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Abortionist says using abortion as birth control ‘might be the best method’

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The abortion industry pushes the idea that women need abortion for hard cases, that abortions are not being used as birth control and that repeat abortions rarely happen. A glimpse at the Twitter feed of one longtime abortionist reveals that the truth is very different from the propaganda being brought forth: abortions are being used as birth control, and repeat abortions are not frowned upon by the abortion industry.

Abortionist Diane Horvath-Cosper comments frequently on Twitter and commits abortions at Whole Woman’s Health in Baltimore, Maryland. A blog post at WWH’s website reveals that Horvath-Cosper has also worked for a dozen other facilities, including Planned Parenthood, according to the website — so when she reveals why women obtain abortions, she holds a level of credibility.

This week, Horvath-Cosper published a series of posts on her Twitter page that claim two things:

  • Women use abortion as birth control.
  • Abortionists do not care if women have multiple abortions.

“One of the dumbest ‘arguments’ about #abortion: is it or is it not birth control? OF COURSE it’s #birthcontrol, because it prevents a birth. It’s definitionally not #contraception because conception has already occurred,” she wrote. “#ABORTION IS #BIRTHCONTROL, no matter how you personally feel about it. Let’s stop shaming and stigmatizing people for knowing what’s best for their own lives.”

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Live Action News previously reported that the use of birth control does not necessarily prevent abortions:

study published by the Guttmacher Institute, along with a study by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, found that more than half of the women who seek abortion reported using birth control during the same month they got pregnant. The Guttmacher findings, published on January 8, 2018, state that in 2014, 51 percent of the women who sought abortion were using birth control. Of that 51 percent, 24 percent were using condoms, 13 percent were using the pill and one percent were using a long-acting reversible birth control such as an IUD.

In another tweet, Horvath-Cosper says abortion is actually “the best method of birth control,” writing, “When we stop and listen – *really* listen – to people’s lived experiences, we discover that #abortion might actually be the BEST method of #birthcontrol sometimes.”

In another tweet, she added, “If people want to use #abortion as birth control, THAT’S 100% OKAY.”

Image: Dr Diane Horvath abortion is birth control repeat abortions ok (Image: Twitter)

Dr Diane Horvath abortion is birth control repeat abortions ok (Image: Twitter)

Horvath-Cosper then reveals a truth rarely mentioned to the public: the abortion industry doesn’t care how many repeat abortions (even as many as twelve) a woman has. She writes, “And I don’t much care if someone has one #abortion or three or twelve. That person deserves compassionate care EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. No matter how many times. No matter what other people think about their decision-making.”

Live Action News previously documented that half of women who have an abortion have had at least one prior abortion already. The information came from a report published by the TARA Health Foundation. TARA’S philanthropy was recently used to prop up Whole Woman’s Health (WWH), where Horvath-Cosper works.

Repeat abortions are also believed to be a direct result of taxpayer funding.

Live Action News reported about another survey, which asked “a national sample of 8,380 women how many prior abortions they had.” The report found that slightly less than half of post-abortive women (44.8%) had not undergone just one procedure. They also found that taxpayer funding played a significant role in repeat abortions, as “[p]atients who paid for their abortion procedure with their own funds were less likely to have had a prior abortion than those who used health insurance or received financial assistance.”

Live Action News also noted that more than half of abortions in Medicaid-coverage states are taxpayer funded.

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There have been numerous attempts to convince the American public that women only use abortion for “safety net” purposes. Data reviewed by Live Action News revealed only a tiny fraction of the so-called “hard cases” are the reasons given for why women abort. In 2014, the last year abortion data was published by Planned Parenthood’s former research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, half of women admitted they “did not want to be a single parent or were having problems with their husband or partner.” Other reasons women gave included “the inability to afford raising a child” and the “belief that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents.”

May 2018 Gallup poll found that 50 percent of Americans would want abortion to remain legal only under “certain circumstances.” It would then be difficult to believe that using abortion as birth control or having multiple abortions falls under that category, despite what aborionist Horvath-Cosper says.

The question is, will the media or polling agencies ever ask?

    • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Privacy at risk: ObamaCare, like the abortion industry, works under cover of darkness!

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Ben Johnson LifeSite News Life Talk December 2013On the December 2013 show, the cast of Life Talk interviewed LifeSite News‘ US Bureau Chief, Ben Johnson who has done a vast amount of research on the Affordable Care Act a/k/a/ ObamaCare and access unregulated Navigators will have to your private information.

Johnson points out that abortion giant Planned Parenthood is one of the ObamaCare Navigators. He says that these navigators, who are not required to be back ground checked, can access your personal private information through a federal data hub.

Johnson asks what it would take to prohibit Planned Parenthood from accessing personal data on pro-life leaders pointing out that with ObamaCare, “If you like your privacy you can keep your privacy.”

Mark Crutcher Life Talk Dec 2013

Mark Crutcher, producer of Life Talk and president of Life Dynamics, calls ObamaCare a fraud and asks if having the IRS implement ObamaCare is a good idea.

Johnson answers Crutcher’s concerns by reminding the viewers that the IRS has become politicized, has recently targeted pro-life organizations and will now have access to additional personal data on all Americans.

Crutcher ends the interview by saying, “These are truly frightening times that we live in. This situation with ObamaCare, I don’t think that people truly realize how pervasive this thing is and what the potential risks are for this, for the whole country, not just for health care for everything.”

FR Frank Pavone Life Talk Dec 2013

Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, drew the conclusion that ObamaCare, like the abortion industry, works under cover of darkness, “Just like the abortion industry itself, it works under cover of darkness. They want to hide, distort, lie, cover-up, deceive, withhold, secrecy, darkness. And this is what the Obama administration has made this out to be,” he added.

Watch Interview:

Life Talk is a monthly pro-life TV show produced in Denton, Texas by Life Dynamics.

The show is hosted by Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher, Priests for Life National Director Fr. Frank Pavone, Bloggers Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa and Jill Stanek. Sitting in for Operation Rescue president Troy Newman is Leroy Dodd.

You can view the entire show here

Visit Life Dynamics here

Read LifeSite articles by Ben Johnson here

Pro-life leader: Accused Pa. baby killer is pro-choice poster child

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“If the body of this little boy had been found in the bathroom of an abortion clinic instead of in the bathroom of a bar, the country would have never heard about it.” ~ Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc.


26-year old Allentown, Pennsylvania resident, Amanda Hein, was arrested on homicide charges after she delivered her newborn son in the bathroom of a pub and then, according to investigators, took that “alive and viable” boy of 33 to 36 weeks’ gestation and killed him, putting him in a plastic bag and leaving him in the tank of the toilet.

The child’s body was discovered on Aug. 19, by cleaners at Starters Pub after the toilet wouldn’t flush. Workers opened the tank of the toilet where they uncovered the boy wrapped in a plastic bag that had lined a small garbage can in the stall, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said.


Morganelli said he saw photos of the newborn and that he looked like a “full-term baby.”

“I’ve seen dead people, shot, strangled,” Morganelli said. “But when you’re dealing with a baby, it is very difficult.”
Hein could face the death penalty for allegedly suffocating the newborn.

Mark Crutcher2013

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, responded, “Why are the nation’s pro-choice organizations not rushing to the defense of this woman? Remember, two of their standard arguments in support of abortion is that (a) women are the ones who get to determine when life begins and (b) the government has no legal right to tell a woman she has to have a baby she doesn’t want.

Well, if those things are true, Ms. Hein fits the pro-choice model to a tee. After all, if she says that her baby’s life had not yet begun. What right does the State of Pennsylvania have to question that? And if she says that she has the legal right to decide for herself whether she wants to have a child or not, how is she different than any other woman sitting in the waiting room of any abortion clinic in the country?”

Crutcher continues, “The fact is, if the body of this little boy had been found in the bathroom of an abortion clinic instead of in the bathroom of a bar, the country would have never heard about it and Ms. Hein would just be another enlightened woman exercising her constitutional right to choose. But the abortion lobby recognizes that this story is radioactive and that appearing to justify what happened here would be a public relations nightmare. So they’ve dropped Ms. Hein in the grease. But make no mistake about it, whether the pro-choice community wants to claim her or not, she is their poster child.”

An American Abortion Clinic banner

This month, Life Dynamics, Inc, released a powerful DVD called An American Abortion Clinic where they interviewed former employees of a Houston abortion clinic which remains open this day.

In the DVD, you can hear workers admit that they also saw live babies delivered into toilets, We seen a lot of cases where women, they felt like they had to push and they had to run to the bathroom. On some occasions we had women that were the fetus were falling into the toilet.. We had one incident where it was big news, where the fetus was left in the toilet, I don’t know if you all heard about that one she was at McDonalds. They stopped there in the morning and the fetus was left in the toilet and nobody ever found out whose fetus it was, but it was one of his patients. We knew it because we were watching it on the news that day that she was supposed to be in the clinic.” (Listen to clip here

Crutcher called the DVD, “A glimpse into hell.”

An American Abortion Clinic DVD

Watch An American Abortion Clinic DVD trailer here


For an interview call the office at (940) 380-8800

Pro-abortion blogger survey reveals “How Pro-Choice Are You?” SICK !

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I came across the “Angry Feminist Blog” and discovered that there is a pro-abortion survey being sent around the internet. The questions and answers of this blogger are below and ARE NOT MY OPINION – Rather they will enlighten you as to how those who work in the abortion industry and those who claim the “pro-choice” label think. I am especially shocked at how they separate the question of 5 or 10 multiple abortions from “using abortion as birth control”

The “Survey” originated at a blog called: Abortioneers and is allegedly written by someone who works in the abortion industry

On the question of Gender Election Abortions, a commenter to the Blog wrote this:

These are great questions. I admit to feeling a little uneasy with some of them (especially gender-selection) and I would like to share the only thing that has worked for me in confronting things like this.

Using Gender Selection as en example:

1) Acknowledge that this action is taken by a person who is fully capable.
2)Trust that person.

So I acknowledge that women who abort in order to select a gender are fully capable, intelligent human beings. I trust them to make the decisions in their lives.

Does that mean that I no longer consider gender selection (given that it is almost always aimed at producing males over females) misogynist? Do I now think that everything to do with gender selection is peachy-keen? No! I simply acknowledge the other person’s right and ability to make decisions for her life.

Why is that so hard for people to do?

Why can’t an anti say: I acknowledge the ability of women to knowingly choose the course of their own reproductive health and trust them to do so.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Pro-choice Survey via the Abortioneers


Do you Agree or Disagree with the following statements:

1. Every woman has the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy regardless of when during the pregnancy. Yes.

2. Abortion should be allowed even beyond 24 weeks of pregnancy. Yes. There is no “even”.

3. Parental consent should be required for any teen under the age of 18 requesting an abortion. Nonsense.

4. Women who have more than 5 abortions are irresponsible. No, but it may be wise as a health care provider to discuss contraception, relationships, and/or self-esteem with these women.

5. Women who have more than 10 abortions are irresponsible. Ditto.

6. Women should not use abortion as a form of birth control. Agree, in the sense that there are less invasive forms of birth control. But disagree, in the sense that “I don’t want to be pregnant” is a perfectly fine reason to terminate a pregnancy.

7. I think reproductive health advocacy organizations should promote the use of emergency contraception in order to decrease the number of abortions in the US each year. First part yes, second part…eeerm. I am always leery any time we talk about “reducing the number of abortions”, because the goal of reducing abortion often rests on an “abortion is bad” foundation, and not “there may be less invasive options available (like EC) for women that would ideally be accessible first”.

8. I feel uncomfortable if a woman has an abortion because of the gender of the pregnancy. On a personal level, yeah, because generally the undesirable sex of the fetus is “female”. But if the female fetus is inside someone else’s uterus, then it’s none of my business. And there are far better ways to empower women and girls than forcing them to birth more of them.

9. Male partners should have the right to be a part of the decision to terminate a pregnancy. No. Sorry. Men have reproductive choice, too. Just because the window during which they are capable of exercising their reproductive choice is smaller doesn’t make life “unfair”.

10. I think a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion is an absolute and inalienable right no matter what. Though my mind automatically tried to analyze this statement to make it untrue, I agree.

Bloodmoney and Maafa21 – SHOCKING reports about abortion

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” I recognize that I have been involved in the death of 35,000 unborn babies” – Carol Everett, former abortion clinic worker

Get Maafa21 here