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Planned Parenthood fundraising to keep late term abortions legal and clinics less safe for women

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In a second special session showdown, Texas will again attempt to pass pro-life legislation.

HB 2 by Representative Jodie Laubenberg:
• Requires abortion facilities to meet the requirements of ambulatory surgical facilities
• Requires abortionists to have admitting privileges to a hospital within a 30-mile radius
• Prohibits abortions at 5 months (20 weeks) after fertilization and later, based on the medical fact that a baby can feel pain by this stage
• Requires the abortion-inducing drug, RU-486, to be used in compliance with FDA- approved standards

However- Planned Parenthood opposes any restrictions – and is raising money off keeping late term abortions legal in Texas


Planned Parenthood also does not want restrictions on their abortion clinics – restrictions that may have saved Tonya Reaves who bled to death inside their Chicago clinic not long ago:

The 24 year-old black women was left to bleed to death on the table of Planned Parenthood after an abortion. That was in July of 2012.

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