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Praising China’s Forced Abortion Policy is: Former Planned Parenthood director !

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An ex- Planned Parenthood director who worked in several Planned Parenthood centers and the Tides Center, praises China’s One Child Policy in an editorial piblished today.

Norman Fleishman, who once co-authored an article that wrote, “Our mission really began in 1966 when then AHA Executive Director Toby McCarroll (who we had worked with as assistant director in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1964) directed us to the national office of Planned Parenthood. We worked in the New York City office, then took a position directing the PP of Houston, Texas, and subsequently ran the PP chapter in Los Angeles, California. In this latter assignment we were fortunate to break bread with Lear–who was then producing the television series All in the Family–and suggest to him that he give “Meathead” (Archie’s son-in-law) a vasectomy. Lear said, “Let’s talk about it,” so we set up an evening at his home. We invited international family planning consultant Donald A. Collins and renowned birth-control authority Leonard Laufe to join us. During dinner, Lear’s questions were answered and it was clear he loved the idea… At Lear’s suggestion and with his assistance, we formed Microsecond–a nonprofit organization under the auspices of the Tides Center in San Francisco, California.

Praising China’s Forced Abortion Policies in this Op-Ed below from the Napa Valley Register-

World’s increasing population presents today’s real threat Tuesday, August 9, 2011 12:00 am

The Obama administration’s mandate that all health plans must provide to women, with no charge, all government-approved contraceptives, has already reignited debate on the federal role in health care.
Ah, how I remember “Every child a wanted child,” our motto at Planned Parenthood. And I do welcome this legislation.
Half the pregnancies in America are “accidental.” Increasingly younger, unmarried women (or, as we might say, “girls”) find themselves mothers for life — long before they have an inkling of parenthood’s titanic, endless consequences.
When I began this work 50 years ago, television barely touched the subject. Today it is drenched with it. Daily shows on major networks hone in on this subject, howling with comments like: “Rodney, you ARE the father!” (How would you get along, born to a 13-year-old mother and no father?)
Global population numbers having just passed the 7 billion mark (twice what it was when I opened a vasectomy clinic in Texas), it is overwhelming to contemplate the world struggling with this flood and its inevitable threats (including starvation, drought, pollution — and what leading scientists predicted long ago would be the main danger to civilization: war).
Unless we act (this legislation, along with China’s “one child” policy, is a start), the world is doomed to strangle among coils of pitiless exponential growth.

Norman Fleishman