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Planned Parenthood’s ruse reporting “No Method” contraception users for tax dollars

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planned-parenthoodPlanned Parenthood reported that the third most frequently provided method of contraceptives in 2010 is “no method.”

American Life League sought to clarify its meaning, and thus examined three possible explanations:

• Did “no method” really mean that women received
contraceptives, but exactly what they received was not
recorded? No.Another category in Planned Parenthood’s
report accounted for that.It is called “other/unknown.”

According to Planned Parenthood, in 2010, 8.4 percent
of its female contraceptive clients received other/unknown
methods of contraception.It ranked as the fifth most
frequently provided method.

• Did “no method” really mean females who were using
Natural Family Planning? No. NFP is reported separately.
Planned Parenthood reported that, over the 15-year period,
between 0.1 percent and 0.2 percent of the females used
“fertility awareness” methods.

• Was it simply an error in the data? No.We documented that
every PPFA annual report over the 15-year period had both
the “other/unknown” category and the “no method” category.
We also asked some former Planned Parenthood employees if they
could explain the category.They could not.They did tell us that there
was a lot of pressure to document as many customers as possible and
to get as many clients on contraceptives as possible.

Thus, it appears that women who go to Planned Parenthood and discuss contraceptives, but don’t choose to buy any, are apparently
counted as contraceptive customers who use “no method.”

Planned Parenthood then adds this to the number of Planned Parenthood female contraceptive clients and these people are reported to funding agencies, federal and state governments, and the world as Planned Parenthood’s contraceptive clients.