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Slavery: The Game ! Fake Video game trailer called RACIST !

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A website and trailer recently appeared for a supposed real-time strategy game called Slavery: The Game. All signs point to it not being real, but one way or the other, the makers of Total War have nothing to do with it.

The trailer, seen above, talks about the “game” being set in the 17th century, when Europe still ruled the world. Players are able to buy slaves and then “discipline” and “exploit” them in an effort to “become the most powerful slave trader.” An inventory screen shows that players can level up and equip different weapons such as a whip, rifle, and spiked club.

Now, it goes without saying how offensive something like this would be if real, but even as a joke (or a publicity stunt), it’s going to cause a great deal of outrage.

One of the copies of the trailer uploaded to YouTube credited The Creative Assembly in its description. TCA is best known as the developer of the Total War series. Both it and its owner, Sega, were quick to distance themselves from the project, posting a tweet over the weekend which reads, “The Creative Assembly and SEGA have no knowledge of, and are not in any way involved with the alleged title ‘Slavery the Game’.”

However, there are a number of reasons to believe this isn’t a real game, ridiculous concept aside. READ 1UP to find out (here)


‘Slavery The Game’ gives players the opportunity to “buy slaves, discipline them, exploit them, make a tremendous fortune, and become the most powerful slave trader” according to the trailer.

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