions were performed.

Guttmacher abortion 2011

It is a common view that Guttmacher’s abortion numbers may be more accurate given that they report abortions performed at all facilities known or expected to have provided abortions. If you want to read more about this process click here.


Based on all these stats, if you took the abortion figures reported in 2011 to the CDC, Planned Parenthood would have killed approximately 46% of all the babies aborted nationally.

If you take the abortion totals from Guttmacher, for 2011, Planned Parenthood butchered 32% of all the babies aborted in the United States.

However, if you average the CDC figures of 730,322 with Guttmacher’s 1,060,000 then Planned Parenthood killed 37% of the babies aborted for 2011.

PP Funding 2011

This same year, Planned Parenthood received $542.4 million dollars in US taxpayer monies. Anyone see anything really wrong about this?

Young people know – PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS ABOUT ABORTIONS and not telling your parents

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Perhaps these film makers were trying to show that Planned Parenthood’s a good thing- but- what I saw is that the KIDS know exactly what Planned Parenthood does – ABORTIONS ABORTIONS ABORTIONS and they distribute condemns, contraception and will not tell your parents !!!!!

Hmmm..since the parents are the taxpayers- shouldn’t this disturb anyone ? (Check out this website to see what Planned Parenthood does to hide sexual predators

Don’t believe the lies- stop funding Planned Parenthood no matter how many pro-Planned Parenthood vids ( like the one below) come out and say otherwise !

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Young people know – PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS ABOUT…, posted with vodpod

INVESTIGATION NEEDED: Planned Parenthood hides facts about abortions and tax dollars

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DILLER: A black hole for babies and bucks
Planned Parenthood hides facts about abortions and tax dollars

By Rita Diller – The Washington Times
5:55 p.m., Friday, July 30, 2010

Where’s the money? That’s the question on everyone’s mind after reading the recently released Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. The GAO numbers on money paid out to Planned Parenthood between 2002 and 2008 reveal an unaccounted-for $1.3 billion.

No answers have been forthcoming. In typical Planned Parenthood style, the abortion giant has done nothing to shed light on the question. In fact, it has done just the opposite.

After weeks of investigation by American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood project, it appears the reason the GAO was not able to account for the expenditure of the great majority of the government money received is that Planned Parenthood will not produce its internal audits for the GAO to analyze.

Because of this, the GAO had to rely on reports filed by Planned Parenthood affiliates under the Single Audit Act, and those reports grossly underreport the amount of government money expended by Planned Parenthood.

The American taxpayers are left with more questions now than before:

1). Why didn’t Planned Parenthood hand over its internal audits to the GAO as it did in 2001 in the face of a similar inquiry into its spending?
2). Why is the organization allowed to disregard the request of 31 U.S. senators and representatives to account for its expenditure of government funds? What is Planned Parenthood hiding?
3).Why do we continue to fund Planned Parenthood to the tune of $349 million annually and not hold it accountable for how it spends that money?
4). Most important, why is an organization that kills more than 300,000 innocent unborn children each year sanctioned and funded by our government?

Can an organization that operates more than 800 facilities in 50 states and has an annual budget of more than $1 billion really be hiding from public view?

Planned Parenthood has a complex organizational structure. It has a national office – Planned Parenthood Federation of America – that is incorporated independently and does not operate any medical facilities. Then there are about 85 separately incorporated affiliates across the country that do, in fact, operate 817 medical facilities. This makes a total of 86 corporations all filing their own documents with government agencies; all except the national office are involved directly in killing pre-born babies.

Planned Parenthood’s national office used to publish two annual documents that gave elected officials and the general public an understanding of its operations. After all, because taxpayers provide at least one-third of Planned Parenthood’s income, it is only right that we should at least know how the money is being used.

The first of those documents was Planned Parenthood’s annual service report. It gave the reader a real inside look at Planned Parenthood’s operation. Although that report has very valuable data and is still used within the organization today, the last time it was released to the public was 1992.

Planned Parenthood likes to portray itself as a trusted health care provider with a loyal following of clients. Yet that 1992 service report revealed that Planned Parenthood lost 43 percent of its customers in 1991. A look at other reports reveals it lost 41.9 percent of its customers in 1990 and 42.2 percent in 1989. This is not the picture of an organization with a loyal client base.

That 1992 report also told us that 42.7 percent of abortions at Planned Parenthood in 1991 were committed on minority women. This was despite the fact that minority women accounted for just 26 percent of the group’s regular customers. In addition, previous service reports showed minorities accounted for 44.5 percent (1990), 40.7 percent (1989), 40.5 percent (1988), and 44.5 percent (1987) of abortions. In other words, Planned Parenthood’s own data show that it targets minorities for abortion.

When these facts about client loyalty and the targeting of minorities for abortions were highlighted by pro-life groups, Planned Parenthood stopped making the service reports public.

Fast-forward to 2010. For the past several years, those opposed to Planned Parenthood have been making public the facts and figures from Planned Parenthood’s annual reports. These facts have shown the ever-increasing number of abortions performed: 244,628 (2003), 255,015 (2004), 264,943 (2005), 289,750 (2006) and 305,310 (2007), and the huge increase in taxpayer funds going to the organization (from $265.2 million in 2004 to $349.6 million in 2008).

In the midst of all the controversy over the GAO report and Planned Parenthood’s underreporting of $1.3 billion in expenditures, it appears that Planned Parenthood is adopting the same tactic it did in 1992. Planned Parenthood apparently has decided simply to stop issuing its annual report.

We don’t know how many abortions Planned Parenthood facilities performed in 2008 or 2009 because it is not releasing the numbers. We don’t know the extent of government funding during its 2008-09 or 2009-10 fiscal years because it is not releasing the numbers.

If Planned Parenthood – a tax-exempt organization bankrolled to a staggering extent by the government – won’t hand over its internal audits or let the public know the details of its operations, our government should stop handing over the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to the organization.

With 40 percent of Planned Parenthood’s customers abandoning it every year, the organization is a sinking ship, and that ship has on-board billions in taxpayers’ money. It is better to send billions of dollars directly to the bottom of the sea than to fund Planned Parenthood’s wholesale slaughter of un-born babies.

Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood project.

“LIARS” Report Says ObamaCare DOES Allow Federally-Funded Abortions

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H/T – American Spectator

New CRS Report Says ObamaCare Allows Federally-Funded Abortions
By Philip Klein on 7.28.10 @ 1:16PM

A new report by the CRS Report for HELP 07232010.pdf “>Congressional Research Service reveals that the national health care law allows for federally-funded abortions, despite Democrats’ claims to the contrary.

Under one of the provisions of ObamaCare, before the new health insurance exchanges are set up in 2014, the federal government is funding state-based high risk pools to help cover those with pre-existing conditions.

But according to the CRS, the abortion restrictions contained in the new law “would not appear to apply specifically to the funds made available for high risk pools by section 1101.”

The report says that President Obama’s executive order on abortion “does not specifically address high risk pools and the funds provided under section 1101 of (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act).”

The Department of Health and Human Services sets the guidelines for the operation of the high-risk pools, but according to CRS, those guidelines “neither explicitly provide the authority to cover elective abortions with federal funds, nor do they specifically prohibit the use of federal funds.”

In response, 13 Republican Senators have sent a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, urging her to issue regulations that would prohibit federal tax dollars from covering abortion through the high risk pools. You can view the PDFs of the CRS report and the letter below.
CRS Report for HELP 07232010.pdf (1.1 MB)


ARE WE SURPRISED – No – The Only Ones Obama didn’t Lie to was Planned Parenthood !!!!!!


Stupak Deal Brokered by Former Planned Parenthood Lobbyist
The Weekly Standard reports:

Stupak Deal Brokered by Former Planned Parenthood Lobbyist & EMILY’s List Counsel
BY John McCormack
March 24, 2010 2:35 PM

From the American Principles Project:

When Bart Stupak announced his support for the Senate Health Care Reform Bill, one reporter asked him if the deal between Barack Obama and the pro-life Democrats was made face-to-face with the President himself. Mr. Stupak said that he had made the deal working with White House Counsel Robert Bauer.

Who is this Robert Bauer – the man capable of selling Bart Stupak a bill of goods on the Executive Order?

Prior to his involvement with Mr. Obama, from 2005-2007 Mr. Bauer was a registered lobbyist for America Votes. In this capacity, he sought to enact laws that would help the fund-raising prospects of left-leaning 527s. After he finished the campaign of Mr. Obama, he served as the Counsel for the pro-choice election powerhouse EMILY’s List.

America Votes (AV) is a coalition of liberal groups that has, according to their website “more than 20,000,000 Americans in every state in the country.” AV is controlled by an Executive Board that consists of 9 members: 5 unions (AFL-CIO, AFSCME, NEA, SEIU, and UFCW), 2 global warming advocacy groups (The Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters), 1 general liberal advocacy network (Progressive Future), and, most importantly, the most influential pro-choice lobby – The Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Of course, this doesn’t prove that Stupak’s deal is meaningless–we have to rely on logic and the law to prove that. But it is fitting that Stupak sold out for a deal with a lawyer who has worked for the abortion lobby. As Planned Parenthood’s president said, the executive order is nothing more than a “symbolic gesture.”


Do not forget the Twitter Planned Parenthood sent when the deal was signed:
Planned Parenthood Prez Cecile Richards at Health Care bill signing ceremony

Cecile Richards , President of the eugenic founded organization: Planned Parenthood twittered this:

“At the Dept. of the Interior w/progressive leaders for the #hcr bill signing ceremony – such a thrilling moment for America!”
10:33 AM Mar 23rd

During his campaign, Obama told Planned Parenthood (who lobbied heavily for his election) that “Abortion was at the heart of the health care plan.”

in 2009, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood was invited by the White House to head up a Breakout Session on Health Care Reform (Click Here )

Now we are supposed to believe that a president who lobbied heavily for abortion and to Planned Parenthood will sign an executive order which will prohibit funding of abortion with tax payer money, come on?

Planned Parenthood has called abortion “Basic Health Care” – Abortion is plain and simply eugenics. In fact, Planned Parenthood itself was founded on eugenics. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and receives over $1 MILLION Dollars PER DAY from tax payers .

If you really want to see what the motive of groups like Planned Parenthood and the “Elitists” in the Federal Government are , just get a copy of a well documented film called: : Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America ( .

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