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Planned Parenthood calls Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords a “close friend”

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In a statement released on their website: Planned Parenthood who was founded by a known racist Klan speaker ( Margaret Sanger) called Rep. Gifford a “close friend”.

Read Statement: Planned Parenthood Statement on Shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Statement from Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and Bryan Howard, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Arizona, on the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords:
“The thoughts, wishes, and prayers of the entire Planned Parenthood family are with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona and all of the victims of the tragic shooting incident in Tucson, Arizona today. Congresswoman Giffords is an invaluable and indefatigable advocate and public servant whom we respect for her courageous leadership on behalf of the people of Arizona and women everywhere. She is a fearless champion of health care for all Americans, and she played a vital role in the passage of the most important health care legislation in our nation’s history. She is a close friend of Planned Parenthood, and our staff and supporters in Arizona and across the country fervently hope for her recovery. We mourn all who were killed in this tragedy, and we will keep their families in our thoughts and prayers.”

Planned Parenthood points to Giffords support of Health Care which they know would fund the group to increase their already million dollar-per-day payout from taxpayers. But, what is NOT stated here is the close ties Planned Parenthood past and present employees also has with the anti-immigration movement. Another reason Planned Parenthood may have considered the Congresswoman a “close friend”

Giffords represents a district in southern Arizona that borders Mexico, so immigration has been her main focus in Congress.

The Democrat approached the immigration debate in a nuanced fashion, mixing requests for more Border Patrol agents with calls to increase the number of work visas granted to foreigners.

She has said repeatedly that federal assistance was desperately needed to secure the border and protect residents there.

“(Arizona is) directly paying the price for the burden of all the drug smuggling and human smuggling and immigration,” she said last year. “I understand the anger that Arizonans have about illegal immigration. They’re angry and I’m angry.”

During her four years in Congress, she worked to pass legislation that created special penalties for people who use tunnels to traffic goods and people under the border, and won a difficult fight to retain $420 million to reimburse local law enforcement agencies for detaining illegal immigrants.

Last year, her constant calls for more security helped prompt President Obama to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the Southwest border and dedicate about $600 million to add Border Patrol agents and new monitoring technologies.

Even so, Giffords opposed the state law passed last year that would have required all the state’s law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of anybody they stopped, detained or arrested if a “reasonable suspicion” existed that the person was in the country illegally.

To read the ties between Planned Parenthood and the anti-immigration movement- click here

Here is a letter Rep. Giffords penned in 2009 on behalf of Planned Parenthood:

Don’t short-change women’s health care (Rep. Gabrielle Giffords)
By Ariz. Dem. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords – 07/24/09

An amendment was offered this week to restrict vital funding that provides preventive and primary health care to millions of women from being made available to one of our country’s most essential community providers – Planned Parenthood.

For over 90 years, Planned Parenthood has been a trusted preventive health care provider to over three million women, men, and teens a year. To deny funding to Planned Parenthood is, quite simply, to deny essential life saving health care for millions of Americans who have nowhere else to turn.

In my home state of Arizona, more than 57,000 women receive health care through the Title X family planning programs – this is the funding that would be cut off by proposed amendment. Planned Parenthood health centers across the state serve over half of these women with Title X funding – more than any other women’s health care provider in the state.

Beyond Arizona, Planned Parenthood has more than 850 health centers in 49 states. Last year alone they provided birth control to 2.3 million people, breast exams to 850,000 women and more than one million cervical cancer screenings. More than 90 percent of the care they provide is preventive. One out of every three women, 1.7 million, who receives Title X family planning health care does so at a Planned Parenthood health center and could potentially lose access to their trusted provider if this amendment is adopted.

In the current economic crisis, more women are turning to women’s health centers for basic health care. Women of childbearing age spend 68 percent more in out-of-pocket health care costs than men, in part because of reproductive health-related needs. The number of women in need of publicly funded family planning services (currently 17.5 million) increased by more than one million between 2000 and 2006.

Today, more than six in 10 patients who receive care at a women’s health center like Planned Parenthood consider it their primary source of health care. One in four women who receives contraceptive care does so at a women’s health center. One in six women who obtains a Pap test or a pelvic exam does so at a women’s health center, as do one-third of women who receive counseling, testing, or treatment for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. This basic health care is essential to give women the tools they need to protect and support their families.

For many women, and especially those in rural areas and underserved communities, Planned Parenthood is their only source of health care. Title X funding helps ensure these women have access to the high-quality, affordable and life-saving care they need through a trusted provider.