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What color does Planned Parenthood see? #thedress

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The image of a dress has gone viral after a Tumblr page asked, “Guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?”


The dress is really Blue and Black.

While the hashtag #thedress is trending, abortion giant Planned Parenthood has decided to cash in on the event with their version of a condom dress:

PP Condom Dress

And then tweeted this:

PP The DRess Condom

Of course, when it comes to killing babies inside the womb with abortion, Planned Parenthood knows their colors very very well:

PP money-dT67g7AT9

Planned Parenthood raises “Condom Flag” during condom week

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Planned Parenthood, not your bastion of respectful patriotism has raised their condom flag during National Condom Week, celebrated the same week as Valentine’s Day in the USA.

On February 19th the week of Valentine’s Day and Condom Week, Planned Parenthood posted this to Facebook:

Condom FLag

Two years ago, Planned Parenthood pinned this condom flag on Pinterest:

Planned Parenthood condom flag

In 2014, NARAL, the largest abortion lobby group in the nation Retweeted this image of a so-called “Flag of Reproductive Freedom” :


Then there was this one by Planned Parenthood claiming reproductive rights (i.e. abortion on demand rights) are human rights draped in a flag:


Also in 2014, Planned Parenthood suggested their supporters “declare your sexual independence day” using the flag this way:

Planned Parenthood Flag Sexual Independence logo__DSID2014_v2

In 2013, Planned Parenthood again used the condom flag in a Facebook post here:

2013 Planned Parenthood condo flag

It appears to be a common theme:

Planned Parenthood Flag Feronia Project

According to, ‘No disrespect should be shown to the Flag of the United States of America.’

The website also contains an American flag wall of shame which, in my opinion, should include the above.

What humbles an abortion giant? Answer: Condoms

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A Newfoundland Planned Parenthood said that they were “humbled” to receive a $5000.00 donation to buy condoms.

PP Humbled Condoms

On the Facebook page for the Planned Parenthood – Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Health Centre they write, “There are some generous people put there as well looking to help. We have also received $5000.00 from an anonymous source to buy condoms for the Centre. This generous donation will go very far in helping us to continue this vital service for the community. We are very humbled and appreciative for the outpouring of community support. Thank you!”

And, “we are very pleased to say that we have received an anonymous generous donation of 1500-1600 condoms. Thank you, thank, you thank you to the donor you have no idea what a difference this will make to our clients and to the centre!

Planned Parenthood uses condoms to promote Halloween

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Leave it to sex-obsessed Planned Parenthood to find 101 uses for a condom.

No sooner did I blog about the abortion giant’s recent condom fashion show that I discovered another way to use the “safe-sex” tool.

Ghosts !

That’s right, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas used two condoms as ghosts to celebrate Halloween on their Facebook page.


Pretty Frightening !!

Planned Parenthood: putting on condoms keeps a family together

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You know the old adage, “The family that prays together stays together.”

Well…that is not the belief of sex crazed Planned Parenthood.

In a recent twitter post the abortion giant writes, “The family that practices putting condoms on together, stays together.”

Family practices Condoms

What do you expect?

Planned Parenthood and Laci Green: Abortion Sex and Perversion = A Naked Notion

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A Naked Notion

MEET LACI Green and A NAKED NOTION by Planned Parenthood:

A Naked Notion Planned Parenthood

PP and Laci Green 2014

Laci Green PP

Laci Green is best known for her BDSM vid she made for Planned Parenthood – which brought so much criticism it looks like they took it down:

But…..this is not the only SEX -ED vid she made:

A Naked Notion  Planned Parenthood Laci Green

Like this one – You Can’t pop your cherry – hymen- huh?

A Naked Notion 2 Planned Parenthood Laci Green

Laci Green and Planned Parenthood- Lets Talk About Sex!

Hey – Posting Nude Pics online- not so bad says Laci Green and Planned Parenthood – don’t judge !

Here Laci Green makes abortion sound easy and simple for abortion giant Planned Parenthood

And this one on the Morning-After Abortion Pill:

Laci Green “Pull out” for Planned Parenthood

And there is celebrating Bi-Sexuality from Laci Green and Planned Parenthood

Or…Oral Sex!

Laci Green on techo loving for Planned Parenthood

Here’s a lovely title: Problem with Penises for Planned Parenthood

Laci Green Death of Sex-Ed for Planned Parenthood

Female Ejaculation? Nice one Laci Green and Planned Parenthood

And just when you thought the word “SLUT” was bad- Planned Parenthood and Laci Green make this vid:

Okay- I have had enough – Planned Parenthood has a YOU TUBE page just for this – where all of Laci Green’s vids are uploaded – yes there are more!!!

Does that convince you that Planned Parenthood is focused on selling sex to kids?

A Naked Notion 2 Planned Parenthood Laci Green 2

Penis Ring Toss “educational game” offered at Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX) Sextival event

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Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX) hosting ‘Sextival’ at the Central Michigan University.

PP VOX Sexticle 2

According to the group, “The Sextival aims to eliminate confusion and misconceptions about sexual health…the night will be filled with educational games about sexual health.”

Just what are some of those “educational games”?

‘Condom Races’
‘Name that Kink’
“Penis Ring Toss”

And if you want some more, students can make crafts such as protective condom cases and art work during “Paint Your Own Orgasm.”

Sexticle 4

Check out this past Sextivle event.

Sextivle 3