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Abolitionist says abortion doc assaulted him at Ronald McDonald House fundraising event

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A video uploaded by a member of the Abolitionists Society of Tallahassee shows the abortion foe entering private property where abortion doctor Stephen Duncan attended a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charites.


During an explanation of his actions to police he says, “Like I said, I’ve never been trespassed on this property before. Never got a waring for trespass. So, tonight, I thought it’d be a great idea to go on the building – this property- and let these people know they’re supporting a man who murders children for a living. I knew that I’d be asked to leave, I was fine with that. My plan was, once I was asked to leave to come out here and see what I could do here…”

He then accuses abortionist Stephen Duncan of assaulting him.

Stephen Duncan abortion AHA snap

Stephen Duncan abortion AHA assault 2

The police officer told him it was difficult for him to write a battery report, since the abolitionist walked onto private property. shows that Duncan has been arrested before- see here.

More on Duncan here.

For clarification, abortion abolitionists are NOT pro-life by their own admission.

Angry parents react to abortion abolitionist at Santa Fest

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It was a mixed crown of those who said they opposed abortion and those who vehemently supported abortion when a woman belonging to the Abolitionist Society of Tampa set up graphic abortion victim signs outside a parade of children in Florida.

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Showing up at Tampa’s Holiday Parade and Santa Fest was an intentional move for the abolitionist as one of their tenants includes agitating the culture. On their national website they state, “Abolitionists make a practice of bringing the darkness of abortion out into the light of day. This means putting the horrors of abortion on display before the happy-go-lucky world.”


Abolitionists are NOT pro-life. In fact they usually agitate the pro-life community to the point that many who followed them in their early stages have since distanced themselves from “abolition.” It is important to make this distinction when reporting on abolitionists as they will often rebuke you if you imply any associations with them and the pro-life movement.

Showing graphic images in public originates in the pro-life movement who has been faithfully exposing the culture to to the horrors of abortion since its legalization. The fact that the public today is largely pro-life today is a direct result of the pro-life movement’s dedication to exposing this evil. It is in fact, due to the sacrificial determination of pro-life people that these images of abortion victims even exist. Despite their disdain for the pro-life movement, abolitionists across the country have no problem using the images they accumulate from pro-life people who share them openly.

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On the day of the parade, several people approached the abolitionist objecting to her tactics. Although some said they supported the protester but begged her to not show such graphic images near children, others opposed the message altogether even taking matters into their own hands to censor her.

One pro-choice woman kept pushing the demonstrator with her sign, another punched the camera with a police officer nearby and yet another actually carried off the signs – then threw then into a pile telling the anti-abortion woman, “My children don’t need to see this.”

AHA Prochoice attack Tampa

AHA Prochoice attack Tampa 2

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Being attacked for showing babies that have been horrifically aborted is not new. There is much debate among pro-lifers on this tactic. Yet, today, many groups within the pro-life movement advocate the use of these images in public venues.

The wisdom of using such images intentionally where there are children around is an entirely different matter. Some believe that exposing children to the horrors of abortion at an early age cements their opposition to child killing for the rest of their lives. Others think that doing such a thing without parental permission is harmful.

What do you think? Do you believe this abolitionist was out of line in her activism at this children’s parade or do you support her?

Leave a comment and state your thoughts?

The Abolitionist Society-25% of black America is dead

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