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Promote “Black Genocide through abortion”, get listed on government “Service” website

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President Obama has requested that Americans volunteer their “Service” to worthy organizations. One such organization the Government finds worthy is Planned Parenthood. On the website you can locate Planned Parenthood asking for your “service” to fight all those nasty pro-lifers who just want to participate in the 40 days for Life prayer campaign.


( Reports that after hearing this news, The director of the 40 Days for Life, David Bereit, grassroots pro-life campaign is not happy about the new volunteerism web site,, that the Obama administration has put together that promotes pro-abortion groups.

This past Friday, President Obama spoke at a forum on volunteerism at Texas A&M University in College Station — the same community where 40 Days for Life began,” he said in an email to “His speech was delivered just over one mile away from the site of the first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign back in 2004.”

During his remarks, President Obama promoted a government web site that identifies various volunteer opportunities for people,” Bereit continued.

While that web site does include information about some pro-life organizations, I was more than a bit miffed to learn that one of the posted ‘volunteer opportunities’ comes from the Houston-based Planned Parenthood operation that runs the abortion facility in College Station,” he said.

The recruitment post asks young people to do “public service” work for the abortion business and pleads, “We need your help with a very simple but honorable job.”

Bereit responds: “The so-called honorable job? Abortion escorts — specifically to counter the effectiveness of 40 Days for Life.

“Planned Parenthood describes 40 Days for Life vigil participants as people who ‘want to deceive our clients with misinformation and lies then prevent them from entering our health center for care,’” he noted. “That in itself, of course, is an extreme example of misinformation.”

But this shows why 40 Days for Life needs more faithful volunteers for the simple and truly honorable task of praying for an end to abortion outside the very places where this evil is practiced,” he concluded.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider in this nation. They have been accused of covering statutory rape Here or Here

and below:

Here is an explanation of “service” according to the website:

The President has said that the challenges America faces are unprecedented, and that we need to build a new foundation for economic growth in America. The Administration has begun this work with dramatic new investments in education, health care and clean energy, but we cannot do this alone here in Washington. Economic recovery is as much about what you’re doing in your communities as what we’re doing in Washington – and it’s going to take all of us, working together. is your online resource for not only finding volunteer opportunities in your community, but also creating your own. Use to help you do your part. America’s foundation will be built one community at a time – and it starts with you.

Planned Parenthood has also been accused of accepting donations for racist motives: is managed by the Corporation for National and Community Service.


So I did a quick peak as to who is on their Board and now it all makes sense:

Stephen Goldsmith served on The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancywith Planned Parenthood

Julie Fisher Cummings was a board member of this organization Michigan Women’s Foundation, and received funds from Planned Parenthood

Laysha Ward, in 2000 Ward was appointed director of the Target Foundation, also known as Dayton Hudson, a huge contributor to Planned Parenthood for many years . The Target Foundation historically provided an annual grant of $18,000 to Planned Parenthood in Minnesota .

In addition, A press release from New York’s Mayor’s Office also validates that volunterring at a Planned Parenthood Office will win your brownie “Service” points. That release reads:
MAYOR BLOOMBERG LAUNCHES NYC CIVIC CORPS TO MOBILIZE NEW YORKERS TO VOLUNTEER AND ADDRESS THE CITY’S GREATEST CHALLENGES ..“Today we launch the NYC Civic Corps – a group of nearly 200 caring, dynamic people who will lead our efforts to help more nonprofits and public agencies tap more volunteers to produce more results for our neighbors in need. That’s the promise of NYC Service,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “With the launch of this exciting new initiative, we take another major step forward in our efforts to answer President Obama’s call for a ‘new era of service.’ I want to thank the Corporation for National and Community Service for its extraordinary partnership, the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund and the Lizzie and Jonathan M. Tisch Foundation for their generosity, and the nearly 200 NYC Civic Corps members here today for their willingness to step up and serve this City.”
The 57 public and nonprofit organizations receiving assistance this year are:Planned Parenthood of New York City, Inc.

A new documentary about Planned Parenthood claims that Planned Parenthood targets African Americans with BLACK GENOCIDE:

black genocide

It is called: Maafa21 and this is just a clip of the full 2 hour film:


Maafa 21 exposes a plan to create “racial purity” that began 150 years ago and is still being carried out right now.

It’s about the ties between the Nazis, the American eugenics movement and today’s “family planning” cartel.

It’s about elitism, secret agendas, treachery and corruption at the highest levels of political and corporate America.

Maafa 21 will show you things the media has been hiding and politicians don’t want you to know.

So if you’re ready to see the real agenda behind “choice,” fasten your seatbelts …IT’S SHOCK AND AWE TIME!

Shocking fact:


In a recent New York Times interview , Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told Emily Bazelon that,

…I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth

in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

Makes you wonder how this government could be allowing Planned Parenthood to be listed as a legitimate organization which one should “volunteer” for. Take a look at the abortion stats and the fact that Planned Parenthood locates in African American communities and then watch Maafa21 in full, and you will be outraged that our government would be doing this. But, then perhaps that is exactly why they are doing this. Hmmm- Just Sayn

Maafa21 More Africans Killed

Here is another story worth a read: Part II: Obama Controls Your Televison Set — Search and Ye Shall Find…Left-Wing Advocacy