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Pro-life man violently attacks pro-lifer in Rockford ILL

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In yet another incident of the increasing violence from liberal activists, an angry abortion supporting man spit at and threw a can of soda at a pro-life woman quietly praying the Rosary. He then came charging out of his car and ripped a pro-life sign out of her hands.

After the abortion supporter threw the pro-life sign, he charged a pro-life man who began filming the incident and struck him in the chest and spit on him as well.

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The violent and raving abortion supporter then drove off leaving a trail of obscenities behind him.

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This incident comes on the heels of another:

Man attacks 77 your old pro-lifer, destroys her graphic abortion sign

77 year old Donna Holman was holding a picture of an aborted baby near the abortion clinic, when a 25 year old man grabbed her sign and ran. She ran after him yelling “Thief! Thief!” He proceeded to destroy her sign when her husband came to her aid and subdued him. Police are called.

All comes on the heels of a Gunman who entered the Pro-Life Family Research Council attempting to shoot everyone in the building.