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Planned Parenthood, which murders “kids” in the womb creates vid for parents to teach “kids” how to treat others with respect

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The largest abortion business in the nation has created a website designed to educate parents on how to raise their children.

That’s right.

In the event a kid or two manages to escape Planned Parenthood’s grasp to kill them in utero via abortion, Planned Parenthood feels the need to teach parents how to raise those “kids.”

Image: Planned Parenthood for Parents website (Image: PPFA)

Planned Parenthood for Parents website (Image: PPFA)

PP’s “for parents” website states:

There’s no better resource than a supportive parent. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to be willing to talk AND listen. The open, non-judgmental conversations you have with your children about sex, puberty, bodies, and relationships will help them stay safe and healthy as they grow up. We’re here to show you how to be your kid’s go-to resource for answers and advice, from pre-K to college.

Note that last part, “We’re here to show you how to be your kid’s go-to resource for answers and advice, from pre-K to college.”

That is unless your “kid” is being taught sex-ed by PP or wants birth control or an abortion and then Planned Parenthood would be more than willing to step in and bypass all your parental rights, and teach YOUR “kid” that PP is the “go-to resource” but – I digress.

Case in point – below is undercover footage from Live Action showing Planned Parenthood counselors speaking to a teen about BDSM:


And this:

The latest Planned Parenthood video attempts to educate parents how to how to teach their “kids” to treat others with respect. 

It focuses on “kids” having “good relationships.”

Imagine the organization known for covering child sexual abuse, preaching to parents on how to teach children about “good relationships?”

Planned Parenthood’s latest piece of “advice” for parents is dubbed, “How Do I Talk With My Kid About Healthy Relationships?”

Image: Planned Parenthood for Parents video health relationships

Planned Parenthood for Parents video health relationships

The video beings, “Everyone wants their children to grow up to have healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Really, Planned Parenthood – everyone?

Do you hear yourself?

The preborn child in the womb is growing, but for several hundred dollars, Planned Parenthood is more than willing to end that growth by poisoning or dismembering the unborn “kid” as they “grow.”

Tip # 2 reads in part:

Set rules about name-calling, teasing, and physical violence so they know what’s OK and what’s not. And practice what you preach! Take time to listen to your kid, model good communication with other adults, and apologize if you hurt someone’s feelings.

I suppose calling a “kid” in the womb non-human or attacking pro-life advocates and politicians doesn’t qualify here right?

Dr. Sacco’s image of aborted baby

Vids like this from organization’s like Planned Parenthood are a joke especially when you realize the evil Planned Parenthood does to over 320K “kids” in the womb every year from abortion.

Image: Planned Parenthood national abortion market share 2000-2016

Planned Parenthood national abortion market share 2000-2016 Updated

Planned Parenthood’s video ends, “Comfort, safety, and love are the most valuable things you can give your child.”

Who would disagree with that?

Oh yeah – Planned Parenthood would.

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood‬ tweets kids do not need parental consent

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Tax Funded abortion giant ‪Planned Parenthood‬ recently tweeted that your kids do not need parental consent to see the ‪‎abortion‬ giant. Wonder why $$$$$

Myth Vs Fact

Here Planned Parenthood happily informs kids where they need parental consent and where they do not.

Live in a state where the law requires Parental Consent – not to worry?

Planned Parenthood has a solution- apply for a waiver.

PP Application for ab wo parental consent

What kind of girls do not tell their parents they are seeking abortions? Sometimes the very ones who need parental protection:


Even after a parent discovers that their minor child went to have an abortion-Planned Parenthood can refuse the parents contact with that child:

Case in point is this clip from Life Dynamics’ Life Talk show:

Planned Parenthood has a pattern of covering for child sexual abuse and Planned Parenthood was recently criticized for producing a video promoting bondage and sadomasochism. (here) More on that here.

Eugenics founded Planned Parenthood sex vids encourage blacks to push birth control on their teens

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Planned Parenthood sex vids target Blacks

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Planned Parenthood tells Black parents to push BC