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Planned Parenthood auctions Lexus lease and Marriott dinner at fundraising event

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A Planned Parenthood fundraising event featuring an MSNBC media personality included a “dinner for two” donated by an affiliate of the Marriott Hotel chain as well as a two year lease on a Lexus.

Planned Parenthood Marriott

The January 2015 event hosted by Planned Parenthood of Collier County was called Choice Affair 2015, and took place January 30, 2015 at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club.

PP Choice Affair 2015

The event speaker was Lawrence O’Donnell, host of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, a weeknight MSNBC opinion and news program.

We all know now how Lawrence O’Donnell will report regarding abortion and Planned Parenthood since he has apparently taken a public stand to advocate for them.

Planned Parenthood Lawrence ODonnell

But….wait..there is more !

Planned Parenthood received auction donations for the event from places such as Euro Piano of Naples.

They even auctioned off a two-year lease on this Lexus ES 350.

Planned Parenthood Nexus lease


In addition, the abortion giant received a dinner for two donation from an affiliate of the Marriott Hotel Chain in Florida.

Marrioot Resort Marco Island PP

Marriott has long been on a national boycott list of corporations which fund Planned Parenthood. In fact, it was a Marriott Hotel where the most pro-abortion president, Barack Obama, addressed Planned Parenthood at their 2013 National Conference.

A tweet and FaceBook post released by the abortion giant shows that Marriott Resort Marco Island donated the dinner for two to Planned Parenthood’s Choice Affair 2015 Silent Auction!

PP FB Marriott

PP Marriott Tweet

The hotel is located at 400 S Collier Blvd Marco Island, Florida 34145 and has 24,000 likes on their Facebook page.

It is part of the Marriott chains of hotels.

Marriott PP

The national Marriott hotel chain actually markets to families and claims that a family vacation at a Marriott hotel,”offer plenty of room for everyone, as well as convenient on-site amenities to keep both kids and parents entertained. With spacious rooms and suites at locations around the globe, our hotels are the top choice for vacationing families. In addition to our signature service and hospitality, these family-friendly accommodations feature a variety of amenities the whole family will enjoy.”

Planned Parenthood of Collier County provides abortion up to 13.6 weeks of pregnancy. They offer both the abortion pill (up to 9 weeks only) and on-site abortion procedures at their Naples center.

PP Collier COunty Abortions

In addition, Planed Parenthood was founded in racist eugenics as documented by the film, Maafa21. Recently, the pro-life group, Life Dynamics, published the second part of ongoing research proving that Planned Parenthood continues to cover for child rapists. That report can be read here.

Should a national hotel chain be donating a “Dinner Plate” to a place that kills future customers?

I don’t think so but they did. Think about that the next time you book a room from them.

Orange Is The New Black star to host Planned Parenthood event

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Orange Is The New Black star Selenis Leyva will be hosting abortion giant Planned Parenthood Advocates Arizona’s ‘I Stand‘ luncheon in April.

Orange is new black star PP

Orange is new black star OO Selenis Leyva

The luncheon takes place Friday, April 10, 2015 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona.

Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original series and will enter their third season in 2015.

Selenis 0132-40e9-0ebc4eccb42f

Last year Bustle reported that OITNB stars Natasha Lyonne and Selenis Leyva, known as Nicky Nichols and Gloria Mendoza on the show, designed a shirt as part of Planned Parenthood’s celebrity tee series.The shirts were created to promote Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s 2014 Women Are Watching movement.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona advertises that they offer abortion services. A Planned Parenthood of Arizona affiliate in Temp has been under fire recently for failing to report the sexual assault of a teen that came to their facility.

PP Advocates of AZ

According to reports, the Tempe Planned Parenthood counselor told the alleged victim and her mother at an abortion consultation that it “wasn’t worth the hassle” to report that the minor had been raped. After that, the rapist, Tyler Kost, allegedly committed additional offenses against other young females.


Tyler Kost Police Report

I guess, failing to report the rape of a child, which lead to more rape is not on Selenis Leyva’s Women Are Watching list of reasons to reject her invitation to speak at Planned Parenthood.

Abortion giant cancels Day of Action due to blizzard

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Planned Parenthood has cancelled a Day of Action that was planned for January 26 because of the incoming blizzard.

Blizzard 54c58e35c90e8c6a42000007

The largest provider of abortion in the country planned the Day of Action to kickoff the 2015 New York State Legislative Session.

Planned Parenthood day of action 03_889136394432569927_n

“As our state representatives start their work, we’ll be there to greet them and make sure they know that issues such as Family Planning Funding, Reproductive Health Care Access, and Paid Family Leave must be a priority in 2015,” Planned Parenthood of New York City Action wrote on their events page.

PP Cancels Day do Action

In cancelling the event, the group posted this, “Due to tomorrow’s blizzard warning in NY, we are cancelling our Day of Action trip to Albany. Safety is priority, and travel tomorrow throughout the day may be dangerous.”

Safety is a priority except for the babies and especially minority babies Planned Parenthood aborts each year in the state.

A report just released by the Center for Disease Control reveals that 68.7% of all abortions performed in New York State were performed on minority women.

Let it snow…..

Pro-lifers protest outside church hosting Planned Parenthood Chili for Choice

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This weekend Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid Missouri held a Chili for Choice fundraiser at the Wichita St. James Episcopal Church, and pro-lifers were there to greet them:

Chili for CHoice PP Prolife church 926541178894_n

The event received a ton of criticism from around the country because Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider and even if this particular center did not perform abortions, they referred for them!

PP Chili for Choice

The church, however, dug in their heels and would not back down:

Chili for Choice St James Planned Parenthood

The group from Operation Save America also protested in front of the CEO of the Wichita South Wind Women’s Center abortion clinic.

trust women

Theater cancels Planned Parenthood abortion celebration

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In celebration of the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Kansas and Missouri was planning to have cocktails, appetizers and a screening of the film, Obvious Child, at Standees Prairie Village.

PP KS STandees 20150107_obvious_child_invite3__2_

STANDEES is a neighborhood dining and entertainment theater in Kansas.
The event was scheduled for January 21, 2015 – that was until, Standees rescinded the invitation to host the abortion celebration.

PP KS STandees

The announcement from Planned Parenthood about the cancellation read,”We regret to inform you that, on very short notice, Standees has informed PPKM that they have rescinded their commitment to host our film event on Wednesday, January 21st. If you have already responded to our invitation, we will be reaching out early next week with the new event location. We deeply regret Standees’ position and any inconvenience this has caused you.”

No reason was given for the cancellation, however, if I were to offer a guess, I would assume that all the negative publicity the Episcopal Church in Wichita received after they agreed to host a Chili for Choice Planned Parenthood celebration may have led to Standees backing out. – Just a guess.

PP Chili for Choice

Whatever the reason, the event was cancelled and that’s one less celebration of the killing of unborn children by the abortion giant this year.

UPDATE: Several days after publishing this blog – Standees was cited by the media as cancelling the event because of a threat.

Peter Brown said the threat was received by the theater and led to the decision to cancel the film event out of concern for “guest safety.” The FBI has been involved in an investigation of the threat, Brown said.

We had a concern,” Brown said, noting that safety and comfort of the guests at STANDEES was the sole factor in the decision. “We unequivocally would have (had) to bring police in (for the event),” Brown said. That would have created a difficult situation for the customers of Village Shops and the theater and restaurant, he suggested.

What’s the Scoop? Holiday ice cream for abortion giant Planned Parenthood

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Well…they are at it again. That infamous ice cream shop which loves to support Planned Parenthood is now offering holiday desserts for the abortion giant.

Portland’s What’s the Scoop ice cream parlor is again donating proceeds from sales of ice cream created exclusively for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon.

Whats the scoop

Their events page, where you can order these desserts to DESERT the UNBORN reads, “’Tis the season to indulge! Here’s a delicious way to whet your appetite while supporting Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon at the same time!”

Planned Parenthood loves to cash in on Christmas and Holiday spirit- but- that’s another story for another time which can be read here.

Whats the Scoop FB PP

What’s the Scoop is donating 50% of presales to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, along with 10% of sales during the event – they entitle “Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood” taking place in their parlor on December 15th.

What’s the Scoop is so in love with the abortion giant that they’ve prepared a limited-edition Bourbon Toffee Bread Pudding exclusively for the killer of babies in the womb!

Whats the scoop PP flavors

Are you licking your chops yet? Here are additional flavors the lovers of death can purchase:

1). “Thrilla” in Vanilla or as I like to call it “Killa” in Wombilla.
2). Brown Butter Almond Brittle or as I like to affectionately call Blood CUTTER into Baby Little
3). Bourbon Toffee Bread Pudding also known on this blog as Dead Pudding
4). and Chocolate Sorbet

Whats the scoop Xmas PP flavors

This past summer, after this blog exposed What’s the Scoop’s support of Planned Parenthood the media went nuts.

Whats The Scoop Ice ScreamWTS7_vcjvsb

The ice cream shop, owned by Jodie Ostrovsky , held a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon which they advertised on their Facebook page:

PP Oregon Ice Cream

What’s the Scoop promised to create a special flavor for Planned Parenthood.

After the event was exposed the shop’s owner claimed she was receiving a ton of calls and negative posts on the Whats the Scoop Facebook page.

Apparently she was not deterred and is now getting into the holiday season by supporting Planned Parenthood again!

The story received much media attention after it was picked up by Life News.

PP HuffPO Ice Cream story 3405_5916649760902142123_n

Then pro-abortion media outlets like the Huffington Post blamed the backlash on the fact that we called the new flavor: BLOOD and SCREAM.

Whats the Scoop flavors

Whats the Scoop’s owner responded to the controversy by stating, “ We’re proud to have supported Planned Parenthood, because they provide a much-needed service to women in our community and all over the country.”

Following all the flack, Planned Parenthood posted this thank you to What’s the Scoop on their Facebook page:

PP Ice Cream THanks

Apparently What’s the Scoop is happy that they helped finance the death of children which Planned Parenthood aborts. Children who might have been future customers of their ice cream parlor ! Shameful !

Condom fashion show raises money to “expand services” for Planned Parenthood

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There are basically three things that Planned Parenthood focuses on: Sex, Abortion, Money and when they get a chance to combine all of those things- well that is a great day for the abortion giant.


Recently, the Ashville Planned Parenthood held a condom fashion show they titled, Condom Culture, to raise money for a permanent location where they plan to offer “reproductive services.”

Of course, sponsors included condom companies such as, Proper Attire, Trojan, Pleasure Plus, and Crown.

Models on the runway wore designer condom outfits which had to include at least 1000 condoms.

Submissions included Green Demon and Devil in the Bedroom

Green Demon

Devild in the bedroom


Nearly 100 people paid $135 to attend.

Bonnie Smith PP

Asheville, Planned Parenthood’s interim CEO Bonnie Smith who wore a condom flower in her hair told the crowd, “After 35 years in Asheville, we have leased and we have rented, and we have moved from one facility to the other. Now, we will have the permanence and stability that comes from owning a health center.”

She said the money would go toward their “expansion of services” and finding a new home.

According to the Catholic News Herald, Planned Parenthood’s application to open the new Asheville Health Center remains under review by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), pending an inspection of the new facility by state regulators.

FemCare DSC_1312 (1280x853)

Planned Parenthood plans to renovate the building which was believed to be the site of the now closed FemCare abortion clinic, but has been identified as 16 McDowell in Asheville, for $2.6 million.

In its application for an abortion clinic license, Planned Parenthood told state health officials that it estimates performing 500 abortions per year there.

Medical director of Planned Parenthood Health Services Dr. Donna Burkett came short of saying they would be expanding into abortion by describing the move as an expansion of services.

COndom Culture 2015 2.

Lest you think you missed the one and only chance to see Condom Culture think again.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio will host Condom Culture 2015.

COndom Culture 2015