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School Board blasted for contract with group which partners with Planned Parenthood who covers child rape

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Crowley ISD LogoThe Crowley star is reporting that controversy erupted at a school board in meeting Crowley this week after attendees learned about the ISD’s partnership with Planned Parenthood.

the paper reports:

What seemed like a simple piece of district housekeeping became a hotly contested debate as Crowley ISD trustees considered renewal of the district’s contract with Communities in Schools for a seventh year.

When the dust cleared, the board approved the contract 5-1, with trustee Sybil Lane voting against it, and Sherri Whiting absent from the meeting.

CIS, a nation-wide organization which provides counseling services to students at risk of dropping out, connects students to social service agencies, healthcare providers, tutoring and food and classroom supplies.

Though CIS has a high success rate – 98 percent of CISD students case managed by CIS graduate from high school said Superintendent Dan Powell – its partnerships with Planned Parenthood and Common Core were called into question during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Faith BusseyFaith Bussey, of Arlington, not only called into question Planned Parenthood’s large abortion industry, but recent news reports charging that some Planned Parenthood workers, mandatory reporters of neglect, as well as physical and sexual abuse, had not been reporting cases of rape and incest in their abortion clientele.

Citing a 12-year research study by Denton-based pro-life organization Life Dynamics, Inc., Bussey said she felt giving students access to Planned Parenthood would be “damaging to young girls.”

Bussey said she was not asking for the district to discontinue it’s association with CIS, but asked if CIS could consider another provider, one that does not provide abortions, to take the place of Planned Parenthood.

Following Bussey’s testimony, another Arlington resident, Robert Harris, called into question CIS’ partnership with Common Core State Standards Initiative, a federally-backed curriculum spearheaded by the Obama administration and adopted by 46 states. The Texas legislature, with the approval of the Texas Education Association, has prohibited the use of Common Core in favor of standards drawn up by TEA.

Read more here.

ChildPredator W Website Sarah 37244037_n

The report Bussey was referring to was just released by Life Dynamics last week.

It details actual criminal cases where young girls were taken for abortions at various abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood centers which covered the criminal rape of these children. The group points out that all 50 states are mandatory reporters and these clinics failure to report the rapes to authorities may have led to the victims being raped for years.

Child Predator Cases Screen

In one incident Life Dynamics’report details the criminal case against a 44-year-old man who took his victim to a Planned Parenthood after he impregnated her.

Life Dynamics discovered that when the victim became pregnant at 16, the abuser forced her to undergo an abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility. The girl later testified that even though her father helped her complete the paperwork at the clinic, signed the consent forms for the procedure and remained nearby during almost every step of the process, she was able to tell the clinic’s staff that he was forcing her to have sex with him. Despite that, Life Dynamics says that it is evident that no report was filed by the clinic since the rapes continued for another year and a half after the abortion.

Another pedophile that began having sex with his stepdaughter when she was 10 years old also chose Planned Parenthood after he impregnated his victim. The report says that the victim refused to submit to the abortion at that time but relented three days later and was taken to a second abortion clinic. Life Dynamics says that it was evident that no report was made by either abortion clinic since the assaults on the child resumed after this abortion.

A 39-year-old child rapist took his victim to a Planned Parenthood in California but was referred to a hospital for the abortion where he falsely claimed that he was the girl’s father. Life Dynamics states that it is clear that neither Planned Parenthood nor the hospital filed a report since the man continued to assault the girl for another seven months.

Read the full report here.

Man who held teen as sex slave took her to Planned Parenthood for abortion after he impregnated her

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Life Dynamics, Inc. a national pro-life group located in Denton , Texas has released the second part of their child predator investigation.

Child Predator Cases Screen

The new report details criminal convictions of child pedophiles who raped their victims and when they became pregnant the victim was taken to an abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood for an abortion concealing the crime.

The gist of Life Dynamics’ report is that the medical offices where victims were taken for their abortions are mandatory reporters and because of the clinic’s failure to report suspicion of abuse, the children continued to be raped, sometimes for many years after their abortions.

In once case documented by Life Dynamics, a kidnap victim who was being kept as a sex slave, was taken to a Planned Parenthood where she was given an abortion.

At no time did the tax funded abortion giant report her to authorities for possible abuse. As a result she was returned back into the hands of her abusers.

In June of 2007, a 15-year-old girl went missing for over a year in Connecticut.


According to several news sources, police found the fifteen year-old victim in the home of forty-one year old sexual predator, Adam Gault. According to police, the girl was held in a locked tiny room, about 3 feet high and 4 to 5 feet deep. The doorway was hidden by a bureau.

Gault, a dog trainer, was arrested with two women who lived in the house, 40-year-old Ann Murphy and Kimberly Cray, 26. The three were charged with conspiracy to commit unlawful restraint, conspiracy to commit risk of injury to a minor and interfering with police.

Adam Gault

Inside the home, where the teen was used by Gault for sex on a regular basis, authorities found a journal the girl had kept detailing her two-year sexual relationship with Gault.

In it, the victim revealed that she had once been impregnated by Gault and taken to Planned Parenthood in West Hartford for an abortion.

According to Life Dynamics, the time lapse between when the abortion occurred and when the victim was located makes it obvious that no report was filed by Planned Parenthood.

Gault was indicted for kidnapping and other charges related to the sexual assaults on the teen. He entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 50 years in prison by a state judge who said he couldn’t decide whether Gault had a distorted view of reality or was genuinely evil. The women, Ann Murphy, 41, Gault’s partner, and Kimberly Cray, 27, were each sentenced to 10 years in prison, suspended after three years, and five years of probation

A statement by the teen victim was read in the courtroom: “Adam, you hurt me like nobody else has, and I hate you for it. I feel that you ruined me inside in so many different ways. How will I ever know what is the truth and what is a lie?

Just think about this for a moment. The teen was taken for an abortion to Planned Parenthood, who, had they filed a report, may have been rescued from her abusers. This is not a one time instance which accidentally fell through the cracks. As Life Dynamics points out, the failure to report statutory rape is a common practice inside the abortion lobby.

Listen to Tapes Screen

A 2002, undercover investigation from the Texas group, also confirms this. ( Listen to audio tapes of that investigation here)

Sadly, the Adam Gault / Planned Parenthood rape case is not the only one detailed by Life Dynamics.

You can read additional cases here.

Child Predator Atty Project

Life Dynamics says they are working with attorneys to educate them on how they can help end the scandal of abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood centers covering for child rapists. The group’s litigation plan is detailed here for interested attorneys to read.

Planned Parenthood Celeb excited about film that will spread “inaccurate info about BDSM to teens”

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On the heels of Live Action’s Sexed investigation where Planned Parenthood “counselors” told what they thought was a 15 year old child to engage in dangerous sexual behavior- comes a disturbing tweet from Planned Parenthood celeb and youtube personality Laci Green.

Laci has tweeted this lovely message:

“i cant wait until 50 Shades comes out & spreads wildly inaccurate info about BDSM to millions of teens!!! #celebrating #FiftyShadesTrailer”


A Naked Notion

MEET LACI Green and A NAKED NOTION by Planned Parenthood:

A Naked Notion Planned Parenthood

Laci Green PP

Laci Green is best known for her BDSM vid she made for Planned Parenthood – which brought so much criticism it looks like the they took it down:

But…..this is not the only SEX -ED vid she made:

Laci Green Sex Talk

Just this week dear Laci uploaded this gem which gives parents 10 tips for discussing sex with their kids. Laci suggests that if parents don’t discuss sex, their kids will turn to others …….maybe….Planned Parenthood? No – Laci did not suggest that!

PP Keystone Laci Green

Laci suggests topics that parents should talk to their kids about:

sexual orientation
gender identity
healthy relationships
abusive relationships
sexual assault
readiness for sex
safer sex
And of course, your values.

Really? Your values while Planned Parenthood publicly and privately dismantles those values?

A Naked Notion  Planned Parenthood Laci Green

But Laci should know who teens will turn to, she has created a series of vids for teens

Like this one – You Can’t pop your cherry – hymen- huh?

A Naked Notion 2 Planned Parenthood Laci Green

Laci Green and Planned Parenthood- Lets Talk About Sex!

Hey – Posting Nude Pics online- not so bad says Laci Green and Planned Parenthood – don’t judge !

Here Laci Green makes abortion sound easy and simple for abortion giant Planned Parenthood

And this one on the Morning-After Abortion Pill:

Laci Green “Pull out” for Planned Parenthood

And there is celebrating Bi-Sexuality from Laci Green and Planned Parenthood

Or…Oral Sex!

Laci Green on techo loving for Planned Parenthood

Here’s a lovely title: Problem with Penises for Planned Parenthood

Laci Green Death of Sex-Ed for Planned Parenthood

Female Ejaculation? Nice one Laci Green and Planned Parenthood

And just when you thought the word “SLUT” was bad- Planned Parenthood and Laci Green make this vid:

Okay- I have had enough – Planned Parenthood has a YOU TUBE page just for this – where all of Laci Green’s vids are uploaded – yes there are more!!!

Wait a minute- Planned Parenthood has taken that page down – wonder why? Perhaps the crazy sex talk stigma created by the Live Action videos has caught up with them -hmmmm?

In any event, the Laci Green vids are further proof that Planned Parenthood is focused on selling sex to kids?!

A Naked Notion 2 Planned Parenthood Laci Green 2

Planned Parenthood tells female teen okay to be sexually dominated, role play as a maid and watch porn

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Feminists should be SCREAMING at what Planned Parenthood is telling teens !

Kinky Sex Dominatrix Stuff Planned Parenthood Live Action

In an undercover video investigation by abortion giant Planned Parenthood an alleged advocate of women- a Planned Parenthood counselor goes into graphic detail on what kind of sex, role play and kinky sex a teen could engage in.

Now, we all know this stuff exists but for a teen to be walked through adult sexual acts is child abuse !

It is also shocking that an organization that claims women rights would tell an impressionable female that she should bend over and allow a man to whip her and dominate her.


Whip Live Action Planned Parenthood

Hancuffs Rope Planned Parenthood Live Action

Leather Live Action Planned Parenthood

Watch POrn Live Action Planed Parenthood

Planned Parenthood gets millions of tax dollars and they are regularly in schools promoting this crap !!!

Every parent and every decent citizen should be outraged !

50 Shaed of Grey Planned Parenthood Live Action

Anal Beads LIve Action Planned Parenthood

Dominate You Live Action Planned Parenthood

Dominatrix Live Action Planned Parenthood

Hancuffs Rope Planned Parenthood Live Action

Kink Live Action Planned Parenthood

Kinky Sex Dominatrix Stuff Planned Parenthood Live Action

Leather Live Action Planned Parenthood

Peanut Butter Live Action Planed Parenthood

Sex TOys Planned Parenthood Live Action

Spanked with WHip Live Action Planned Parenthood

Taste Role Play Live Action Planned Parenthood

Toys Live Action Planned Parenthood

Watch POrn Live Action Planed Parenthood

Whip Creaem Live Action Planned Parenthood

Whip Live Action Planned Parenthood

See Live Action’s Investigation and a fuller version of that video here

Saynsumthn has covered the sexing of Planned Parenthood for years-read here and click Back –

Or here , here here and in other places just look under Planned Parenthood in the categories and be shocked !!

Obama’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative giving millions to abortion giant Planned Parenthood

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When President Obama said that he did not want his daughters punished with a pregnancy- he wasn’t kidding.

Perhaps that was the motivation behind his creation of the The Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) a government agency and division of the Health and Human Services Department.


According to Siecus, the OAH is part of President Obama’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI), first funded in Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 at $110 million, in public and private grants. The Initiative funds programs that “reduce teen pregnancy”.

TPPI is administered by the Office of Adolescent Health (OAH), in cooperation with the Administration for Children and Families and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In 2012, OAH or TPPI was funded at $105 million.

OAH Initiatives

Planned Parenthood’s research arm, the Guttmacher Institute describes OAH this way, “The program emerged during final negotiations over the health care reform legislation enacted in March 2010. As partisans argued over provisions to prohibit insurance coverage of abortion when government funds are involved,Sen.BobCasey(D-PA)and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops pressed for the fund’s inclusion as part of the final legislation, characterizing it as a way to make it easier for vulnerable women to decide to carry their pregnancies to term.”

Guttmacher’s continues, they write, “Melinda Delahoyde, president of Care Net, a network of crisis pregnancy centers, in an article published by the Christian News Service. “Our hope is that the White House will be true to its word and use this money to reduce abortion by giving it to those organizations that truly help women choose life.”The Family Research Council’s criticism of the program was more direct: “How can [President Obama] find common ground on abortion if the Fund never mentions it?” Other activists, particularly in the antiabortion blogosphere, opposed the creation of the fund as a “social spending” program. Financial rewards, they say, incentivize the nation’s teens to have children.”

On the OAH website they claim to, “support and evaluate evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention (TPP) programs and implement the Pregnancy Assistance Fund.”

In addition the OAH coordinates HHS efforts related to adolescent health promotion and disease prevention; and communicates adolescent health information to health professionals and groups, those who serve youth, parents, grantees, and the general public. OAH is the convener and catalyst for the development of a national adolescent health agenda.

What is interesting are the goals that the Center for Disease Protection (CDC) lays out for OAH:

According to the CDC, “The purpose of this program is to demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative, multicomponent, communitywide initiatives in reducing rates of teen pregnancy and births in communities with the highest rates, with a focus on reaching African American and Latino/Hispanic youth aged 15–19.

To achieve these goals for FY 2011–2015, nine state- and community-based organizations, including two Title X agencies, and five national organizations were funded through the cooperative agreement, Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: Integrating Services, Programs, and Strategies Through Communitywide Initiatives. These awards were made through two competitive funding opportunity announcements (FOA): one through a joint FOA from OAH and CDC, and one from a joint Office of Population Affairs and CDC FOA.

OAH seeks grantees to work in areas of high teenaged pregnancy and recently solicited applications to give away $890,000 in grant monies.
OAH Grantees

In addition, grantees of the OAH include….abortion giant Planned Parenthood, something the national office bragged about in 2010.

PP 2010

In 2010 – Planned Parenthood claims the following affiliates received funding from HHS:

The Planned Parenthood affiliates who have been awarded teen pregnancy prevention grants are:

Planned Parenthood of New York City
Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando
Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, partners with:
Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and Northern Idaho
Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette
Planned Parenthood of Montana
Planned Parenthood of Southwest Oregon
Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region, subcontractor with Youth and Family Alliance dba Lifeworks
Planned Parenthood of Hawaii, subcontractor with Hawaii Youth Services Network and subcontractor with University of Hawaii
Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, subcontractor with University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, subcontractor with The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy
Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, subcontractor with the University of Texas Health Science Center
Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, subcontractor with the City of Hartford
Planned Parenthood of Illinois, subcontractor with Chicago Public Schools, District #299

OAH Grantees by state

Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, Inc received $477,790 annually to implement Sisters Informing, Healing, Living and Empowering (SiHLE) and Safer Sex Intervention targeting teens 14-19 years old,
PP Orlando

That $477,790 annually amounts to $2,388,950 in grant funding for its “Teens Rise!” project.

Planned Parenthood of NYC (PPNYC) receives Annual Funding of $611,823

Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest in partnership with five Planned Parenthood affiliates collaborate to administer the Teen Outreach Program (TOP)® program in 73 sites across five states receives annual funding of $4,000,000, targeting children in grades 7-12 (ages 12-17 years old).


Despite the above claim that PPGNW received $4,000,000 by the OAH, PPGNW claims it originally received $20 MILLION from the government organization in 2010 when the office was created.

PPGNW 20 Million

kappeler-leadershipEvelyn M. Kappeler is the Director of the HHS Office of Adolescent Health, a position she has held since July 29, 2012. Ms. Kappeler was first appointed in 2010 by the Assistant Secretary for Health to build and to lead, in an acting capacity, the newly funded Office of Adolescent Health (OAH). Kappeler previously served as the Acting Director of the HHS Office of Population Affairs (OPA) where she managed the office and oversaw an expansion of the Title X National Family Planning Program.

In 2004, Kappeler contributed to a Guttmacher fund (read here)

Kappeler Guttmacher


Nicole Bennett Nicole “Cole” Bennett is Fellow at the Office of Adolescent Health at US Department of Health and Human Services , just so happens that she was a Program Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles from September 2007 – August 2010, according to her LinkedIn page.

A 2009 post on “Cole’s” Tumblr page shows a letter by Cecile Richards after the death of late term abortionist George Tiller:

Cole Blog

Although, it seems obvious that this initiative to assist women in pregnancy or prevent teenaged pregnancies is aligning with abortion promoters, we will surely discover more connections as this new government agency continues.

So, I will end with this tid-bit: A 2011 OAH Training Initiative included former Planned Parenthood and Siecus members. Hmmmm.

Planned Parenthood Apps for Teens promotes what?

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Planned Parenthood is also attempting to appeal to young teenagers as well as children 12 years of age and younger with “Apps for Teens” available on cell phones.

You can see all the apps at this link.

What’s Your Love Personality Header

Jennifer Bowen, a writer at the conservative-oriented website Caffeinated Thoughts, took an app quiz called “What’s Your Love Personality?”

Naturally, it starts by asking for the age, race, sex, and location of every kid who takes it.

Bowen chose “12 or under” as her age. She found that the second question for prepubescent and barely pubescent kids is the statement: “I am curious about sex, I want to know what it feels like.”

Quiz-takers who choose “agree” are instructed: “Being curious is natural. But there are risks involved (like pregnancy and STDs). And you can satisfy your curiosity by exploring your body on your own.”

In a separate, non-app piece entitled “Talking to kids about sex and sexuality,” Planned Parenthood sagely advises parents to tell elementary school kids that “it feels good to touch ourselves, but we should only touch ourselves in private.”

Bowen notes that Planned Parenthood has previously instructed that children as young kindergarten should be told to “seek privacy when they want to touch their sex organs for pleasure.”

Another question on the “What’s Your Love Personality?” quiz for 12-and-under children is the statement: “Having sex would feel good.”

Bowen again chose “agree” here as well. Planned Parenthood’s quiz counseled her that, indeed, “Having sex feels good—but only in the right situation and when you’re older.”

Planned Parenthood then advised — what else? — more masturbation! “If you have sexual feelings, you can explore your own body.”

What’s Your Love Personality 1

What’s Your Love Personality 2

H/T Daily Caller

Planned Parenthood’s Hippa Violations on Video ?

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Okay- if the title intrigued you- it should- because Planned Parenthood created this video of three teens at Planned Parenthood:

Imagine- these teens show up at the doctor’s , I mean Planned Parenthood Office and a Camera is in their face and follows them through this alleged simple process.


What a crock!

If you believe that this video is true – then you must also believe that Planned Parenthood violated the privacy of their patients and violated HIPPA rules.

Mov’n on……