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Gays publish Christmas Parody video to promote ObamaCare

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Out2Enroll has published a video which they claim will connect members of the LGBT community with their new health insurance options made possible by the Affordable Care Act.

The video is sung to the tune of “Let it Snow” and the words are changed to “Get Enrolled”

Hope you’re stuffed from your Thanksgiving
Now ’tis the season of giving
‘Fore the Doctor brings a lump of coal
Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled!

And, when it’s time for resolutions
A health insurance solution,
Don’t get left in the cold,
Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled!

Get Enrolled

The video shows mostly me throughout dancing around a Christmas theme is what appears to be gay oriented imagery

When you finally meet Mr. Right
Never again will you be alone
You’ll be glad you went to the site
Together you’re a happy home

Gays obamaCare vid 2

The year is quickly ending
Your chance for January coverage suspending
No matter who’s under the mistletoe
Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled!

Mistletoe GetEnrolled

The scenes are very male touchy feely:


Gays obamaCare vid

Gays obamaCare vid 3