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Numbers don’t add up that 1 in 5 women visit Planned Parenthood

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If 1 in 5 women visited Planned Parenthood then in 2013 they would have seen between 21,554,197.2 and 32,151,232.6 women alone.

Yet the total patient visits of both males and females to Planned Parenthood for the 2013-2014 year only totaled 2.7 million.

This contradicts what Cecile Richards told George Stephanopoulos in July.

    “One in five women in this country depend on Planned Parenthood for healthcare. More than 2 1/2 million every single year,” the Planned Parenthood prez stated. (Approx 3 minutes into the interview)

That statement is far from true.

In fact, Planned Parenthood likes to make slight changes to their figures to keep us confused. The abortion business which has been exposed harvesting aborted baby body parts brags that 1 in 5 women use their services in a lifetime. That is a difficult figure to dispute and and even harder one to disprove. What is a lifetime- how many women each year?

In Planned Parenthood’s 2013-2014 annual report they claim to operate approximately 700 health centers across the U.S. which saw 2.7 million patients in that year.

Planned Parenthood 2013 2014 patients

Then, on their website, they state the following:

    2.7 million to women and men in the United States annually visit Planned Parenthood affiliate health centers for trusted health care services and information.

    Eighty-four percent of Planned Parenthood health care clients in the U.S. are age 20 and older.

    One in five women in the U.S. has visited a Planned Parenthood health center at least once in her life.

PP Websites patients

1 in 5 women in 2013?

Between July 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014 the CDC estimated there were between 316 to 318.9 million people residing in the United States.

According to US Census Bureau estimates there were 160,756,163 total females in the United States in 2013.

Using the percentage of males vs. females in the above census that would mean that of the 2.7 million people who visited Planned Parenthood 1,371,330 were female.

If 1 in 5 total females in the United States were to have visited Planned Parenthood in 2013 that would mean that 32,151,232.6 women alone visited them which far exceeds their total patient visits of 2.7 million.

US Census 2013 male female

If we break the 1 in 5 numbers down to just females between the ages of 14 to 64 (107,770,986) then 21,554,197.2 females alone would have visited Planned Parenthood in 2013 which again far exceeds their 2.7 million total patient number .

And if we assume that all 2.7 million patient visits to Planned Parenthood in 2013 were female, it would only amount to 2.5% of total females ages 14 to 64 in the United States in 2013 a far fewer amount than the 1 in 5 they tout.

Using slightly different figures from the US Census data of 105,742,712 for females ages 15-64, Ryan Bomberger made the same point in his meme which inspired my post:

Ryan Bomberger 2 97873782_n

Any way you do the math- the figures don’t add up.

It is time to get the facts.

Blacks Women Matter event claims racial motive behind states covering for abortion clinics

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Black leaders are planning a nationwide event in Selma, Alabama to expose a possible racial motive for not enforcing abortion laws, saying that Black Women Matter.

It is called The Selma Project and it was created by Catherine Davis who is the president and founder of The Restoration Project, and is an African American advocate for women.

Davis said the overall theme of the event is that Black Women Matter and they want to stop Black women from being butchered and maimed in abortion clinics.


Davis suggested that the reason authorities are ignoring laws that regulate abortion clinics is because they are not concerned about many of the women who use the substandard facilities.

She told Life Dynamics that after a pro-life group filed a complaint about an abortion clinic in Selma, the state refused to to enforce the law.

Why aren’t they enforcing these laws?” Davis said she asked herself.

“And the only common denominator I could see is that the majority of women going into those abortion clinics are black or brown,” she said.

According to The Selma Project website:

    All across America , abortionists have established a pattern of injuring and sometimes killing women in their abortion centers, many times in violation of a number of state civil and criminal laws.

    Most of the women injured in these abortion centers that ignore the laws are Black and brown. More Black women are going into these centers alive and fertile and many come out infertile due to substandard medical practices. Some do not come out alive.

Davis has documented the horrific way abortion providers treat women and specifically women of color.

TonyaReavesMurder Cover

Recently, a Black women was left to bleed for hours inside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic before being transferred to a hospital. The 24-year-old women later died from the botched abortion. Although Planned Parenthood was sued by the family, calls for a criminal investigation by authorities into her death went unheard.

Life Dynamics has detailed her death here.

Davis says that the gatekeepers across the country are not doing their job of enforcing laws regarding abortion facilities and she believes the reason is racially motivated.

I believe that the population control agenda wants to control the birthrate of women of color so they are turning a blind eye to criminal and civil violations at abortion clinics,” Davis stated.


Davis points to Kermit Gosnell and the way the state of Pennsylvania ignored what was occurring inside his House of Horrors abortion clinic.

She says that even though some abortion doctors are Black, it’s just part of Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project which sought to use Blacks to help in her eugenics agenda.

The Selma Project rally has also been sponsored by the National Black Pro-life Coalition, CEC for Life, and The Radiance Foundation.

The group chose Selma to shine a light on what is occurring nationwide.

Just like Selma and Bloody Sunday are a picture of all that was wrong with Jim Crow in America; our event hopes to shed light on all that is wrong with abortion in America,” Davis points out.

The Selma Project prolife speakers black women matter

In addition to Davis, speakers at The Selma Project event include Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Star Parker founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, Ryan Bomberger co-founder of The Radiance Foundation which just won a free speech lawsuit against the NAACP, and Dr. Freda Bush an OBGYN from the state of Mississippi.

Fr. Frank Pavone national director of Priests for Life and co-host of the pro-life show, Life Talk TV along with Fr. Terry Gensemer will also speak.

The rally will take place on Juneteenth, (June 19, 2015) and a march across the Pettus Bridge will follow on June 20th.

Davis said that one of the main things on their agenda is to spend a lot of time in prayer on behalf of their community and the nation.

She said speakers will address how the abortion industry is literally getting away with murder and the real civil rights movement of today which she said is to defend the right to life of the unborn child.

Even in the Womb Black lives Matter

Visit the Facebook page for the event here.

Selma Project Poster 06_5002355204927004819_n

Click here to visit The Selma Project website.

Black pro-lifer wins lawsuit against NAACP over abortion support

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REPUBLISHING from the Life Dynamics Blog –

An appeals court has ruled in favor of a Black pro-life organization which parodied the NAACP to expose their stance on abortion.

WE WIN!!!!” those are the words of Ryan Bomberger founder of the Radiance Foundation regarding his free speech lawsuit filed by the NAACP.

Ryan Bomberger wins NAACP lawsuit

4th Circuit Court of Appeals rules, unanimously, in our favor! This is a huge win for the First Amendment. The NAACP tried to crush our right to free speech but truth and justice prevailed,” Bomberger posted today.

The lawsuit, initially filed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, better known by its acronym “NAACP” against Bomberger began after The Radiance Foundation, an organization Bomberger co-founded, published an article online entitled “NAACP: National Association for the Abortion of Colored People” which criticized the NAACP’s stance on abortion.

Radiance Civil Wrong d40e76914970c-500wi

The Radiance Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on educating and influencing the public about issues impacting society. Radiance addresses social issues from a Christian perspective. It uses as its platform two websites, and, where it posts articles on topics such as race relations, diversity, fatherlessness, and the impact of abortion on the black community.

The article, “NAACP: National Association for the Abortion of Colored People,” was posted by Radiance, and then picked up by Life News, exposing the NAACP’s ties to Planned Parenthood.

Shortly after the NAACP began to receive criticism for its position on abortion.


Though the NAACP has often claimed to be neutral on abortion, Radiance maintains that the NAACP’s actions actually demonstrate support for the practice.

According to Life News, following the piece, the NAACP sent Bomberger, the Chief Creative Officer of the Radiance Foundation, and LifeNews a threatening letter claiming infringement on its name and logo for including it in the opinion column.

The letter, accused Bomberger and the Radiance Foundation, of “trademark infringement” and stated that while “you are certainly entitled to express your viewpoint, you cannot do so in connection with a name that infringes on the NAACP’s rights.


A court then ruled that The Radiance Foundation engaged in trademark infringement after doing nothing more than posting an article online that parodied the NAACP’s name.

The Radiance Foundation, represented by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) , then filed a declaratory judgment action in federal court, and in return, the NAACP filed counter-claims of “trademark infringement, dilution and confusion” for parodying the organization’s name in what the group describes as, “the NAACP’s documented pro-abortion position and actions.”


After a bench trial, the district court found for the NAACP on all counterclaims and denied declaratory relief to Radiance. The district court issued a permanent injunction “against any use [by Radiance] of ‘National Association for the Abortion of Colored People’ that creates a likelihood of confusion or dilution. However, it declined to award any damages or attorney’s fees, as it found the NAACP had failed to make the case that they were warranted.

In the latest decision, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals found that the NAACP does not have actionable claims for trademark infringement here, and Radiance’s use of the NAACP’s marks falls squarely within the exceptions to trademark dilution specifically included in the Lanham Act to avoid encroaching on free speech rights.

In the context of trademark infringement, the Lanham Act’s purpose, as noted, is to protect consumers from misleading uses of marks by competitors,” the decision states.

The decision also points out that a trademark “only gives the right to prohibit the use of it so far as to protect the owner’s good
will against the sale of another’s product as his.

NAACP had held that because Radiance had a donate button on their website they were using the image for goods and services.

But, the appeals court wrote, “When the “use of the trademark does not imply sponsorship or endorsement of the product because the mark is used only to describe the thing, rather than to identify its source,” restricting speech does not serve the purpose of the Lanham Act.

“Indeed, criticism or parody of a mark holder would be difficult indeed without using the mark. Trademark protections exist neither to allow companies to protect themselves from criticism nor to permit them to “control language.”

Get a free prolife pin

In finding that Radiance’s use of the NAACP’s marks was “in connection with” goods or services, the appeals court ruled that the district court erred in several respects, pointing out that Radiance used the NAACP’s marks only in the title and body of an article criticizing the NAACP.

The Appeals Court Wrote:

    Although present on the article page, the Donate button was off to the side and did not itself use the NAACP’s marks in any way. The billboard campaign was displayed on a different page altogether. A visitor likely would not perceive the use of the NAACP’s marks in the article as being in connection with those transactional components of the website. It is important not to lose perspective. The article was just one piece of each Radiance website’s content, which was comprised of articles, videos, and multimedia advocacy materials. That the protected marks appear somewhere in the content of a website that includes transactional components is not alone enough to satisfy the “in connection with” element. To say it was would come too close to an absolute rule that any social issues commentary with any transactional component in the neighborhood enhanced the commentator’s risk of Lanham Act liability.

The court addressed the issue of “confusion” that the Radiance parody of the NAACP caused as one over policy and not over goods, when it wrote, “trademark infringement is not designed to protect mark holders from consumer confusion about their positions on political or social issues. The evidence of “actual confusion” relied on by the district court consisted of phone calls to the NAACP by people who took issue with the NAACP supporting abortion. “[I]ndignation is not confusion,” at least not as pertains to trademark infringement, and at best the calls demonstrated confusion as to the NAACP’s policy positions rather than any good or service. Policy stances are neither goods nor services, though the means of conveying them may be.

The appeals court continued, “it is not immediately apparent how someone would confuse an article which is strongly critical of an organization with the organization itself. The mark in this case was used primarily to identify the NAACP as the object of Radiance’s criticism, resembling a descriptive or nominative fair use albeit by employing a modified version of the name.

As for the free speech aspects of Radiance’s parody of the NAACP the court writes:

    Whatever the label affixed to the article, Radiance’s twist on the famous moniker follows in the same vein as articles that refer to the NRA as the “National Republican Association” or the ACLU as the “Anti-Christian Lawyers Union.”

    Radiance’s ploy was nonetheless effective at conveying sharply what it was that Radiance wished to say. The implications for the likelihood of confusion factors are thus obvious: parody or satire or critical opinion generally may be more effective if the mark is strong and the satirical or critical version is similar to the original. The critical message conveyed by the satirical mark itself and in the commentary that follows ensures that no confusion about the source of the commentary will last, if in fact it is generated at all.

    In this case, the title related to and conveyed the subject of the article: the NAACP and Radiance’s views of its alleged stance on abortion. The use of the satirical modification of the true NAACP name was designed, as many titles are, to be eye-catching and provocative in a manner that induces the reader to continue on. We cannot find that use of the NAACP marks in the title of the Radiance article created a likelihood of confusion as to the piece’s authorship or affiliation.

The court then ruled in favor of Radiance writing, “In sum, and for the aforementioned reasons, the plaintiff’s expression in no way infringed upon or diluted defendant’s trademark rights. We hereby vacate the district court’s injunction and remand with directions that the defendant’s Lanham Act counterclaims be dismissed.”

Ryan Bomberger 47912860773315_n

Ryan Bomberger says that now that the legal wranglings are over, he plans to continue to call the NAACP out on their stance regarding abortion.

“What an upside down world,” Ryan Bomberger told Life Dynamics in response to the decision.

In 2015 it’s radical to believe that every human life has purpose, and that we’re all equal. Along the way, the NAACP stopped believing this which would explain why they would spend over half a million suing us for accurately parodying their name: The National Association for the Abortion of Colored People. The U.S. 4th Circuit stopped that assault of the First Amendment and ruled in our favor. Not only will we continue to parody the NAACP’s name, we’ll continue relentlessly calling them out for supporting the violence of abortion and (the abject failure of) liberalism.”

Read the decision here.

We are incredibly grateful to ADF and our attorney, Chuck Allen, for defending what the NAACP claims to protect: our most basic civil rights,” Bomberger added.

In the documentary film, Maafa21, Life Dynamics also discusses the NAACP’s attitudes on abortion detailing how the organization tried to hide and prevent their convention goers from hearing about the abortion connection to black genocide.

One witness interviewed in the film states that ironically, the NAACP even went to the extent of using buses to block their demonstrations about black genocide in front of Cobal Hall.

Watch Maafa21 here.

Meet Black pro-life leaders exposing abortion and protecting women of color

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Read what other Black leaders have said against abortion and Planed Parenthood here !

Read more here !

Image of father loving unborn child among those flagged as “violent” on facebook

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A Black pro-life organization has had three facebook images flagged as “graphic violence” !

One of those images depicts a father loving his unborn child:

Images reported as graphic violence

Ryan Bomberger is an Emmy® Award-winning Creative Professional who founded The Radiance Foundation (TRF), a life-affirming 501(c)(3), along with his wife, Bethany.


Working in conjunction with noted national civil rights leaders like Dr. Alveda King (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), Ryan is involved in national efforts to expose and defund Planned Parenthood and document how abortion is destroying the Black community. Sometimes Ryan’s thoroughly researched and pointed remarks rile establishment folk, like the nation’s oldest civil rights organization that took legal action against Radiance and Ryan personally for parodying their name.

So, it was no surprise to this blogger that Ryan and his Radiance Foundation have become a target of those who hate his pro-life views.

According to a post The Radiance Foundation placed on their facebook page, “Someone reported that three of our posted images depict “graphic violence.
Radiance Foundation Ryan Bomberger Images reported

Two of the three images are anything but violent. One is a 4th of July meme and the other says “We will not be silenced!” :

I Love Freedom - useWe will Not be Silenced

The third image is the antithesis of “graphic Violence.”

It is a beautiful depiction of a father expressing love for his unborn baby:

Fatherhood Begins in Womb

Perhaps the person who flagged these images is just a jerk or is pro-abortion and hates Ryan’s positive pro-life position.

But it is disturbing that a person is able to flag completely innocent posts in an effort to harass an organization.

It will be interesting to see how facebook responds to this.

To Be Continued…..

Responding to the Christian Post’s Planned Parenthood drivel

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This is a response to an article the Christian Post publish!

The Christian Post, an online Christian publication has published what amounts to me to be a promotion piece for Planned Parenthood.

In my opinion, their article entitled, “Christian Planned Parenthood Exec Challenges Misconceptions About Nation’s Leading Abortion Provider,” it reads like a promotion for the abortion giant.

CP Christian PP worker

Author Nicola Menzie’s journalism career has included:

Faith & Culture Reporter / Web Show Host at The Christian Post
Publisher & Editor at Churches in NYC (NYC Churches)
Assistant Editor/Reporter at The Christian Post
National News Producer, Online at CBS Local Digital Media / CBS Television Stations
Associate News Producer at AOL News
Assistant Producer at CBS News
Online Editorial Assistant/Intern at Vibe Magazine

Menzie’s article title gives the appearance that you can be a “Christian” and work for a child killing center.

That was my point when I sent Menzie a series of tweets. Below is our short dialogue:

Nicola Menzie

Menzie calls the abortion employee , Alexis McGill Johnson, “a self-professed Christian” and says that McGill asserts “that many Christians don’t believe that abortion services were accessed by only 10 percent of the nonprofit’s clients and that decisions to terminate a pregnancy should “be left to a woman, her doctor and her God” and not a politician.”

I waited for the journalistic challenge from Menzie or The Christian Post- something like- former Planned Parenthood employees claim that 10% figure is false.

Or…do you count every condom you pass out as a service which would water down your figures?

Or perhaps, would killing any children be enough reason for people – especially Christians to oppose Planned Parenthood?

But…instead I read even more Planned Parenthood dribble:

Menzie continues, Johnson said she became an activist in 2011 in reaction to a controversial billboard which claimed the “womb is the most dangerous place for an African American to be.”


The billboard, which featured a young black girl wearing a sundress and a bow in her hair, was meant to highlight the higher rates of abortion in New York City among black women compared to women of other ethnicities, according to the African American pastor who helped found Life Always, the Texas group that launched the campaign during Black History Month.

“I feel like it’s an assault on black women’s ability to make a decision,” Johnson said of her outrage over the billboard, which had been placed about half a mile from Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s offices.

Tonya Reaves LDI Brochure img406

I waited again for the challenge from Menzie or the Christian Post- after all there are plenty of stats on the high rates of abortion in the African American Community – this blog is full of them with links to the CDC reports. Why didn’t Menzie or CP ask Johnson how the billboard was an “assault on women?” Or ask how targeting blacks is NOT an assault? Or perhaps, how leaving an African American woman by the name of Tonya Reaves to bleed to death at a Planned Parenthood was not an assault on that woman? Or ask how naming Planned Parenthood’s top award after a Klan Speaker is not an assault on Blacks?

When Johnson told Menzie, “We all recognize that abortion and terminating a pregnancy is a very complicated decision, but that issue needs to be left to a woman, her doctor and her God, not a politician. I felt that it was a very insulting way of trying to suggest that we’re not capable of grappling with the implications of the decisions that we make.”

Where was the challenge on the basis of religion or the Bible to that statement?

Instead Menzie writes: As for women of faith potentially grappling with matters related to abortion, Johnson, who told CP she is a Christian, said, “That’s a very complicated issue.” She added that Planned Parenthood has a “wide variety of support” from women clergy and ministers who are “members of faith.”

One last note – upon visiting the Christian Post website since the article was first uploaded and a screen image was taken (above) I noticed that they now feature a picture of this Planned Parenthood worker praying:

Christian Post new

The caption reads: (L-R) Alexis McGill Johnson, Dawn Jones, Shola Lynch, and Sharon Epperson bow their heads during the invocation at the Women’s Power Breakfast Thursday, April 10, 2014, during the 16th annual the National Action Network convention at Sheraton Times Square hotel in New York City.

I was so disturbed that a Christian Publication would publish a piece like the one I spoke of above that it was a pleasant surprise when my friend Ryan Bomberger submitted a response to Ms. Menzie’s piece.

To the Christian Post’s editorial credit they agreed to publish, Bomberger’s response.

With his permission, I am republishing his response in full here as well.


Planned Parenthood Uses Racism, Revisionism and Redirection to Change Its True Image, By Ryan Bomberger

A recent article in The Christian Post, Christian Planned Parenthood Executive Challenges Misconceptions About Nation’s Leading Abortion Provider, interviewed the new Chair of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Alexis McGill Johnson, where she regurgitated a statistics-free litany of talking points. It was as though I was reading a press release directly from Planned Parenthood.

Far from being “vilified” by prolife advocates, as the article indicates, Planned Parenthood has merely been exposed by historical, statistical and visual evidence that irrefutably reveals who and what Planned Parenthood truly is.

No seeming amount of beneficence, such as breast cancer screenings, STD treatments and (alleged) general health care, makes up for the nearly 1,000 killings that happen in Planned Parenthood centers every day. An organization steeped in eugenic racism and elitism has no defense for the violence it commits against the defenseless. If claiming to be Christian is worthy of giving journalistic space on The Christian Post, wouldn’t the same apply to the KKK? It claims to be Christian, too.

Ms. Johnson claims that prolife efforts are the same as those that brought us “poll taxes and literacy tests.” Democrats were the party of slavery, of separate-but-equal, of lynchings, of the KKK, and that unanimously voted against every Republican-crafted civil rights bill (up until 1957). They were also the party of eugenics-based poll taxes and literacy tests. Today, Democrats are the party of abortion-on-demand without any restrictions and forced taxpayer-funded contraception without any parental involvement.
More black babies are aborted than are born alive in NYC, home of Planned Parenthood, yet Ms. Johnson and her abortion allies consider this “reproductive justice”. It’s not surprising that a Planned Parenthood executive perverts history, at an event sponsored by the National Action Network, to suit a twisted political agenda. She wants to invoke racism yet works for an organization that was birthed in it. She even made sure to pull the pathetic race card by accusing prolife efforts to protect women and children were because of “hatred of the President”. Desperation anyone? My passion, as a biracial individual just like Ms. Johnson, to protect human life has nothing to do with how I feel about any politician and everything to do with how I regard the dignity of all human life.

Ms. Johnson also asserted in the article that the biggest misconception about Planned Parenthood was that “abortion is the only thing that we do.”


No one makes that assertion. Abortion, ironically, is their lifeblood, though. No other “service” they offer brings in the hundreds of millions worth of revenue ($204.5 out of their $305 million in “Health Services” revenue). They’ve shown that abortion is worth protecting more than women like Tonya Reaves. She was left to bleed to death for 5.5 hours inside a Planned Parenthood clinic while the abortionist refused to call 911. Their sacrosanct act of “choice” was more precious to them than the lives on that abortion-room table. It’s why they spend millions in political and legal battles against any state or federal legislation that informs and protects women such as parental consent/notification laws, ultrasound bills, women’s-right-to-know acts, and clinic standards and regulations. In PPFA’s 2009-2010 annual report one will find “abortion” mentioned 35 times yet “mother”, “father”, “mom”, “dad”, “parent” (other than in their name) are not mentioned once. It would be like the nonprofit organization “Charity Water” not having anything to do with water.

Yet Planned Parenthood leaders desperately try to divert attention away from their eugenic DNA-eliminating those whom they consider “unfit” or “unwanted”.

Johnson’s quote from the article: “…in many cases Planned Parenthood is the sole health care provider, period, for many young women and men. A lot of our young male veterans are coming back, they don’t have access to healthcare. They’re coming to us to get basic health care needs, so that’s the thing that I think is really the biggest misconception about [Planned Parenthood].”

Where do I even begin? Planned Parenthood’s PR machine is working overtime to blur the distinction between “reproductive health care” and “general health care”, pretending to provide basic medical services. (None of these basic health care services are mentioned in any of their annual reports-ever.) So now our returning male soldiers go to Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers for “basic medical needs”? You can’t even get a cut on your finger treated at Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant is NOT a leader in healthcare in this country, and most definitely not of basic health care. The Catholic Health Association, which cares for 1 out of 6 patients in the United States (through its 600 hospitals, 1,400 long-term care and other health facilities in all 50 states), could make such a claim. Even Walgreens’ 400 HealthCare Clinics and CVS’ 800 Minute Clinics deliver more general health care services than the few Planned Parenthood clinics that (only recently) claim to offer them. Here’s the miniscule list of what Planned Parenthood offers (see embedded graphic).

This claim of providing “general health care” is nothing new. The Radiance Foundation debunked one of their bogus claims about providing “general health care” years ago.
One of the biggest misconceptions about Planned Parenthood is that the billion-dollar abortion chain actually cares about telling women the truth. This is the same organization that absurdly claims on their website that women couldn’t vote in Margaret Sanger’s America. Sanger (1879-1966) was a leading eugenicist and the founder of Planned Parenthood. Women were guaranteed the right to vote in 1920 thanks to the 19th Amendment. Clearly, women could vote in Sanger’s America. Whether it’s history revisionism or their brand of pseudoscientific biology, the mega-abortion chain doesn’t trust women or the general public with the facts.

Johnson claims black women “lack access to health care”. Inarguably, the uninsured rates vary with race and ethnicity, but Hispanics are far less insured and have far less abortions. Women under 65 years of age are uninsured by the following rates, according to Department of Health and Human Services: 32.5% are Hispanic, 21.4% are non-Hispanic black, 20.1% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 19% are categorized under non-Hispanic ‘Other’, and 16.2% are non-Hispanic white. With abortions in the black community five times higher than the majority population (Hispanic abortion rate is two times higher than whites), there’s obviously no “lack of access”. Aren’t these the same clinics that offer “comprehensive reproductive healthcare”?

Of course, the truth is that most of these places don’t. They exist to abort and create revolving door clientele who are tragically uninformed about pregnancy, sexuality, and the risks of unhealthy sexual behavior. In 2013 The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued an alarming report that STD rates were soaring in NYC. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with PPFA’s reckless propaganda. Planned Parenthood tells teens, in order to destigmatize promiscuity: “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners.” Oh, except for that whole STD or unplanned pregnancy thing.

As far as reproductive healthcare, there are over 4,400 Title-X medical facilities funded by American taxpayers, according to HHS. Even if we eliminated all 700 Planned Parenthood abortion/abortion referral centers from this total, that leaves 3,700 medical centers which provide the full spectrum of “reproductive health care” and often primary care services. They just don’t commit abortions. But Planned Parenthood continues to perpetuate the myth that they are the only source of “reproductive health care”.

Somehow an organization created to target poor populations with birth control to (in the words of Margaret Sanger) “prevent the birth of defectives or those who will become defective” has managed to create the perception that they care about the poor. In their “BY THE NUMBERS” report, Planned Parenthood claims that 78% of its patients are at or below 150% of federal poverty level. They’ve dubbed themselves the savior of the poor. Maybe that’s why they’ve stolen millions designated to help the poor by defrauding Medicaid in Iowa, California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and most recently in Texas. Planned Parenthood was guilty of scamming Medicaid and forced to repay a small portion ($4.3 million) for the abuse.

Any organization whose profit is predicated on the ultimate abuse of human life-abortion-will have no qualms defrauding Medicaid, feeding blatantly false information to mainstream media, distorting basic science or history, or propagandizing your child. We care, no matter what, about how our young people are being indoctrinated. The problem is not that prolife advocates have misconceptions about Planned Parenthood; it’s that too few people know the truth about the nation’s billion-dollar abortion empire.

Ryan Bomberger is an adoptee and adoptive father. He is also the Co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, which launched the first public billboard/web ad campaign ( exposing abortion’s hugely disproportionate impact in the black community.

Black pro-lifers met with backlash on college campus by mostly white group who now threaten lawsuit to silence black voices

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From Ryan Bomberger: “Georgia State University abortion activists, who tried (and failed) to shut down a public forum on abortion, made a public spectacle of themselves, are now threatening to SUE US to have the video of their bizarre behavior removed from the web. Their assault on free speech continues. We received the Cease & Desist order yesterday after this segment aired on ABC Family’s CBN Newswatch.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Black pro-lifers met with backlash on college c…, posted with vodpod

An attorney for the mostly WHITE protesters who interrupted Ryan’s scheduled event has ordered Ryan Bomberger of to “cease and desist” – take that video down.

Ryan’s responded:

The footage was recorded by both and me. The activists also intended on recording the entire scene as one of their members recorded this on her cell phone the entire time.

We do not intend on removing this video – a public university, a public forum….

Learn the facts about the RACISM of the abortion industry here: