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Planned Parenthood’s Trojan horse:pretend to encourage kids to talk to parents about sex

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Lets Talk Vid Image PP
Planned Parenthood has rolled out a Let’s Talk Campaign, pretending to want teens to talk to parents about sex. But the message here is pushing BIRTH CONTROL, not abstinence.

PP Lets Talk teens to parents

In the video- the teen asks her parents about BIRTH CONTROL and asks if Gay people should be allowed to marry- and, of course, the parent agrees in both circumstances:

Planned Parenthood claims they want to talk to parents to start the conversation.

Do not be fooled by this rational campaign- Planned Parenthood is a Trojan horse who wants parents to think they have the best interest of kids in mind. Planned Parenthood opposes all manner of “Parental Consent” on abortion and when in the school- they undermined parental authority and teach the most despicable sex to your children.

They teach these things to teens:

Planned Parenthood AsktheExperts

Just what will Planned Parenthood teach the kindergarteners? Here are some possibilities:


Explicit Body Descriptions:

What is Pre-Cum?

I didn’t Spew

The book Planned Parenthood sells for 10 year old kids called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” Click on the name to view. ( WARNING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL)


The pictures from “It’s Perfectly Normal” contained pornographic images of cartoon characters engaging in various sex acts.

Parenthood’s web-site “Teen Talk” where “foreplay” is explicitly detailed and “outercourse” is promoted as safe sex, contraception, psychological relief and sexual fulfillment.

Maybe Planned Parenthood will hand these out to the children:


Or kids can learn this:
Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

Or they can watch this vid:
Its YourGame Planned Parenthood

In addition, when parents give Planned Parenthood access to their teens or minors even in text messages, Planned Parenthood can access your kids by cell phone w/o your knowledge or permission. They can tell them about Sex and even sell them abortions like the “Morning after pill” – just think if you found some adult was texting your kids about sex, they would go to jail….but…Planned Parenthood will go to the bank instead ! SPEAK OUT !