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Planned Parenthood staffers: toxic work environment, pregnancy discrimination, intimidation, prioritizes profit over care

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As employees speak out, Planned Parenthood’s mask begins to crack

mask, Planned Parenthood

A new phenomenon appears to be taking place at Planned Parenthood. In what was a shock to many, in 2018, political activist president Cecile Richards suddenly announced her resignation, followed by that of VP Dawn Laguens and VP of Communications, Kevin Griffis, among others. Planned Parenthood hired ER doctor Leana Wen — who has called abortion “health care” — to replace Richards, and vowed that abortion will be its focus in 2019. But at the same time, employees of the so-called “women’s rights organization” are spilling long-held secrets and exposing inner workings and toxic attitudes of the organization, founded 100 years ago by eugenicist Margaret Sanger. While these revelations might come as a surprise to pro-choicers, pro-lifers know that the organization’s roots have been rotten since its inception.

Lower level staffers revolt against Planned Parenthood’s corporate greed

While Planned Parenthood as a corporation was busy raking in millions in excess revenue over the past several years, its staffers claim it failed to pay them a decent wage. As a result, Planned Parenthood employees began unionizing. A report from In These Times claims Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) employees first began organizing in 2016, and it was the sixth local affiliate to do so. “In at least two of these cases, the local employer was accused of attempting to squelch worker organizing,” the media outlet reported.

But why did PPRM employees attempt to unionize?

Their key issues included wages—according to the union, the median annual wage for PPRM employees is $35,000, which is at the low end of the median range for health workers given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics—high staff turnover and prohibitively high costs of adding family members to employee health insurance.”

When employees spoke out, staffers claim Planned Parenthood intimidated them.

Suzanne Thorp, who has worked for PPRM since 2013, claims PPRM revoked her ticket to a fundraiser out of fear she would encourage donors not to use their dollars for anti-union efforts. A June 2018 post published on the Facebook page of the PPRM Union Bargaining Team claims the organization called the police after Thorp showed up outside the event. The abortion corporation later denied the claim.

Image: Suzanne Thorp – Planned Parenthood treatment for unionizing

Suzanne Thorp – Planned Parenthood treatment for unionizing

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Another alleged staffer wrote about Planned Parenthood’s fight against unionizing on Instagram: “Friends – today is my last day working for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains…. PPRM’s management have only pushed back in order to keep us from accessing our basic employee rights…. I’ve given the last two years of my life to this cause that I love so much and to see my colleagues bullied like this by the agency they have worked so hard for breaks my f**king heart…”

Others joined in:

Image: Planned Parenthood staffers on unionizing

Planned Parenthood staffers on unionizing

Grim added in another tweet, “I know @CecileRichards is gone but really is this the new regime? Affiliates spending ‘up to a million dollars’ to block union efforts.”

Employees publicly complain about shoddy treatment 

In addition to low wages, one PPRM staffer took to Twitter to reveal that Planned Parenthood even looked down on employees for taking their rightfully earned work breaks:

“Solstice Fairy” added in another tweet, “Stop shouting ‘SELF CARE!!!!’ at us when we say we need a moment to pee or drink or eat. Taking a lunch break is not self care. It is a federally mandated right of employees working more than 6 hours in a day….”

Reviews published at (more not shown here) display more worker dissatisfaction:

Other review make it clear that patients are herded through like cattle, stating that “they schedule you patients every 10 minutes.”


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Planned Parenthood appears to be rotting from within as staffers expose the organization’s hypocrisy. The most recent example occurred when Planned Parenthood whistleblowers told the New York Times the abysmal way the organization discriminates against pregnant employees.

Prior to that report, Live Action News revealed that Planned Parenthood insiders in Nashville exposed how the corporation’s leaders were prioritizing profits over care, something pro-lifers have known for years.

A brief history: Planned Parenthood’s push for abortion always wins over actual health care

Prioritizing profits over care isn’t new for Planned Parenthood. Years after founder Margaret Sanger died, Alan F. Guttmacher, a physician and former VP of the Eugenics Society, took the reins. Guttmacher was obsessed with population control and led the corporation to become an abortion vendor. Later, Faye Wattleton, an African American woman, was appointed president (chosen, many believe, to quell suspicion of eugenics among the Black community), who doubled down on promoting abortion. Years later, president Pamela Maraldo attempted to tone down the abortion emphasis with an effort to reinvent the corporation into a health care organization, but was ousted by pro-abortion zealots on the inside.

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Planned Parenthood eventually appointed Cecile Richards, who had no health care experience, to supervise the surge of abortions, tax dollars, excess revenue, and CEO salaries — all while Planned Parenthood’s actual health services and clients plummeted. Richards’ goal was to build the abortion corporation into the largest “kick butt political organization” to reinforce Planned Parenthood’s political laundering scheme. She presided over numerous scandals, accusations of fraudthe cover-up of child sexual abuse, and much more.

What is emerging today is a truer picture of Planned Parenthood as its image begins to show cracks, even in the way it treats employees and patients. It has for too long masqueraded as a health care organization while tragically ending the lives of over 320,000 preborn children each year by abortion.

    • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Planned Parenthood gets poor reviews from some of their patients

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Planned Parenthood
3.5 star rating15 reviews Rating Details
201 E Ben White Blvd
Austin, TX 78704


Patient Review: Expect to wait at least 1 hour. Staff Behind the window is rude and seems she hates her job. If you can go somewhere else I would say choose that over this place!

Planned Parenthood
Margaret Sanger Center
26 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012

Planned Parenthood SUCKS!

PP Sucks

PPMS Center 2013

This review came from a Planned Parenthood employee who worked the Planned Parenthood clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area:

PP Employee Review

There is poor and little training for employees who are doing things like counseling patients, taking blood pressure, etc. Much of this is left to on-the-job learning and that can be risky when dealing with sensitive health care issues.

Planned Parenthood
Decatur, Illinois

Poor Service

PP Ill Poor Service

Review by Planned Parenthood of Omaha customer:
I have had very bad experiences with Planned Parenthood myself and wondered if others have also. Never in my life have I been treated so poorly and seen such rude clinical staff. Over the course of a few years they mismanaged my account telling me my insurance was being billed and paying. Then I get hit with a $300 bill. I was told insurance did not pay any of my claims. Come to find out the clinic never submitted anything to insurance. In attempting to resolve and research the problem I have been called names and hung up by the staff at Planned Parenthood. Needless to say I am no longer a customer and very vocal about their poor service and untrained staff. Thanks so much Planned Parenthood of Omaha.

Patient review of Planned Parenthood of Wilmington, NC

I agree with you. Planned Parenthood, I thought, was supposed to be helpful to women, but instead they treat us with such disrespect and their rude attitudes need to be put in check. I was in a very horrible situation where my baby had died inside of me and my body wasn’t rejecting it. I was early, around 8w 2d, but the baby was 6w 5d when it died. My doctors told me to go to Planned Parenthood to have it removed since my body was still thinking I was pregnant when it wasn’t. I even had the forms that said it was not a viable pregnancy, and that there was no heartbeat. Things were ok, at first. Until it came time for the procedure, and I wasn’t even numbed for it. I felt the whole thing, crying, screaming… and I wasn’t alone, the other girls in the other rooms were screaming just as loud as I was. If the men in the waiting room heard this, I guarantee that the procedure would not have gone down like that. I was restrained and I kept telling them that I wasn’t numb, and they didn’t care. When the doctor finished jamming the rods in me and then removing my already deceased baby, he got an attitude… he told me to “knock off the theatrics, I was doing you a favor.” He stormed out, and then started talking trash about how “white girls are pathetic because they get themselves into messes that I have to clean up and then they can’t even shut up when this procedure doesn’t even hurt.” Doesn’t hurt???? YEAH RIGHT!!! I went back to my regular doctors office, and I had bruising, abrasions and severe swelling. My regular doctor couldn’t even believe that I wasn’t numb for the whole thing. Planned Parenthood is horrible!!! If my child didn’t die in-utero, your damn straight that I would have kept it. My husband and I have been trying for 4 years. Now, I am too scared to even try again for fear that I might have to go through this again. This doctor needs his license removed!!! Planned Parenthood of Wilmington, NC needs to close their doors.

Patient review of Planned Parenthood in Lubbox , TX

Wow…although I am not surprised by the complaints but I am surprised at extent of the bad experiences. I visit the center in Lubbock, TX. and thr staff is rude and unprofessional. First I had an appointment scheduled for 9:45, I waited almost 2 hours before I was seen by a practitioner, 2 HOURS!!! I am actually sitting on the exam table right now as I am writing this using my phone. Before I got in here, I was asked to fill out paperwork that I was asked to fill out everytime I came in about my medical history isn’t that was medical files are for? What do they do with my medical paperwork trash it when I leave? I even tried to explain to the front desk lady that one on the forms I was given to apply for financoal assistance was denied last time so thrre was no need to fill it out but she would not let me get a word in edge wise…telling me to just go fill out the forms. I am about to put on my clothes and walk out cuz I have to be at work in an hour. I will NOT be using their services EVER again!

Patient review of Planned Parenthood in Kennewick, Wash, says she was not treated with respect and given a choice- it was ABORTION or the door:

I visited the Planned Parenthood in Kennewick, Washington and was very disturbed by how I was treated. I have never been to a planned parenthood and I will never go back. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and at the time of my visist was not sure what to do. I have a stable relationship, good job, and own my home, but the thought of having a child was scary (as I’m sure it is for many people). I was neither committed to the idea of keeping the baby nor aborting it, but simply wanted some information on my choices. When I made the appointment I made this very clear to the person I spoke to. I arrived for my 5:00 appointment to find the waiting room very full. I waited for about 30 minutes and being pregnant needed to use the restroom. Upon leaving the restroom my name was called. I greeted the employee and apologized explaining that I was in the restroom. She then informed me in front of a room of about 50 people that I would need to “pee in the cup to confirm my pregnancy and I better drink some more water”. I told her my pregnancy was already confirmed (I had already established a dr. and had ultrasound photos) and I simply wanted to get more information on my options. She then said loudly, again in a room full of people that I “could not schedule my abortion until I confirmed the pregnancy”. I am typically not the crying type, but immediately burst in to tears and left. I was under the impression that Planned Parenthood was meant to be a support for women. However, the disrespect and embarrassment they caused me will never be forgotten. I have been encouraged by several family members and friends to seek a lawsuit due to HIPAA violations. I am in the medical profession and well aware of such guidelines, however never having to have anything to do with Planned Parenthood again seems like a better option at this time. There are plently of clinics out there who care about their patients and help to make choices. Don’t make the mistake that I did. I am keeping my baby and am petrified, but I know that I can make it work.

Patient review of Planned Parenthood in Hazelwood Missouri – clinic had poor sanitary conditions?

Last year I went to the Planned Parenthood in Hazelwood Missouri because I couldn’t get an apt at the one close to my house.. I showed up on time for my appointment and did not get in to a room for 45 minutes and waited for the nurse practitioner for 2 hours in the room! I was getting an STD test done, if that’s not nerve racking enough, but waiting that long. The NP was VERY un hygienic, she put on her exam gloves, typed on her computer, left the room opening the door WITH her gloves on! Not only that there was hair all over the exam table from previous patients, I wanted to throw up and cry all at the same time! And to make matters worse, when she gave me her diagnosis, she was very rude and almost cheerful about it, what the hell is that! I was mortified. I refuse to pay the rest of my bill, but I cant find anyone to tell that to, I just give shoved around the phone lines.. If I knew it was going to be that horrific, disgusting and even more expensive than my OB I never would have went.

Review for NY Planned Parenthood


She goes on to say, “The whole time I was there, there was another room full of young girls in surgical gowns and it was literally one in, one out…as someone who is pro-choice, I hate to say this, but the place was like a factory. It both really upset me and freaked me out.

If you want to have a mindless abortion without any consequences, this is the place for you (as long as you don’t mind the 8+ hour wait). If you actually want to be treated decently and like someone with feelings, do NOT go here. Ask your doctor for a referral to an OB-GYN.”

PP NY 2006

August 31, 2006
If you want to get treated like you walk the streets… Ladies! Please PLEASE do not go here if it’s your first time having an abortion or any other important proceedure. The nurses and attendants, no matter how nice or accommodating you attempt to be in the circumstances, will treat you like you are wasting every second of their time. There was not an ounce of care at this care center. I watched nurses/ assistants scream at women to get up out of their chairs when they were recovering from general or local (extremely painful proceedure) anaesthetic. I spent half an hour with a girl who threw up in a trash can whilst app. 10 medical assistants watched or yelled at her for throwing up (from her nausea). I also had a friend who was rushed to the emergency room for incapacitating uteral contractions after the same proceedure this year. Unknowing or unaware (I have no idea which) the attendants at Margaret Sanger Center are collectively the worst healthcare assistants I’ve encounted in my life. It was absolutely traumatizing and I know for a fact I am not alone.

I have never written a review before but the whole experience was difficult enough. All women in this position ought to know.

Patient review of Planned Parenthood in Hempstead, NY, claims she was treated badly because she was black !

PP Hampstead NY treated bad Black

They are lucky they even have 1 star. The office in Hempstead, NY is the worse office. I went there on a Saturday to buy the plan B pill, they told me they were closed and stop taking patients at 2pm. There website says they close at 3, there recording says they close at 3, and the sign on the door says they closed at 3. The low life receptionist who was there had a nerve to say oh well to me and told me to go to a regular pharmacy where they charged u double the price. I asked if there was any other planned parenthoods open she gave me a look like why r u asking me. She was like I don’t know and then turned her back to me. the problem is that they have these young girls running the office and majority is Spanish. I am not racist because I have many Spanish friends but they treated me nasty because I was Black. But I’m bringing this to the news media.

And another patient writes, “The receptionist staff at the Planned Parenthood in Hempstead, NY is very rude and unprofessional. They have attitudes, roll their eyes, and even huff and puff over the phone when you ask them questions. They tell you to call if you have any questions or concerns but when you call you’re on hold forever and when they answer they are not helpful at all. Then they tell you they will call you back in an hour. If you’re calling to find out if you might have an emergency they should be able to give you some kind of answer. The service is just very poor.

Nov. 20, 2010
1 2 3 4 5-by Anonymous

Planned Parenthood Seattle:

PP Seattle

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
916 W Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506

PP LosANgelas