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Planned Parenthood Woos Drug Addicts in Needle Exchange Program

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The first syringe exchange for drug addicts in the Cincinnati area is operating out of an RV in Springdale.

It was developed as a tool to deal with the heroin epidemic and the increase in the number of Hepatitis C cases.

“The whole purpose of the Cincinnati Exchange Project is to keep people alive and healthy until they’re ready for recovery. For treatment for addiction,” said Dr. Judith Feinberg, the medical director of the Cincinnati Exchange Project.

The project is a partnership between UC Health and Planned Parenthood.

The Imperial Sovereign Queen City Court Buckeye Empire and the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Cincinnati donated the RV.

That partnership is interesting- given that US Health ended its partnership with Planned Parenthood in November…guess all is well again!

Drug use is prohibited in and around the RV it operates out of . Once inside, addicts can exchange dirty needles for clean ones. They are offered information about treatment for drug addiction. Planned Parenthood conducts on-site testing for HIV, Hepatitis C and pregnancy.