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Man arrested after pointing gun at abortion activist outside Planned Parenthood

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Chicago abolitionist Troy Buccini stands against abortion regularly outside the Planned Parenthood Aurora IL.

He calls out to men and women who come to the abortion business to kill their unborn children.

Over the weekend, 21 year-old Clifton Ratney, from Indiana who was escorting a woman into the Illinois Planned Parenthood pointed a gun at Buccini while he called out for the life of the child.

My friends don’t bring her before an assassin,” he said as he called out to a man accompanying a women into Planned Parenthood.

“Come on down here sir. Come on, father to father sir,” he said.

It was then that Buccini noticed that Ratney pulled out a gun – pointed it at him – and then walked into the abortion clinic.

Man pulls gun Planned Parenthood

Gun on abortion diewalk counselor 2015

That did not stop Buccini who kept on pleading that they turn around.

Buccini said that after the incident one of the pro-lifers called the police and the man was arrested.

He also said that, as a result, the unborn baby was spared for that day at least.

The Chicago Tribune later reported the Ratney was charged with misdemeanor unlawful use of a weapon and disorderly conduct after locating the loaded gun in his waistband, along with 15 additional rounds of ammunition. The pro-choice man showed police a conceal and carry license which was not good for the state of Illinois where he used the weapon to threaten the activists.

Ratney was escorted out of the Planned Parenthood waiting room and arrested on scene. Despite the seriousness of the threat, Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office has denied any felony charges against the Planned Parenthood supporter.

There have been 2 other gun incidents outside abortion clinics in July where abolitionist and pro-life sidewalk counselors reaching out to women seeking abortion were threatened.

Bristol, Tennessee, police arrested Derrick Doss outside the Bristol Women’s Clinic abortion clinic in Tennessee after he brandished a gun at pro-life demonstrators as he walked into clinic with his girlfriend, while, police in North Carolina refused to arrest another man who pulled out a weapon to threaten abortion abolitionists there.

Chicago Police: Abortion Victim Images Too Graphic for High School Kids to See

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UPDATE: The Chicago Police refused to allow protesters to stand on the sidewalk in front of the school. According to organizers who left a comment on this blog, “they didn’t bring any law, but their precinct supervisor did cite all new, non-existant laws…

A police supervisor called the group a “safety hazard.”

The police supervisor continued to repeat that there was a state law saying that the sidewalk is part of school property but would not cite the statute where that law is written.

Protesters eventually moved 15 ft away from the intersection as an alternative solution.

Anti-abortion protesters brought images of abortion victims outside Carl Schurz High School in Chicago.

Police attempted to have the protesters removed telling them initially that the sidewalk was not part of public property and was part of the school. When protesters from the Project Frontlines and the Abolitionist Society of Chicago asked for clarification, they then told the anti-abortionists that they could not obstruct the school kids from exiting the school, which the protesters assured them they were not doing.

Chicago School Police

As an officer stood in front of one of the protesters in what appeared to be an attempt to shield high schoolers from seeing the abortion images, he told the protesters that the images were too graphic for high school kids to see.

In the end, the officer told the protesters that there is a rule that you cannot distribute certain pamphlets near a school. The officer said he would get the paperwork to the protesters the next day.