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Pro-lifers respond to angry abortion defenders trying to disrupt rallies on 43rd anniversary of Roe V Wade

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Pro-lifers on both coasts were greeted with angry abortion rights protesters at several events across the country. Each time pro-lifers not only outnumbered their abortion opposition but they displayed the difference between life and death by responding with love.

In D.C., the self-proclaimed radical communist pro-abortion group Stop Patriarchy had threatened to disrupt the March for Life and sure enough…they tried…unsuccessfully. With their faux die-ins and bloody garb they ran the streets of D. C. chanting the overused rant “Pro-life your name’s a lie you don’t care if women die” while pro-lifers responded, “We are the pro-life generation!



The group considered an outcast by most main stream abortion rights groups, mocked pro-lifers claiming that preborn children were not human beings. They uploaded a ridiculous song where they claimed, “There is nooo God, no Heaven and no hell…” and sang, “a baby’s not a baby till it comes out.


While the March for Life was happening, I was sent a Facebook message of a photo showing Stop Patriarchy’s founder next to a feminist pro-life friend of mine and I was a little surprised. The picture (below) showed my friend Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, founder of New Wave Feminists (left) standing alongside Sunsara Taylor founder of Stop Patriarchy (right) at the March for Life.


I immediately contacted Destiny and I spoke to her about the two group’s colliding at the pro-life march.

She told Saynsumthn that New Wave Feminists along with Students for Life arrived in front of the Supreme Court about 20 minutes before the rest of the marchers. That is when they confronted Stop Patriarchy already stationed at the Supreme Court as they were last year to try and stop the march. But, according to Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa marchers always stop there anyway. Destiny then details what occurred next:

We were just smiling and laughing and we had a lot of joy and it seemed to make them angry,” she said.

    “At the end of the day we know they are hurting. It breaks my heart. Women do not make the decision to have an abortion because it empowers them but out of fear, panic, and coercion.”

The pro-life feminist leader said that she felt a lot of common ground with Stop Patriarchy, “We are also against Porn and the sexual exploitation of women and we actually agree with Stop Patriarchy on this. When we agreed with them and repeated some of their chants with them, I think it caught them off guard.”

image credit: New Wave Feminists

image credit: New Wave Feminists

Destiny said that the confrontation between the groups of students and women was not what the media typically sees:

    “Rather than there being Priests and men, there women and students at the front of the line when Stop Patriarchy tried to confront the marchers. The media wants to make this narrative that its all about men dominating women and we messed that up. At the Supreme Court we were able to hijack that narrative – this transcends women’s rights and its about human rights. Finally women from both sides are having a dialogue.”

As Destiny and I spoke about the confrontation you could sense the compassion New Wave Feminists had for the abortion supporters, “We saw pain. We saw regret. We saw real sadness like most of us have never felt… and it manifested as anger,” Destiny said.


After the confrontation, largest pro-life student group Students for Life posed some interesting questions to the small pro-abortion group on their blog asking them the following:

  • Why are you wearing white when you are bleeding? That’s like rule #1, dark pants on those dark days.
  • How come the men are also bleeding? Is this the same form of biology that tells you that fetuses aren’t babies?
  • How come you were screaming at us for hating young women…when we are young women? #awk
  • We must misunderstand the word “tolerance”, because shoving people and screaming derogatory slurs doesn’t seem very tolerant to us.

While New Wave Feminists and Students for Life verbally addressed Stop Patriarchy’s rants, other pro-life groups were kneeling in prayer.


Jacob Hoback, a student from Oho ran into the radical abortion supporters outside the Supreme Court and documented their reaction tweeting, “The difference between those who support genocide and those who support love #LoveVSHate

Meanwhile in Texas, Daryl Rodriguez President at Love of Truth Ministries told Live Action News that the Revolutionaries made an appearance at the Texas rally for life in Austin. He reported that Stop Patriarchy showed up with a very small number of protesters in comparison to the numbers of pro-lifers who attended.

Small group of abortion supporters, Stop Patriarchy in Austin image credit: Daryl Rodriguez

Small group of abortion supporters, Stop Patriarchy in Austin image credit: Daryl Rodriguez

In California, a handful of abortion radicals showed up at two pro-life Walks where pro-lifers made up of many young people and minorities outnumbered their opposition several times over.

At the Walk for Life in San Francisco, where Students for Life also had a huge presence pro-lifers were interrupted by a few bare breasted abortion supporters. This photo (below) was uploaded to Twitter by Students for Life and shows them getting arrested.



They call themselves FEMEN and were protesting a speech by Center for Medical Progress founder David DaLeiden
who caught Planned Parenthood on undercover video haggling over the bodies of the babies they aborted.

FEMEN described themselves as an, “international women’s movement of brave topless female activists painted with the slogans and crowned with flowers. FEMEN is the special force of feminism, its spearhead militant unit, a modern incarnation of fearless and free Amazons. FEMEN’s tactics of protest is Sextremism.”

The topless women screamed, “Fry fake liar!” over and over again until police took them away!



Students for Life also captured this abortion advocate who thought abortion was “awesome.”


Abortion radicals from Stop Patriarchy also made their debut at the SF Walk for Life and Students for Life tweeted this image depicting their hate-filled attitude:


In Oakland, Walter Hoye founder of Issues 4 Life reports that their group of African American pro-lifers at the Walk for Life West Coast were targeted by abortion revolutionaries for the second year in a row. But, he reports that while the group chanted “Black Lives Matter” ignoring the disproportionate way abortion targets the Black community, “this time the opposition didn’t have a single Black person with them, so their Black Lives Matter chants rang hallow.”

Last year, Stop Patriarchy disrupted the Black pro-life event when they pushed their way in front of the speakers. But this year, things were much different:

“This time Oakland Police Department (OPD) surrounded our stage protecting our speakers, marched with us and kept the [abortion] protesters away from us as we marched through the middle of downtown Oakland, so I want to publicly thank them.”

Image Credit : Issues 4 Life

Image Credit : Issues 4 Life

The Rec. Clenard Childress described the development of the preborn child while abortion supporters chanted. “You dare come out here holding a sign supporting that mutilation, and you call it a civil right, you don’t know what a civil right is.” he said to the abortion revolutionaries.


Adding, “We are pro-women…Abortionists have killed more women, have mutilated more women then anything on this earth. How dare you say you stand for women…Let me say this, we love you, but you’re not right!

Rev. Hoye reports that despite the protesters best efforts, pro-lifers got their message of “life” to the community of color across.

Abortion escort shakes maracas while lecturing about bringing children to protest clinic

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At the A Woman’s Choice abortion clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina – an abortion clinic escort chastised those protesting child killing for bringing children to the mill while shaking a pair of maracas.

Abortion clinic escort Marraccas2

Abortion clinic escort maracas

The abortion clinic advertises doing surgical abortions up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion clinic escort Marraccas

This escort seems to be a little off her rocker in my opinion. Then again, I’m guessing that she just might be getting a wee bit convicted for what she is doing.

Two years ago, a North Carolina news station documented several 911 emergency calls to abortion clinics in the state of which A Woman’s Choice was one. Read that here.

A Womans Choice Raleigh

In 2012, an undercover group caught staffers at A Woman’s Choice abortion clinic in Raleigh encouraging the abortion of a female unborn baby because the “client” wanted a boy instead of a girl.

Live Action Gendercide investigation A WOmans CHoice Raleigh

The investigation called, Gendercide: Sex Selection in America, is a series by Live Action exposing lethal sex discrimination in abortions nationwide.

Annoying abortion supporters outside clinic won’t shut up

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In what seems to be a new but I will predict short-lived strategy to thwart the efforts of pro-life sidewalk counselors, abortion supporters have switched up their tactics.

In a few places around the country pro-choicers have decided that mocking pro-lifers will somehow chase them away.

Here is another example- warning- you will be annoyed :

Pro-choicer who murdered pro-lifer back in court

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Pro-choicer who murdered pro-lifer back in court

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) — (10/27/09)– UPDATE — The man accused of killing an Owosso abortion protester and a businessman last month was back in court Tuesday afternoon.

A Shiawassee County judge has ruled Harlan Drake is competent to stand trial for the two murders.

Drake’s attorney’s have filed a notice of insanity defense, which means Drake will go through a number of mental evaluations, but does that does not mean his attorneys will use the option.

Shiawassee County Prosecutor Randy Colbry said that this isn’t a case of “who done it,” but an issue of state of mind.

Drake, 33, was brought up from the forensic center in the Ann Arbor area for his court appearance.

He’s charged with shooting and killing James Pouillon as he protested outside Owosso High School Sept. 11.

He’s also charged in the murder of businessman Mike Fuoss. Authorities claim there was a third person targeted.

Drake was found incompetent less than a month ago, but he’s since been getting treatment.

His attorney says that experts have found that Drake understands the charges, and they are exploring every avenue in the case.
Drake will be back in court Nov. 3.