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Joan Rivers, “My mother tried to have an abortion”

Posted in Hollywood with tags , , , on August 5, 2014 by saynsumthn

Joan Rivers was on the Late Night with Seth Meyers show Monday night talking about her new book “A Diary of a Mad Diva

During the show she began to talk about her family. When she brought up her mother’s abortion attempt a nervous Seth Meyers interrupted Rivers with laughter and pointed out that the show is a comedy.

My parents were not good to me. My mother tried to have an abortion, I was 12 and I remember…[interrupted laughter]..,” Rivers said.

Its not clear if Rivers was being serious about the abortion or not – I suppose you will have to get the book to find out.

In any event, Abortion is a serious issue which takes the life of an unborn child and should not be something you joke about.