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Viral vid thanks single moms on Father’s Day

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A touching viral video ad from Angel Soft is sending a sweet message to single mom’s on Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day Mom!

Happy Fathers Day Mom  Angel Soft 2

As pro-life people we support moms who choose life and have to raise their children alone.

“Some days she had to be softer. Some days she had to be stronger,” the ad states.

The emotional interviews with grateful adult children say their single mother’s juggled the roll of both mom and dad.

My mom was a single mother – so she raised both of us completely by herself,” you hear one say.

Happy Fathers Day Mom 7

She did all of it and she did it all as if she was two people,” one says.

“I love you from the bottom of my heart and I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me,” says another.

Happy Fathers Day Mom 3

I’ve definitely seen her try to juggle both mom and dad and everything else that she had to be for herself.

And another says their mom was, “Always very affectionate – hugging and kissing and all of that.”

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Ad week described the ad this way:

    Sure, this is another attempt to yank viewers’ heartstrings, but the novel concept and no-frills presentation really carry the day. The subjects simply tell their stories, and there are no “dramatic appearances” by the moms, or clichéd hug sessions, so the spot feels less contrived than others in the genre. Another plus: The ad honors moms and dads by implicitly acknowledging the importance of the latter.

Although the ad pulls on your heartstrings does it also suggest that the roll of father is not important?

Happy Fathers Day Mom 2

“She really is like the most amazing mother. But, she was really an incredible father,” says one of those interviewed.

The ad ends with the Angel Soft Logo, “Be Soft – Be Strong.”

Happy Fathers Day Mom  Angel Soft

What are your thoughts about this ad?

Watch the ad and please leave a comment.

Teleflora ad celebrating Mother’s Day has pro-life message

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A Teleflora ad on youtube which emphasizes the importance of mothers has a beautiful pro-life message.

The ad is emotional and is created to appear as a true story.

Teleflora prolife ad mothers day son

In the video a son sends his mother a video message filled with accolades of all the sacrifices his mother made for him.

I didn’t know how much you sacrificed until I was an adult,” the adult son says.

At college, I learned that you had a dream to become a professional athlete and then you got pregnant with me and you had to choose. You knew you couldn’t do both and you gave it up to raise me. To raise me the best way you knew how,” he says.

Teleflora prolife ad mothers day

I realize how hard it was, and thank you very much,” he adds.

Teleflora Ryan Mothers Day

Because of you I stand here today, a father, a husband, Navy commander. It’s because of you – you showed me how to work and not quit and have honor and have integrity. I’ve achieved all these things because the foundation you laid and the example that you lead,” he says.

Teleflora Ryan Mothers Day 2

“Above all mom, I hope when you look at me, you see the good man that you wanted your little boy to be. I’m proud to call you my mother, I’m proud to your son. You made me the man that I am today. I love you with all my heart

See what happens next:

How Abortion Advocates Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Abortion kills children – so why would abortion advocates claim to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Planned Parenthood is pushing donations for – of all things: MOTHER’S DAY:

PP Mother's Day Tweet April 2014

PP Mother's Day Chocolates

Screenshot 1

PP Orange Mothers Day

The Abortion Care Network shared RH Reality Blog’s Mother’s Day post – strange they are both pro-abortion :

Screenshot 2

And here’s a lovely gem from a Colorado Abortion clinic. Guess what? You can donate to have more babies killed in honor of your mom!

Bolder Women's Health


NARAL is even getting in on the celebration- wonder why this image doesn’t contain a woman holding her aborted “fetus”?

Mothers Day


And here is one from your typical pro-choicer: “thank an abortion doctor for letting women be mothers if and when they want” – REALLY?

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