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Obama nominated Former Planned Parenthood Board member confirmed to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

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After 202-day delay, Senate confirms judge for appeals-court seat
Alaska Supreme Court Justice Morgan Christen, a Washington state native, won confirmation to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday.

By Carol J. Williams
Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — Alaska Supreme Court Justice Morgan Christen, a Washington state native, won confirmation to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday, ending a lengthy congressional standoff to become the second jurist approved for the powerful Western appeals court during the Obama administration.

Christen’s 202-day wait between her nomination and the Senate’s 95-3 vote was blamed on partisan politics that continue to hold up confirmation of 20 other federal judicial appointments, despite having been cleared by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Voting no were Republicans Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Rand Paul of Kentucky and David Vitter of Louisiana.

Christen said she was pleased by the outcome. “It’s quite overwhelming and humbling, for sure,” she said. “I really didn’t know what to expect.”

She will remain in Anchorage and said she expects to do quite a bit of traveling in her new role. She expects to receive her judicial commission within a week or two and said her best guess is she’ll begin the new post with the San Francisco-based court in January.

Circuit judges get an annual salary of $184,500, according to 9th Circuit officials. Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., has also lamented the glacial pace of judicial confirmations to fill the more than 80 vacancies, or about one of every 10 seats.

Christen, 50, who was born in Chehalis, was named to the Alaska high court in 2009 by Gov. Sarah Palin, a choice largely determined by Alaska’s practice of having the state judicial council narrow potential candidates to two. Christen was opposed by some religious and anti-abortion groups because of her previous work as an attorney for Planned Parenthood.

Although initially nominated in Alaska by Sarah Palin – She was nominated by the most pro-abortion president- Barack Obama !!!! ( Read here ) “I am proud to nominate this outstanding candidate to serve on the United States Court of Appeals,” Obama said in a statement. “I am confident Justice Morgan Christen will serve the American people with integrity and distinction.”

FYI – When she submitted her application to become a state Supreme Court justice, Christen made no mention of the fact that she is a former board member of Planned Parenthood and served the pro-abortion group in the mid 1990s. Knowing that information, Jim Minnery, the director of the Alaska Family Council, a pro-life group, opposed her nomination because she would become “another activist on the Court.”

Planned Parenthood VP tied to Obama and Democrat Elite Power Structure

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Former Staffer of the Obama Administration now VP of public policy with the largest abortion clinic chain: Planned Parenthood, which was founded by a racist eugenisist , Klan speaker named: Margaret Sanger.

H/T National Right To Life:

New Planned Parenthood VP Has Loads of Political Experience
November 9th, 2011 Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D.

Dana Singiser, Planned Parenthood vice president of public policy and government ( PP announcement here)

In its 2003-2004 Annual Report, Planned Parenthood called itself “the world’s largest and most trusted voluntary reproductive health care organization.” In the following year, their self description was slightly different: “the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider” (emphasis added).

It was a subtle change, but one that showed a side that Planned Parenthood glides over when it passes itself off as nothing more than a “provider of reproductive health care services” for women. What many people do not realize, however, is that the very same group is both the nation’s largest abortion chain–332,278 abortions in 2009—and one of the country’s most powerful abortion lobbies.

That’s why the revolving door relationship it has with the pro-abortion Obama administration is no surprise, including the recent hiring of Dana Singiser, Planned Parenthood’s new vice president of public policy and governmental affairs.

The fact that Planned Parenthood’s most recent figures reveal that its clinics performed easily more than a quarter of all abortions done in the U.S., tells anyone that they have an enormous footprint. They want influence in all the right places, including the halls of government, to keep the hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and contracts coming.
So, just who is Dana Singiser? You’ve probably never heard of her before, but she has been around for a long time. Not helping women at the abortion clinics, or even managing one at the corporate office.

She is instead a professional political operative working on Capitol Hill who has helped to run the campaigns of several prominent pro-abortion Democrats.

A puff piece published on November 7, 2011, written by the National Journal’s Naureen Khan, traces the path of Singiser all the way from the time she was a young college intern working for Vermont’s pro-abortion Senator Patrick Leahy in the early 1990s until her latest appointment as PPFA’s vice president of public policy and governmental affairs.
Singiser’s next stop was working on Bill Clinton’s1992 presidential campaign in Vermont. After working with the Clinton administration, Singiser got a law degree from Georgetown University in 1998 and went to work for a Washington law firm doing what Khan describes as “regulatory and lobbying work.”

“When the political bug bit her again,” she joined Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. She then went to work on Capitol Hill for pro-abortion Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and for three years for the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee.

Singiser went from there to Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, focusing on “women’s outreach.” However, “When Clinton bowed out of the race and endorsed Barack Obama, her former rival, Singiser got on a plane almost immediately for Chicago to lend a hand to Obama’s general election effort,” Khan reports. She notes that Singiser has been with the Obama administration from “Day One,” working on financial reform, health care and other aspects of his legislative agenda for the last couple of years.

We learn from the story that Singiser comes from a small rural community in Vermont, where her mom was town clerk and her dad was busy with church activities, but Khan lists no particular training or background in health care for Singiser. Singiser joins Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards as another Capitol Hill alum with loads of legislative and lobbying experience, but little background in actual health care.

Planned Parenthood has faced serious opposition on Capitol Hill this year, with the House voting to defund the group in a bipartisan vote earlier this year. Heavy lobbying by Planned Parenthood turned back that effort in the Democratically controlled Senate.

Planned Parenthood received over $363 million, or 33% of its entire $1 billion budget, from “Government Grants and Contracts” in its most recently reported fiscal year ending June 30, 2009. Much of that comes from Medicaid reimbursements and Title X funds for family planning.

Even when funds from the government are not directly used for abortion, they enable Planned Parenthood to pay staff and keep clinic doors open for its lucrative abortion business.
Singiser made just $300 a month when working on Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign . Nothing lists her new salary, but other V.P.s listed on Planned Parenthood’s 2009 tax return earned upward s of $200,000 per year.

Oh, by the way, according to The Hill newspaper, Singiser “was a key part in the team that shepherded his [Obama’s] healthcare reform law through Congress.”
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To get a fuller look at just who Planned Parenthood is , what they stand for, and how they were founded in racist eugenics, watch Maafa21

Former SEIU director of government affairs and political director for eugenics founded Planned Parenthood to head Colorado Department of Labor

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Colorado’s Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper on Monday named a former Planned Parenthood employee and union leader to head the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and an advocate for Western Slope counties as chief of the Department of Local Affairs.

Ellen Golombek will serve as executive director of the Department of Labor.

Golombek presently works as the Colorado director for America Votes, a liberal organization focused on access to voting and carrying forward a progressive campaign infrastructure. Before that, she spent 14 years with the Service Employees International Union and the Colorado AFL-CIO. She also worked as national political director for Planned Parenthood.

Sen. Minority Leader Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, was less enthusiastic about Golombek’s selection.

“Gov.-elect Hickenlooper’s appointment to the Department of Labor may certainly take some of the air out of the bipartisan atmosphere he has promised to promote as governor,” Kopp said. “His selection of a noted progressive activist and a union boss in Ms. Golombek certainly will raise plenty of eyebrows in the business community, and with good reason.”

In 2007, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) appointed Ellen Golombe vice president for external affairs. And described her position this way, “In this newly established position, Golombek will expand Planned Parenthood’s working relationships with external partners and organizational allies, and also work to provide overall managerial support in the office of the PPFA president and to the PPFA Board of Directors.

“Ellen Golombek has been a champion of health care access for men, women, and families. Her leadership on progressive issues in the labor movement will be invaluable to Planned Parenthood, and I am thrilled to have her guidance as we work to ensure women’s health and safety,” said PPFA President Cecile Richards.

Golombek’s strong management background is reflected in the work she has undertaken for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). For the past four years, she has served as the assistant to the secretary-treasurer and director of government affairs for SEIU. Before that, she directed the successful Americans for Health Care campaign for SEIU, which played a crucial role in making health care a central issue in the 2004 election. During her time with SEIU, she was responsible for the oversight and management of a multimillion dollar budget, and she successfully reorganized four different departments for the union, creating efficiencies and streamlining processes and communications.

Prior to going to Washington, Ellen was elected as the first woman president of the Colorado AFL-CIO, where she led the political and legislative efforts for the Colorado labor movement. Her election as president came after a successful career as a flight attendant and leader of the Association of Flight Attendants. She will begin her new position at Planned Parenthood in August.

Planned Parenthood whose founder was an admitted Klan speaker was founded on Eugenics as documented in the powerful film: Maafa21

Watch how Planned Parenthood takes racist donations in this Maafa21 clip:

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Eugenics elites eliminating the poor, posted with vodpod