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Planned Parenthood promotes masturbation but called cops on man who did it in front of them

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PP Masturbation PPPlanned Parenthood is a huge promoter of masturbation and other sexual acts which I document quite a bit on this blog.


PP Masturbation Info for teens


So when a man masturbated in front of their employees – their response was to call police:

According to the Santa Monica Mirror, a 23-year-old man was arrested on Friday, Sept. 5 after exposing himself and masturbating at a Planned Parenthood office in Santa Monica.

Officers of the Santa Monica Police Department were called out to the Planned Parenthood at 1316 Third Street Promenade at 8:51 am on this day in order to investigate reports of indecent exposure.

Upon arrival the officers apprehended a man who was in the act of exposing himself to people in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood.

The officers then spoke with the reporting party – an employee of Planned Parenthood. She told the officers that she had been working and had looked up and noticed that there was a man standing outside the glass front door looking at all of the female employees.

She added that the man had his penis in his hands and that he was masturbating as he stared at the female employees.

Planned Parenthood Apps for Teens promotes what?

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Planned Parenthood is also attempting to appeal to young teenagers as well as children 12 years of age and younger with “Apps for Teens” available on cell phones.

You can see all the apps at this link.

What’s Your Love Personality Header

Jennifer Bowen, a writer at the conservative-oriented website Caffeinated Thoughts, took an app quiz called “What’s Your Love Personality?”

Naturally, it starts by asking for the age, race, sex, and location of every kid who takes it.

Bowen chose “12 or under” as her age. She found that the second question for prepubescent and barely pubescent kids is the statement: “I am curious about sex, I want to know what it feels like.”

Quiz-takers who choose “agree” are instructed: “Being curious is natural. But there are risks involved (like pregnancy and STDs). And you can satisfy your curiosity by exploring your body on your own.”

In a separate, non-app piece entitled “Talking to kids about sex and sexuality,” Planned Parenthood sagely advises parents to tell elementary school kids that “it feels good to touch ourselves, but we should only touch ourselves in private.”

Bowen notes that Planned Parenthood has previously instructed that children as young kindergarten should be told to “seek privacy when they want to touch their sex organs for pleasure.”

Another question on the “What’s Your Love Personality?” quiz for 12-and-under children is the statement: “Having sex would feel good.”

Bowen again chose “agree” here as well. Planned Parenthood’s quiz counseled her that, indeed, “Having sex feels good—but only in the right situation and when you’re older.”

Planned Parenthood then advised — what else? — more masturbation! “If you have sexual feelings, you can explore your own body.”

What’s Your Love Personality 1

What’s Your Love Personality 2

H/T Daily Caller

Former Planned Parenthood employee teaches Sex Lecture on Masturbation

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OhMegan-FBFormer Planned Parenthood employee will be speaking at the State University of New York at Oswego on October 7. Her lecture, “Getting a Grip: Mastering Your Sexuality,” is featured on the university’s website and also on Andelloux’s site.


Students at Oswego will learn “masturbation techniques” and also “what other people are secretly into” during the two-hour forum, according to the lecture’s description.


The student group Pride Alliance invited the sexologist to Oswego. As with other groups and clubs on campus, Pride Alliance gets its funding from Oswego’s student association that distributes funds from required student activities fees.

Students at a University of New Hampshire lecture by Andelloux last week were treated to sex toy giveaways. Those who attend the Monday night lecture at Oswego will also get freebies. During the course of the event, there was a clitoris demonstration with a vulva puppet, information on safe toy use, and a Kegel exercise audience participation event, among many other themes. People who participated received vibrators, restraint systems, butt-plugs and other assorted sexual toys.

As a former Planned Parenthood employee, she should be an ace at teaching Masturbation

How did Megan get involved in teaching sexuality for adults?

At the beginning of her career, Megan provided sex education for youth as a sexuality educator through Planned Parenthood. Midway through, she started working part time at a feminist run sex toy shop providing sexuality education for the local community. Through conversations at the sex toy shop and the community events she was asked to speak at, she noticed that many adults had the same questions about sexuality as young people she taught during the day. This lead to the discovery that the vast majority of sex education in this country is geared toward youth. Her firm belief is that all people regardless of age should have access to safe and accurate sex information in ways that they can relate to and learn from. Thus, in 2010 she decided to start two separate, and in her estimation needed, adult sex education programs: The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and The Study Sex College Tour.

However, her Facebook page states she is still affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

It says, “Works at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance and Planned Parenthood Action.”

Her Tumblr page includes photos of a skull, vertebrae and jars that have dead babies. A caption below reads, “I love all things medical. Look at all the time that went into making these things so beautiful and well kept. It’s hard to choose the prettiest one.”

Ivy League universities who have hosted the sexologist include Harvard, Brown, and Yale.

Andelloux has also appeared at the University of Tennessee several times. Earlier this year funding for the student group that hosted the lecture was cut due to outside political pressure.

However, the forum was able to proceed because of private donations and one large donation from Planned Parenthood.

“The only large donation we got was from Planned Parenthood, and they gave us $1,000 from their emergency relief fund,” one of the group’s members told Generation Progress.

READ Former Planned Parenthood sex educator seeks to open sex shop in Rhode Island

(H/T – WE)

1975 Masturbation PSA from Planned Parenthood surfaces

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According to HuffPo: A 1975 educational video about masturbation — complete with laughably awkward staging — has been making the rounds on the Internet.

According to HuffPo, in the vid, a mother walks in on her son pleasuring himself under the sheets. She reassures him it’s normal and that he’s doing the right thing by keeping it private. “It felt good, didn’t it?” she asks, then apologizes for barging in.

The segment was part of a 20-minute PSA, titled “The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables,” by Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Planned Parenthood seems fixated on topics of sex and masturbation for children and they teach these things in the classrooms:

Planned Parenthood AsktheExperts

Just what will Planned Parenthood teach the kindergarteners? Here are some possibilities:


Explicit Body Descriptions:

What is Pre-Cum?

I didn’t Spew

The book Planned Parenthood sells for 10 year old kids called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” Click on the name to view. ( WARNING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL)


The pictures from “It’s Perfectly Normal” contained pornographic images of cartoon characters engaging in various sex acts.

Parenthood’s web-site “Teen Talk” where “foreplay” is explicitly detailed and “outercourse” is promoted as safe sex, contraception, psychological relief and sexual fulfillment.

Maybe Planned Parenthood will hand these out to the children:


Or kids can learn this:
Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

Or they can watch this vid:
Its YourGame Planned Parenthood