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Pro-life parody of Planned Parenthood #What Women Need for Valentine’s Day

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Planned Parenthood prez, Cecile Richards posted this on her twitter page:
Cecile Richards PP Valentines abortion

The image led to a video that Planned Parenthood posed show all sorts of things they claim to provide, including abortion.

In response, pro-lifers are posting their own responses:

The pro-life group Life Dynamics has posted these images relating to their investigations on Planned Parenthood’s covering of child sexual abuse and forced abortions as well as abortion deaths inside the abortion industry:

1779059_655967731128562_36786973_nForced AbnSafeandLegal 147562_nPedophiles 7_708352_o1656433_738101319556180_879300463_nCN6727703329_1361933964_n

PP Tonya Reaves LDI Tweet

Babies are Murdered Here posted a parody vid on their FB page

Cecile Richards kill black babiesDead BabiesMurder on DemandShedding Innocent Blood

Americans United for Life tweeted this image:

Dallas Sidewalk Counselor, Lauren Muzyka, tweeted this:



Jewels Green Tweeted that women needed to be born:


Along with this:

Jewels GreenBgTEk7LCUAA91bV


Concerned Women for America posted this:

and The Blaze published these images from CWA:


New Wave Feminists also joined in:

48WWN2575_727898610565596_1641493897_nChristina Needham0029740_nNWF81393900651_310321142_nCN08837231240_2091729203_n

View their complete album on the New Wave Feminist FB page here

Others Joined in:

baby PunishmentotAloneBgX_MmhCMAAZ7o-SSSBgXn0voCUAAFaBdJH964310_1921236178_nRapeCOnceived27018579068_1284801368_oAlbany416877269_1031717169_nRuth Ann13587789560_488439053_nAimee39_420484258_n

Women Speak For Themselves Posted these on FB:


VITAE Posted these:


Rey Flores Shared this:


This one from Texas Students for Life:
TXSFL91380302_91900239_nTXSFL 218181380373_1801603120_n

Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger posted this:


Students For Life of America Tweeted this:


Planned Parenthood Prez thinks Women need Abortions for Valentine’s Day

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Planned Parenthood prez, Cecile Richards posted this on her twitter page:

Cecile Richards PP Valentines abortion

What Women Need; Safe and Legal Abortion.


What about Tonya Reaves, Cecile?


Did this black women who was left in your clinic to bleed to death for 5 hours, get a Safe/legal abortion?


For Valentine’s Day her family got a $2 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Planned Parenthood –

PP LAwsuit Settlemen Tonya Reaves

Of course, your 6-digit salary from Planned Parenthood might be a motive for pushing abortions…..

Where is the media to report this hypocrisy?

Planned Parenthood pushes SEX for Valentine‚Äôs Day

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Planned Parenthood has a message for its supporters for Valentine’s Day – SEX!

Here is their “Lets Get it On” valentine Card:

PP Valentines Lets get it on 1PP Valentines Lets get it on 2


And then there is the BOOTY CALL Planned Parenthood card:

PP Valentine Booty Call 1PP Valentine Booty Call 2


Expecting that special RING for Valentines Day? NOPE- Planned Parenthood wants you to get a condom: