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Media rushes to say Abortion Doc who’s last License was revoked was “Vilified”

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What happens when both pro-life and pro-choice groups are calling for authorities to investigate an abortion doctor and the media does not get the memo?

The media’s pro-abortion bias shows thru- that’s what !!!


When the notorious abortion doctor, Steven Brigham’s last medical license was revoked this week, the media, in their all-to-swift attempt to defend all things abortion labeled Brigham a “vilified doctor.”

The headline originated with the AP who tweeted the original story: Vilified abortion doctor’s last license pulled:

AP Villified Brigham

The AP Story quickly spread online to other media outlets. But as the day progressed, the media must have realized their error in labeling an abortionist whose horrific conduct was exposed by pro-lifers and allegedly by reproductive rights people a “vilified” doctor- they quickly changed their tune:

Here is a cached version from one news outlet which already changed their headline:

Villified Brigham abortion cached

Did the AP even know that the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners had noted that Brigham betrayed the trust of the women he exploited?

Apparently, at the time of their original release, calling the abortionist vilified, the AP was unaware that pro-choice groups had “vilified” Brigham for years with abortion blogs like RH Reality Blog calling him “Rogue.” ( Of course, I dismantle the fact that Brigham was Rogue, as they suggest here, if you care to read it.)

RH Reality ROGUE Abortionist

In the article I mention above, written by Sharona Coutts, RH Realty Blog’s Director of Investigations and Research calls Brigham an abortionist with a checkered history, “The claim is the latest in a slew of allegations leveled against Dr. Steven C. Brigham, whose checkered history of harming patients and flouting laws has led several states to suspend or revoke his medical license,” she writes.

RH Reality Rogue Brigham abortion July 2013

There, she links to another article she penned in 2013, entitled, For Decades, Authorities Let Rogue Abortion Provider Harm Women, Despite Pleas From Legitimate Doctors, where she attempts to convince her readers that Brigham was so dangerous that even the abortion community called for investigations.

She writes, “In numerous complaints, emails and phone calls over a period of more than two decades, legitimate abortion providers from New Jersey and neighboring states alerted authorities to Brigham’s dangerous conduct, furnishing warnings they say went largely unheeded. Doctors provided copies of many of these complaints, as well as extensive logs of their calls, to RH Reality Check.

“An investigation by RH Reality Check shows that New Jersey officials responsible for overseeing healthcare in that state could have prevented injuries to this and subsequent patients, had they acted on warnings about Brigham that predicted this exact scenario.

“If they had listened right in the beginning and taken appropriate action, I think these harms would have been prevented,” Jen Boulanger, a clinic administrator who has spent years amassing complaints about Brigham and his associates, told RH Reality Check. “I think state agencies were afraid of raising eyebrows about abortion, but they just should have handled it like they do any other field of medicine.”

Teddy Wilson, another author from the radically pro-abortion blog, uses the same “Rogue” terminology when he describes Brigham as having, “a troubling past, and has been under investigation by state authorities for medical practices that have pushed the boundaries of ethics and the law.”

In the August 2014, article, Wilson goes on to describe Brigham’s abysmal record, “In August 2010, an 18-year-old patient was left with major internal injuries after what was supposed to have been a routine surgical abortion performed by a Brigham-affiliated clinic. The doctor who performed the emergency surgery on her at a Baltimore hospital contacted the authorities, leading to a raid of the clinic by law enforcement, who found fetal remains in freezers.

“Brigham’s medical privileges were suspended in 2010 when the Board of Medical Examiners found that “his continued practice presents a clear and imminent danger.”

In November 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Bureau of Facility Licensure and Certification issued an order against Philadelphia reproductive health clinic Integrity Family Health for failing to disclose an affiliation with American Women’s Services.

“The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that in the 86-page decision, Administrative Law Judge Jeff Masin wrote that Brigham’s “past conduct is troubling.”

So, I suspect, that after the media was wholly embarrassed by their attempt to make Brigham a victim, they revised their headlines to this: Abortion doctor has final medical license revoked

AP revised Brigham Headline

And the AP may have sent out a memo, because several other media outlets republishing the AP story have also changed their titles removing the word “Vilified” !

The Minneapolis Star Tribune went from this:
Villified Doctor

To this:

MN Star Tribune Brigham

The Stamford Advocate did the same:

Stamford Advocate Brigham

That trend continued, although the cached versions of some of these do not exist, the link takes you to articles with a different headline:
Vilified Brigham Google

And, some have not received the memo to eliminate the term “Vilified” yet:

Asbury Park Press Vilified Brigham

What is the take-away from all this? Well, in my humble opinion, this more than proves that when it comes to abortion and the safety of women, the pro-abortion media already has their tagline – don’t blame the abortion industry- Blame pro-life people – end of story.

Only, in this case, they made fools of themselves doing it!

Michigan abortion doctor retires – pro-lifers celebrate

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According to pro-life activist Lynn Mills, Michigan abortionist Lewis Trigg retired DEC. 15, 2013. According to the state medical board his license is set to expire the end of January 2014.

Lewis Twigg Med Board

Mills who does excellent research work in the pro-life movement, stated that Twigg, “TOLD THEM HE WAS RETIRING? LEWIS TWIGG RETIRED DEC. 15, 2013, CAME INTO THE FLINT MILL ON NEW YEARS EVE (to visit?) AND SAID, “NO” TO COMING BACK To ‘work’. This was confirmed today in a phone call this morning”

Lewis H Twigg Jr. MD performed abortions at Detroit’s Summit Medical Center (Click here for website)


and Flint, Michigan’s Women’s Health Center ( Also Read this) (Click here for website)




Dr. Louis H. Twigg, Jr. pled guilty to driving while impaired on New Year’s Day 2012.

Twigg DUI

In 2000 Twigg was disciplined by the Michigan Medical Board (Read here)

Ronald Nichols

Twigg works with abortionist Ronald A Nichols, who has also been disciplined by the Michigan Medical Board (read here)

At the Woman’s Choice Clinic in Lansing, Dr. Ronald Nichols was in the middle of performing an abortion when he determined the gestational age to be 20 weeks and stopped the procedure, despite already having rupturing the fetal membranes. (In the Matter of Ronald A. Nichols, M.D., File No. 43-08-109430. Complaint, Paragraph 13.)

Ronald Nichols 2

Dr. Nichols advised the patient, who was bleeding and in pain, to drive 80 miles to his Bloomfield Hills abortion clinic to complete procedure. When she refused, Nichols forced her to sign a waiver. Patient drove home and was taken by her family to the hospital where the staff confirmed the rupture of fetal membranes. The patient’s 20.5 week baby died in utero the following day. The Board of Medicine found Nichols to be negligent and incompetent, fined him $10,000, and ordered him to perform 100 hours of community service. At the Womancare Clinic of Southfield, a patient alleges that she received no local anesthesia and tried to stop procedure due to her extreme pain. The patient was allegedly held down and female assistant put hand over the patient’s mouth. (Allegation filed with the Bureau of Health Professions, August 18, 2008, File No. 43-08-109481. Hospital records obtained by RLM.)

On October 22, 2010 The Michigan Attorney General, and the Eaton and Saginaw County Sheriff Departments completed a 7 month-long investigation of the Womans Choice abortion clinics located at 6500 Centurion Drive, Ste. 290, Lansing and 3141 S. Cabaret Trail, Ste 400, Saginaw, Michigan—owned by Florida resident Richard Remund.

The investigation was prompted by the February 26, 2010 discovery by pro-lifer Chris Veneklase, of the bodies of 17 aborted babies in a trash dumpster used by the Womans Choice Lansing abortion clinic. The 17 bags were clearly marked with, not only the January dates of the abortion procedures, but also the full names of the women whose unborn children were contained within the plastic specimen packs. Before making a decision to search the dumpster, Veneklase observed clinic staff, over a series of weeks, tossing large black bags into the commercial grade trash container that services the business park where Womans Choice is located. Veneklase became suspicious that the clinic was getting rid of bio-hazardous material. A bio-waste disposal van was never seen serving the facility where abortions are conducted through the 24th week of gestation.

Upon finding the bodies of aborted babies Veneklase immediately contacted Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society who then joined Veneklase in subsequent searches of the Womans Choice dumpster. Miller also organized searches of the dumpster used by Womans Choice sister clinic in Saginaw, MI. These searches continued through March 2010.

Veneklase and Miller discovered bloody surgical material in the clinic trash bags as well as several patient records from both abortion facilities. Many documents bore the names of Drs. Lewis Twigg and Ronald Nichols—who conduct the abortions at Womans Choice clinics. View Images here

Abortion doc Douglas Karpen loved by pro-choice community despite charges of killing babies born alive + injuring women

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UPDATE: Now that a woman is suing this abortionist the pro-choicer community denounce him? I Doubt that !


Abortionist Douglas Karpen who runs the Aaron Woman’s Clinic in Houston Texas is being sued by a former patient for a botched abortion. The patient claims she suffered a torn uterus, bleeding and extensive pain. The law suit claims medical negligence on the part of Karpen.

According to reports, the abortion was performed when the patient was 22 weeks pregnant. The suit claims “permanent injuries” were caused by abortionist Karpen and the patient “continues to suffer as a result of medical negligence.”

The legal document says her injuries were discovered by another doctor who also found internal bleeding. Read Lawsuit here

Karpen Mel Mendoza 2014 lawsuit

Wasn’t the only time: (even more here)

In 1989, the parents of Denise Montoya sued Karpen after their 15-year-old daughter got an abortion from Karpen and died. She had been 251/2 weeks pregnant, the parents’ lawsuit said, but they had been assured the pregnancy could be terminated safely. Montoya began to bleed heavily after the procedure and was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital, where she later died.

Karpen Denise Montoya Lawsuit

Read more on this lawsuit here

NOTE: Before you read the rest of this blog- not that I said this: Just posting this in advance, so that when more evidence of this Karpen killer surfaces, these sellers and pushers of abortion in the pro-choice camp cannot lie again and claim they tried to stop him…Whatever your thoughts are – the silence from the abortion lobby is deafening when it comes to exposing these creeps and mark my words they will soon back peddle on this one.

From the Past:

RH Tweet Karpen Cleared 2013Only a few days after convicted abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was back in the news, another abortion doctor was skating a charge that he killed babies born alive after abortions.

DouglasKarpenThat was Douglas Karpen and last week a Houston grand jury refused to indict Karpen after a months-long investigation into allegations of illegal late-term abortions and the killing of babies born alive at his two abortion clinics, according to the group Operation Rescue.

Texans are not surprised as this month a Texas judge, gave a 16-year-old boy probation for a drunken crash that killed four people, the same Texas judge sentenced a teen in a similar case to 20 years.

But I digress….

Karpen was accused of aborting babies born alive after abortions after three of his former employees gave an interview about the abortionist to Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas. Here is a picture of those babies smuggled out by Karpen’s clinic workers:

KARPEN PHOTO 2-942f39ee34

What is amazing is that after Gosnell was convicted of doing the exact same thing as Karpen, the Pro-choice crowd came out of the woodwork to take credit, calling these killers “Rogue“.

Now that a Grand Jury has not indicted Karpen – pro-choicers are rejoicing. (NOTE: This does not exonerate the abortion doctor it merely says this jury was not convinced)

Case in point is the pro-choice blog RH REALITY CHECK called the charges an “Attack” by Operation Rescue claiming Karpen was “cleared.” Note there was no title of ROGUE in their article.


Just posting this in advance, so that when more evidence of this Karpen killer surfaces, these sellers and pushers of abortion in the pro-choice camp cannot lie again and claim they tried to stop him.

Oh- yeah – one more thing- no mention was made of the claim this abortion patient had about her treatment from Douglas Karpen- but- hey- why worry about one woman when you can promote child killing thru abortion anyway?

Previously an abortion clinic owner who herself was cited by the state for conditions at her clinic supported Karpen.

Amy Hagstrom Miller

You have to consider the source and the motivations,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, who owns several abortion clinics around the state. “You have to know this is a political tool with an agenda. They are big-time bullies.”

Recently the Houston Chronicle cited several lawsuits brought against Karpen but alas, we know Karpen is not Rogue and will go down in history as just as evil as Gosnell and the rest of the abortion practitioners .

In 1989, the parents of Denise Montoya sued Karpen after their 15-year-old daughter got an abortion from Karpen and died. She had been 251/2 weeks pregnant, the parents’ lawsuit said, but they had been assured the pregnancy could be terminated safely. Montoya began to bleed heavily after the procedure and was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital, where she later died.

In 1991, Peggy Cormier sued Karpen on behalf of her minor daughter, who went to Karpen for a late-term abortion and then changed her mind after beginning the process of termination. The lawsuit alleges that Karpen became hostile and refused to attempt to reverse the procedure or refer her to another doctor. Cormier’s daughter eventually went to St. Joseph Hospital and delivered a baby weighing 1 pound, 13 ounces, who died six months later.

Quinnetta Dugas sued Karpen in 1995, alleging that he had perforated her cervix during a late-term abortion. Dugas also alleged that she believed she was later in her pregnancy than the 24 weeks Karpen purportedly had told her. Dugas was bleeding heavily after the abortion and was taken to LBJ Hospital, where she underwent an emergency hysterectomy, according to the lawsuit.

A lawsuit brought by Cherise Mosley and her father brought Karpen to the public’s eye when he was sued for performing an abortion on a minor who used a fake ID to establish that she was 18, a legal requirement at the time. Mosley contended the ID card, obtained from a grocery store, obviously was not legitimate. A jury found Karpen only 10 percent negligent and Mosley received no money.

Whatever your thoughts are – the silence from the abortion lobby is deafening when it comes to exposing these creeps and mark my words they will soon back peddle on this one.

Now that we know the truth- let the back peddling begin !!!

Abortion doc found dead in his home

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joseph-booker_200Authorities say Dr. Joseph Booker Jr., who was once the only abortion practitioner in Mississippi, has been found dead at his home in Madison.

Police Capt. Kevin Newman says there were no signs of foul play or forced entry at Booker’s home. The body has been sent to the state crime lab for an autopsy.

Booker at one time performed abortions in Gulfport and Jackson. Booker formerly practiced with Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, but the two parted ways when Booker filed a wrongful termination suit against the clinic in 2010.

Police said officers were called to Booker’s home at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday to respond to a welfare concern. “The police department was contacted by a relative that had been unable to reach Joseph Booker, Jr. for several days,” Newman said. “Once at the residence, officers were unable to make contact and entry was made into the house.”

There, officers discovered Booker, 69, was deceased. “There were no signs of forced entry prior to entering the residence and no signs of foul play,” Newman said.

He said Madison County Coroner Alex Breeland was summoned to the scene, as coroners are throughout the state when there is an unattended death.

Pro-Life Mississippi board of directors member Tanya Britton of Jackson said today she is “just sick” over Booker’s death.

“From a Christian perspective, I pray that he repented on the lives that he has taken, and that God is merciful,” Britton said. “I haven’t talked to him and would not presume to know the state of his soul.

In the past Booker has been sued for abortion related malpractice:

Default judgment in Mississippi abortion suit
Associated Press 12/2/2011

JACKSON — A state judge has entered a default judgment in a lawsuit that claimed a woman nearly died from a failed abortion in Mississippi that left her in a coma for a week.

Daschica Thomas and her husband filed the lawsuit in 2005 in Hinds County Circuit Court against Dr. Joseph Booker, the National Women’s Health Organization of Jackson and others. The suit claimed Thomas went into the coma because of a blood infection brought on by a botched abortion in 2003.

Circuit Judge William Gowan entered the default judgment in Thomas’ favor after the defendants didn’t show up for trial. The ruling didn’t mention damages, and it wasn’t immediately clear when that issue would be decided.

Thomas’ attorney had no comment when contacted by The Associated Press.

Mark Wann, who once represented Booker in the case, said he’s no longer involved in the litigation and wouldn’t comment. Wann said he doesn’t know where to find Booker. A phone number for Booker wasn’t immediately available.

The state Department of Health said Mississippi had two licensed abortion clinics in 2003, and the state has only one now. The current clinic is on the same Jackson site as the former clinic, but under different ownership.

Shannon Brewer is director of All Women’s Healthcare of Jackson, which is currently the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. She said the National Women’s Health Organization no longer owns the Mississippi clinic and Booker doesn’t work at the clinic now. Brewer said she doesn’t know where he is.

The lawsuit claims that Booker wasn’t the doctor originally scheduled to perform the abortion, but the other doctor was out that day. When Booker was performing the abortion, he allegedly stopped abruptly, said he couldn’t finish it and told Thomas to come back so it could be completed by the other doctor.

The lawsuit claims a “reasonably prudent” physician would have treated Thomas with antibiotics because of her diabetes, but Booker didn’t. Thomas allegedly came down with a blood infection, went into a coma and needed blood transfusions. The lawsuit also claims, among other things, that Thomas couldn’t have children after the abortion and that her husband lost his job for missing work while caring for her.

Booker performed abortions in Mississippi for years and found himself in controversial situations before.

In December 1999, three dozen bags of aborted fetuses and other remains were found buried in a shallow grave behind a business in the Gulf Coast city of Ocean Springs. An investigation revealed that the fetuses came from a storage room Booker had rented in nearby Gulfport, a city where he had performed abortions at a gynecology clinic.

Booker had pleaded guilty in July 1999 to tax evasion and was sentenced to five months in federal prison.

Someone purchased the contents of the storage unit, sight unseen, at auction and moved the items to a storage unit in Ocean Springs. Some of the items smelled and the new owner directed an employee to get rid of them, apparently not knowing they were fetuses.

In 1996, lawmakers passed a bill that required licensing for doctors’ offices at which 10 or more abortions were performed a month. That law was aimed at Booker, who had claimed his medical office did more than perform abortions and he did not have to meet requirements as an abortion clinic.

Mark Crutcher exposes abortionist Douglas Karpen

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Feds seize abortion doc’s papers

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Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-5994

Federal agents greeted controversial West Philadelphia physician Kermit B. Gosnell early yesterday with a pair of search warrants, authorities said.

Beginning about 7 a.m., investigators searched Gosnell’s home in Mantua and his shuttered office, the Women’s Medical Society, at 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia.

The feds hauled away documents and records that will likely figure into a sprawling investigation that started Feb. 18, when the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration raided Gosnell’s office to look for evidence that he was writing illegal prescriptions.

What they found, according to state records, was a “deplorable” facility that had bloodstained floors, jars packed with fetus remains and unlicensed employees treating abortion patients. Two patients died of complications related to abortions they had in the office.

The Pennsylvania Department of State temporarily suspended Gosnell‘s license a few days after the February raid.

Yesterday’s developments didn’t come as a surprise to the 69-year-old physician, according to his attorney, William J. Brennan.

“Well, it’s certainly not unexpected in a federal investigation that something like this would occur,” Brennan said. “Dr. Gosnell was cooperative with the federal agents. He’s doing fine.”
Brennan noted that Gosnell has not been charged with committing any crimes by state or federal authorities.

Whether that will change remains unclear.

State investigators have said that one of Gosnell’s patients, Karnamay Mongar, died on Nov. 20 after he performed an abortion on her. Before the abortion, she was medicated by an unlicensed employee of Gosnell’s.

According to a civil lawsuit, another woman, Semika Shirelle Shaw, died of a perforated uterus after she had an abortion at Gosnell’s clinic in 2000.

Several other women have successfully sued Gosnell over the last two decades for botched abortions.

Many other former patients recounted horror stories to the media after Gosnell’s name made headlines in February.

That same month, state authorities declared that two employees who were identified as medical doctors on a sign outside Gosnell’s practice were, in fact, not licensed to practice in the state.

In an interview with the Daily News last month, Gosnell spoke of his longstanding devotion to serving impoverished residents in West Philadelphia and Mantua, where he has spent most of his 43-year medical career, and said he would be vindicated over time.

Indeed, more than a dozen patients later contacted the People Paper and described Gosnell as a caring man who treated patients like family.

A week after Gosnell’s comments appeared in the paper, the state Health Department filed a show-cause order in Commonwealth Court to prevent anyone from performing abortions at the Women’s Medical Society.

The order cited 14 violations of state law that were discovered during two raids of the clinic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Feds raid abortion clinic ", posted with vodpod

Violent pro-choice abortionist arrested in Road Rage attack

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Now here is another abortion provider who “CARES ABOUT WOMEN”


Sandy Springs, Georgia police have arrested Marietta-based abortion practitioner Daniel E. McBrayer, suspected of punching a woman in the face during a road rage incident.

McBrayer, 58, was arrested following an investigation into an assault reported by a woman who told police that McBrayer, following a traffic altercation, got out of his car at the intersection of Roswell and Abernathy roads, walked up to her car and struck her in the face, Sandy Springs police Lt. Steve Rose said.

McBrayer was tracked down thanks to a license tag number called in to a 911 dispatcher by a Marietta woman who claims he punched her in front of her 6 and 8-year-old children.

She says she and her children were in her van at a red light at the intersection of Roswell and Abernathy Roads in Sandy Springs when a man in a red sports car behind her got out, walked up to her window and punched her in the face after saying, “What’s wrong with you?

The woman told police he had cut her off a few blocks earlier and almost caused a wreck, but she still isn’t sure why he punched her.

She followed him for a few blocks after the incident, giving his tag number to the 911 operator.

Sandy Springs Police tracked the Georgia license number to a 2009 red BMW 335i convertible.

It was registered to Alpha Group Pc at a Marietta address.

That address turned out to be Dr. McBrayer’s medical office on Powers Ferry Road in Marietta.

In 2002 , abortionist McBrayer signed a “Public Consent Order” with the Georgia Composite Board of Medical Examiners admitting he had performed second trimester abortions in his Marietta office in violation of state law.

He agreed to pay a $5,000 fine, have his medical license put on probation for 2 years and undergo 20 hours training in the “area of ethics”.

UPDATE: Life Site News Reports that, “McBrayer was also involved in the 1989 death of 27-year-old Catherine Pierce, whose child he aborted. After McBrayer performed the abortion, Catherine Pierce was left unattended and went into cardiac arrest due to complications from the abortion. This left her comatose before her death in a nursing home on October 10, 1989. An investigation into the safety of the facility where McBrayer worked was launched after this death.

So far, the woman who claims he punched her in traffic Monday has not given us her reaction to McBrayer’s arrest

His court date has not yet been set.

In a written news release, Sandy Springs Police Chief Terry Sult is quoted saying his department “aggressively enforces aggressive driving and does not tolerate ‘road rage’ like behaviors”.

The victim, whose name has not been released, was treated at a local hospital and released.

Rose said McBrayer turned himself in Wednesday night at Sandy Springs police headquarters, where he met with detectives. He was taken to the Doraville Jail, and was booked on a simple battery charge.

McBrayer was released shortly before midnight Wednesday after posting $1,500 bond. A court date has not been set.

To View News Video on this story click here

WSBTV News Report- Here

For more documentation on Pro-Choice Violence and Abortion Clinic Safety Read this:
Brutal murder of pro-life activist exposes epidemic of pro-choice terrorism and violence