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Planned Parenthood vid portrays women as emotionally weak regarding abortion

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A Planned Parenthood video on so-called “abortion stigma” portrays women as weak and incapable of criticism and of being unable to feel confident in their so-called liberating choice to have an abortion.

Abortion Stigma

According to the video, any feeling of guilt or remorse by women purchasing the child killing service is because of outside forces.

While at the same time, the abortion industry wants you to believe that the woman’s desire to have an abortion is all from her and not pressure from a family member or a counselor who takes pay to sell the procedure.

As I analyze Planned Parenthood’s “abortion-stigma” video, I conclude that they are painting women as weak.

She may feel uncomfortable about asking someone to accompany her to the clinic,” the video states, “or watch her kids out of fear of being judged.”

She may have to work extra hours, borrow money, or sell her belongings…” says Planned Parenthood.

Solution to this problem? Tax funded abortion of course.

You see, the “I never saw an abortion I could not profit from” organization wants abortion to be a private decision between a woman and her doctor, until, that is, it is time to cash out. Then, and only then, can the taxpayer have a say.

Abortion Stigma states law

Many states have additional laws that reinforce the idea that abortion is morally wrong and socially unacceptable,” the video continues.

“When a woman arrives at the health center for her appointment she might encounter anti-abortion protesters shouting at her…” they state.

Abortion stigma planned parenthood vid protesters

And what might these “protesters” say?

Some may be warning them that women who go to Planned Parenthood sometimes die and end up at the morgue. Like Tonya Reaves died after Planned Parenthood left her bleeding for 5 hours before transferring her to the hospital, where she drew her last breath. Reaves’ “abortion stigma” is now permanent.

Tonya Reaves 8771253239275194306_n

The video then claims that regulated state mandated information is incorrect a point I would strongly differ on, “And, once inside the clinic, she may have to go over incorrect state mandated information about abortion,” they state.

Really, Planned Parenthood?

Are women that unable to cope with their own private decisions – or- do they come to the profit making abortion clinic uncertain?

In which case, all those so-called laws you spoke about should actually assist her in the event she wants to change her mind because of her uncertainty.

It’s also important to consider what might happen to a woman after her abortion,” Planned Parenthood says.

Yep…like….a ride in the ambulance perhaps because of a serious botch job or complication?

Ambulance Feb 2013

But, what Planned Parenthood was referring to with that statement were those pesky free speech statements on TV, the media or billboards that women see that allegedly add to her feelings of uncertainty – because- as I stated- Planned Parenthood is painting women as weak and unable to stand confidently on their own decisions.

Abortion Stigma Planned Parenthood messages


But, Planned Parenthood doesn’t end by just explaining the “abortion stigma” of women seeking abortions, allegedly, according to the abortion clinic chain, women are not the only weak ones here.

Abortion Stigma patient provider

Apparently, abortion providers or as Planned Parenthood paints it, “people who work in abortion care” also feel this so-called stigma.

I guess if an abortionist is BIG enough and TOUGH enough to suck an innocent baby from the womb shouldn’t they be able to handle so-called “abortion stigma?

No way- not according to Planned Parenthood which states:

They may feel unsupported by family or friends and separate from their neighbors and community. This type of relationship damage can impact health creating feelings of isolation and even workplace burnout.”

Oh NO!

We can’t allow abortion doctors to get burned out and QUIT can we? I speak sarcastically, of course.

abortion stigma providers protesters

They may have to enter their workplace everyday hearing that their work is unwelcome in their community. Abortion clinic staff may feel that other medical providers see their work as illegitimate or unimportant…

Uh…yeah !

Abortion staff can sometimes feel as though their colleagues who don’t work in abortion services don’t understand what they go through day-to-day and that colleagues may unintentionally add to their experiences stigma,” Planned Parenthood says.


So, let’s recap.

If a woman or an abortion worker feels “abortion stigma” it is because of me or you or TV or the media- or the community- or the church- or billboards- or free speech – or – everyone else except them.

How ridiculous !

As I like to state, “Abortion stigma is between a woman and her abortion provider – ONLY!

Subtle message? Vid shows that Blacks need Planned Parenthood for abortion and birth control

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Planned Parenthood has uploaded yet another video showing Blacks using their services. Specifically abortion and birth control.

As a reminder, I recently posted blogs on other videos by Planned Parenthood which negatively portrayed Blacks here and here.

The Planned Parenthood of New York City video show various couples who did not properly use their birth control. The message the eugenics founded organization sends is that men need to “Be There” so their sexual partners take their birth control and don’t end up pregnant, “Her health is your health – our health” the video says.


The drama begins when one of the couples is having a conversation on a couch.

Black COuple 2

The female shows her boyfriend a text which reads “19 days late”

19 days late

The boyfriend appears annoyed then he gets up to get his tablet.

BF annoyed

He hands her a solution – it is the Planned Parenthood website which cues up to “Appointments”

Tablet PP qued up

He then texts his friend this message, “You Bro, I think my girlfriend is pregnant.”

The friend replies, “You got me second guessing my pull out game” and then rushes to Planned Parenthood to get condoms:

Second Guessing

The couple is next seen inside Planned Parenthood where it is assumed that she had an abortion.

Couple abortion

The not-so-subtle messages continue with another Black couple who apparently needs Planned Parenthood for their birth control.

Take BC Blacks PP

Take BC Black COuple PP

A third couple leaves Planned Parenthood with information on an IUD:

Which IUD Black couple PP

On some level this video looks like just another Planned Parenthood marketing tool – until you realize that the abortion giant has been targeting the Black community since their founder Margaret Sanger was involved in eugenics and gave speeches to the Klan.

Judge for yourself by watching the vid here:

I will never understand Planned Parenthood or their supporters

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Sometimes I wonder if I will ever understand the mentality of Planned Parenthood and their supporters.

Just knowing that this organization kills children – no matter how many- turns my stomach. Add to that the knowledge that they support all sorts of promiscuity especially among children and the cards are more than stacked against them.

I happened upon a video from Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic uploaded a few years ago which shows pics of people supporting the abortion giant. Well…okay….I guess there are a few people out there that don’t care.

Some of the images puzzled me- like – why did PPHP post pictures of people with placards that say “I have sex.”

In my view that is TMI all the way.

Who posts selfies of themselves saying “I have sex?”

I guess Planned Parenthood supporters do – but – like- who in the normal world does this?

PPHP Sex 2

PPHP sex 3

PPHP Sex 4


PPHP Sex 5

PPHP sex 6

PPHP sex 7


Not to be outdone by the sign which says “My friends have sex!” Mega TMI …. Must we really advertise this?

PPHP friends have sex


And this guy….he wants Planned Parenthood for his teens….really? Your teens don’t “need” Planned Parenthood! A little dramatic aren’t we, darling.

PPHP teens


But the one that takes the cake is this gem: a pregnant woman with a sign saying “He was Planned.”

He was planned PPHP

Notice that the sign does not say “it’ was planned – or this “Blob of tissue” was planned or this “parasite” or this “pregnancy” – she refers to her baby as a person and then sends the pic to the organization which kills them in the womb for a living.

Nope….I will never understand these people!

Planned Parenthood tells female teen okay to be sexually dominated, role play as a maid and watch porn

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Feminists should be SCREAMING at what Planned Parenthood is telling teens !

Kinky Sex Dominatrix Stuff Planned Parenthood Live Action

In an undercover video investigation by abortion giant Planned Parenthood an alleged advocate of women- a Planned Parenthood counselor goes into graphic detail on what kind of sex, role play and kinky sex a teen could engage in.

Now, we all know this stuff exists but for a teen to be walked through adult sexual acts is child abuse !

It is also shocking that an organization that claims women rights would tell an impressionable female that she should bend over and allow a man to whip her and dominate her.


Whip Live Action Planned Parenthood

Hancuffs Rope Planned Parenthood Live Action

Leather Live Action Planned Parenthood

Watch POrn Live Action Planed Parenthood

Planned Parenthood gets millions of tax dollars and they are regularly in schools promoting this crap !!!

Every parent and every decent citizen should be outraged !

50 Shaed of Grey Planned Parenthood Live Action

Anal Beads LIve Action Planned Parenthood

Dominate You Live Action Planned Parenthood

Dominatrix Live Action Planned Parenthood

Hancuffs Rope Planned Parenthood Live Action

Kink Live Action Planned Parenthood

Kinky Sex Dominatrix Stuff Planned Parenthood Live Action

Leather Live Action Planned Parenthood

Peanut Butter Live Action Planed Parenthood

Sex TOys Planned Parenthood Live Action

Spanked with WHip Live Action Planned Parenthood

Taste Role Play Live Action Planned Parenthood

Toys Live Action Planned Parenthood

Watch POrn Live Action Planed Parenthood

Whip Creaem Live Action Planned Parenthood

Whip Live Action Planned Parenthood

See Live Action’s Investigation and a fuller version of that video here

Saynsumthn has covered the sexing of Planned Parenthood for years-read here and click Back –

Or here , here here and in other places just look under Planned Parenthood in the categories and be shocked !!

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood: Breast feeding your baby used as birth control

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Okay- so I agree that Breast Feeding is a good/natural way to prevent pregnancy.

But, don’t you think it is CREEPY that the nation’s largest ABORTION provider, Planned Parenthood, would push breast feeding a NEWBORN, a child they did not kill, as a form of birth control? C-R-E-E-P-Y !~~~~

Pro-life parody of Planned Parenthood #What Women Need for Valentine’s Day

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Planned Parenthood prez, Cecile Richards posted this on her twitter page:
Cecile Richards PP Valentines abortion

The image led to a video that Planned Parenthood posed show all sorts of things they claim to provide, including abortion.

In response, pro-lifers are posting their own responses:

The pro-life group Life Dynamics has posted these images relating to their investigations on Planned Parenthood’s covering of child sexual abuse and forced abortions as well as abortion deaths inside the abortion industry:

1779059_655967731128562_36786973_nForced AbnSafeandLegal 147562_nPedophiles 7_708352_o1656433_738101319556180_879300463_nCN6727703329_1361933964_n

PP Tonya Reaves LDI Tweet

Babies are Murdered Here posted a parody vid on their FB page

Cecile Richards kill black babiesDead BabiesMurder on DemandShedding Innocent Blood

Americans United for Life tweeted this image:

Dallas Sidewalk Counselor, Lauren Muzyka, tweeted this:



Jewels Green Tweeted that women needed to be born:


Along with this:

Jewels GreenBgTEk7LCUAA91bV


Concerned Women for America posted this:

and The Blaze published these images from CWA:


New Wave Feminists also joined in:

48WWN2575_727898610565596_1641493897_nChristina Needham0029740_nNWF81393900651_310321142_nCN08837231240_2091729203_n

View their complete album on the New Wave Feminist FB page here

Others Joined in:

baby PunishmentotAloneBgX_MmhCMAAZ7o-SSSBgXn0voCUAAFaBdJH964310_1921236178_nRapeCOnceived27018579068_1284801368_oAlbany416877269_1031717169_nRuth Ann13587789560_488439053_nAimee39_420484258_n

Women Speak For Themselves Posted these on FB:


VITAE Posted these:


Rey Flores Shared this:


This one from Texas Students for Life:
TXSFL91380302_91900239_nTXSFL 218181380373_1801603120_n

Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger posted this:


Students For Life of America Tweeted this:


Why does Planned Parenthood want to educate people that they don’t do just abortions?

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This news vid reveals something of interest, that Planned Parenthood is attempting to educate people that they do more than just abortions…..why? Why do they want to move away from the abortion stigma? If abortion is so needed and great- just say’n