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Sprint partners with progressive mobile phone company which funds Planned Parenthood and promotes abortion

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Credo Mobile

CREDO Mobile describes themselves as “Americas only progressive phone company.” The left-wing group whose mobile services
are provided on the Nationwide Sprint Network (“Network”), funds abortion giant Planned Parenthood among other “progressive” non-profits. According to CREDO their activism arm, CREDO Action, has 3.4 million members.

Credo Sprint

CREDO’S customer service agreement reads, “Although Sprint provides CREDO members access to its wireless network and to its wireless services, CREDO is responsible to CREDO members for the services as outlined in the following terms and conditions.”

Credo Sprint Plans

According to their website, “Under CREDO’s arrangement CREDO members have access to service anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint Network, reaching more than 280 million people.

Credo LGBT

Every month CREDO members generate donations by talking on their CREDO mobile phones, using their long distance service or making purchases with their CREDO credit cards. And every month members get to vote to distribute those donations among three progressive nonprofits. The more votes a group receives from members, the greater its share of the donations generated that month. CREDO supports three progressive groups each month, for a total of 36 groups a year. To date, CREDO has donated more than $76 million to hundreds of progressive groups including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU,, Jobs with Justice, and Freedom to Marry.

Credo Progressive

The many “Categories” which you can create a campaign for include:
civil rights
internet freedom
economic justice
environment peace
financial right wing accountability
social security
women’s rights


This is how CREDO works, according to their website CREDO staff, “monitors developments through the news cycle, carefully picks issues where we can make a difference, and crafts petitions and emails targeting the right decision-makers—CEOs, government officials, members of Congress or the President. Then our network of activists turns up the heat by making calls, signing petitions and speaking out at local meetings.”

Credo Abortion Activism

“In addition, we make activism easy for CREDO customers. Our monthly bill offers national and state actions on crucial current issues with the names and numbers needed to contact their representatives. Our members get to call their legislators for free to speak about these issues. What’s more, members can simply check off a box and we send CitizenLetters® in their name directly to decision-makers (for a small fee).”

Credo Campaigns

CREDO brags that they are, “proud to be the largest corporate donor to Planned Parenthood.”

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s top abortion provider killing hundreds of thousands of unborn children through abortion annually.

Credo PP

In 1985, Working Assets Funding Service was established with the launch of the Working Assets Credit Card—a credit card to generate donations to progressive nonprofit groups every time the cardholder uses it. In 1991, they launched a long-distance telephone service and in 2000 the mobile phone service was launched. In 2007, they rebrand their phone services to CREDO Mobile and CREDO Long Distance, and launch the activism network – CREDO Action. By 2012, the launch of CREDO SuperPAC takes place, raising $2.5 million from 70,000 donors, where this progressive phone company says they defeat five Tea Party Republicans in Congress. The CREDO Visa credit card was launched in October of 2013, where Credo donates 10¢ to progressive nonprofit groups every time the card is used. Last year they launched the CREDO credit card in partnership with Comenity Bank.

Credo CC

In 1996, donations to nonprofit groups reach $10 million. But by 2005, CREDO funneled $50 million to left wing causes. Among the many groups CREDO contributes to is abortion giant Planned Parenthood. By 2009, donations to Planned Parenthood reach $2 million.

But by 2014 donations to Planned Parenthood reach $80,609 so far!

Planed Parenthood Credo Sprint

Credo PP FB


CREDO campaigns are not ashamed that they want to keep abortion clinics open and running:

Credo Keep Abortion Clinic Open


Now, Credo is asking its members to vote to donate to NARAL , the largest abortion lobbying group in the nation.


So if you are looking for a MOBILE FAMILY PLAN activating with one that promotes the killing of children may not be the best fit so BUYER BEWARE !!!