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Planned Parenthood blog named after Roman Goddess of fertility

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Planned Parenthood of SW and Central Florida publishes a blog named after a goddess.

The Feronia Project Blog, states that the authors are employees of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, Inc.


Planned Parenthood describes the name selection, “Feronia is primarily known as the Roman Goddess of fertility and abundance. Slaves regarded Feronia as a goddess of freedom, and believed that sitting on a holy stone in one of her sanctuaries would set them free. Latins believed Feronia to be a harvest goddess and honored her with the “first fruits” in order to secure a bountiful harvest the following year. Feronia is thought to have been originally an ancient agricultural and fire Goddess among the Etruscan and/or Sabine peoples. During the Roman Republic, Feronia’s feast day was November 13.”

AbigailSeidmanAccording to Abigail Seidman the daughter of an abortion clinic employee, goddess worship is pretty typical. In an interview she gave to a pro-life news site she says, “The clinic where my mother worked was pervaded with occult imagery and practices. There was goddess art and statuary in the office, waiting, counseling, and recovery room areas, and new age music (occasionally including goddess chants and songs) was piped throughout. The counselors were primarily chosen for their spiritual qualifications, and a few did not even have a degree in a relevant field (ie psychology, counseling, social work). One was a trained chef turned sex worker (or “sacred prostitute”, as they preferred to think of it)”

Seidman continues, “The main figure worshipped was The Goddess, goddess figures from various traditions (Hindu, Greek, Roman, Babylonian, Egyptian, etc) were seen as ‘archetypes’ or ‘faces’ of this one true goddess, who was viewed as being in opposition to (and ultimately, to triumph over) the Judeo-Christian God. The goddess was taught to me as being more ancient, having created the world and people to live in it peacefully in a prehistoric ‘golden age’ of matriarchal rule, before the rise of patriarchy and civilization. God was painted as a diabolical figure, jealous of the Goddess’s power, who invented the idea of rape and taught human men to practice it, bringing about the end of humans living in a natural, violence-free state.

Women were encouraged to choose particular goddess figures as their personal role models or patrons (much like Catholics choosing a confirmation saint). The culture was rather lesbian-separatist (and in that way different from other pagan individuals or groups that I’ve researched or been in contact with), in that ONLY goddesses were worshipped, never gods, and men were not welcome to participate in ceremonies and only barely tolerated as sexual or romantic partners.”

Here is Seidman on the pro-life TV show – Life Talk discussing the odd practices inside abortion clinics:

A Photo published by City Beats entitled, Local clinic closes rather than obey new Ohio law (02/22/06), showed that Debi Jackson, an Ohio abortion clinic employee, practicing an ancient Chinese ritual inside Cincinnati Women’s Services (abortion) clinic where she works.

Debi Jackson

In this photo by the article’s author, Sam Robinson, Jackson is seen applying the ritual of Harmonic vibrations caused by rubbing a dragon bowl’s brass handles create wavelets and jumping water.

Abortion Doc wears crimson devil horn and tail

Lewis Koplick Crimson Horn Devil and Tail Abortionist
The University of New Mexico’s student paper, The Lobo Daily, noted in a 11/05/93 article that abortionist Lewis H. Koplik admitted to wearing devil’s tail and a crimson horn at a demonstration. He claimed that he does not “personally believe in devils” but wore the costume to make a point.

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