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Anti-abortion woman threatened with arrest for entering abortion clinic to offering alternatives to patients

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A member of the Abolitionist Society of Georgia has walked into an Atlanta abortion clinic to warn the woman that they do not have to choose abortion.

AHA ATL AB clinic Patients

Anti-abortion abolitionist, Zandra Aimee Westenkirchner, said she was led by God to drive the long distance to warn the women at Abortion Access Atlanta Surgi-Center abortion clinic that there were alternatives and they did not have to kill their children.

As Zandra entered the clinic she went to where the patients were waiting and announced, “If you all are here for an abortion, I want you to know there are other alternatives out there for you.You do not have to choose abortion for your unborn child.”

AHA ATl Ab CLinic STaff 1

Immediately the abortion clinic staff stopped Zandra yelling at her to leave saying they were calling the police. Several conspirators of killing babies at the clinic escorted her out the door.

AHA ATl AB CLinic Staff Out
She continued, “That’s fine…God hates the shedding of innocent blood and you should repent of abortions…The blood of unborn children is on your hands.”

NOTE: ** Members of Abolish Human Abortion / Abolitionist Societies do not consider themselves part of the pro-life movement and have requested that the term “pro-life” not be used when describing their events.