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Woman sues over botched abortion- 2003

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Ann Marie Santana sought a referral for an abortion from her primary care physician, Dr. Bonafacio Regis, to A Lady’s Choice Clinic.

According to a 2003 lawsuit, Dr. Joseph Durante owned and operated the clinic. Dr. John Allen worked at the clinic.

Santana’s complaint for damages alleges that Dr. Allen performed the abortion, during which he perforated Santana’s uterus and bowel. Dr. Allen told Dr. Durante that he suspected he had perforated Santana’s uterus.

In her declaration, Santana stated that “Dr. Allen did not tell me he may have perforated my uterus . . . .” But the May 5, 2000, petition to the State Medical Board seeking to revoke Dr. Durante’s probation states that “Dr. John A. advised [Santana] and her boyfriend of the possibility of a uterine perforation and the need to call [Dr. Durante] if she was having any unusual symptoms.”

Dr. Durante provided follow-up care over the next three days. He repeatedly advised Santana not to seek emergency care, despite her complaints of extreme pain, nausea, weakness and inability to eat. Santana eventually sought emergency treatment on her own and, after undergoing emergency surgery, was hospitalized for 18 days with life-threatening intestinal injuries, including