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Pro-choicers pushing illegal abortions?

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A pro-choice abortion group has filmed themselves crossing the border to buy Misoprostol, an ulcer drug that is used off-label to induce abortions.

Texas Side Abortion Pills

According to a blog post published by Jill Stanek, Dawn Porter and members of the National Network of Abortion Funds traveled to Texas where they filmed themselves crossing the Mexican border to buy Misoprostol, an ulcer drug that is used off-label to induce abortions.

Group that went for Ab ills May 30 2014

Misoprostol is available only by prescription in the U.S. and can only be dispensed by doctors for abortions. But it can be purchased over-the-counter in Mexico.

Mexico Abortion Pills

After the purchase, NNAF tweeted photos, along with instructions on how to use Misoprostol illegally to self-induce an abortion…

Aquired in mexico May 30 2014

Stanek points out that, now that legal abortion is becoming scarcer in places, proponents are reversing course and promoting the very same illegal abortions they protested against four decades ago.

NNAF actually hosts a web page explaining how to use Misoprostol illegally, with instructions to lie to medical staff at the hospital emergency room one drags herself to.

Abortion Pills

Stanek’s full blog post on this topic is worth reading- see it here.

You may be interested in knowing that the NNAF has confirmed that legal abortion is all about profit anyway- see more in my post here !

Make note that the promotion of unsafe “illegal” abortion has always come from the same crowd tat promotes “legal” abortion.

Killing babies about profit: Abortion clinic would women away for being $15.00 short says pro-choice group

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National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), a group which funds abortions for any reason mostly convenience, at any stage of pregnancy put together a video of some of their “stories.”

In the vid, one of the promoters of abortion says that a woman who had to take off work and OMG pay for child care, showed up at the abortion clinic but was $15.00 short. The solution: NNAF gave her the $15.00 so she would not be “turned away.”

NNAF Vid Screen

The story, which brought the person in the video to tears described a woman who was in a state with a 24 hour waiting period and was seeking an abortion, “So she had to make two trips,” says the storyteller, “Miss two days of work and pay for two days of child care, ” (Uh….does she bring her child with her to work? otherwise – why was that an extra cost? But I digress)….

NNAF Prochoice crying

And she had saved up everything she had and she could afford her abortion,” (at this point the pro-choicer starts tearing up..oh…the drama of it all…), “And when she got to the clinic, on the second day, she was $15.00 short because she had to pay for some gas, because of all the driving to and from the clinic. And when she got there, she was $15.00 short, and um we funded her the last $15.00 so that she wouldn’t be turned away. And that was one of the stories that has stayed with me the most.”

Way to go NNAF pro-choicers for exposing to the world that ABORTION IS ABOUT PROFIT – NOT CARING FOR WOMEN !!!!

I know restaurants that have written off the cost of a meal for being short $15.00 ! (CRYING – NOT!)