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Media quotes Ford Foundation funded abortion survey despite the fact that Planned Parenthood prez sits on Ford’s Board and one author is a Planned Parenthood defender

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A new poll out today claims that abortion is not one of the issues on which the children are more liberal than their parents. The media is reporting its somewhat skewed results despite the fact that the funding for the poll was done by the very pro-abortion Ford Foundation, whose board of Trustees, include the President of the nation’s LARGEST ABORTION CLINIC- Cecile Richards.

The title itself sounds skewed to a pro-abortion bent: Committed to Availability, conflicted about Morality.

Cecile Richards, President Planned Parenthood

in 2010, Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced Cecile Richards, president of PPFA and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, was elected to join the Ford Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Left Wing NPR quoted the head of the Public Religion Research Institute, who did the survey, but did not explaining that the survey was funded by the left-wing pro-abortion FORD foundation, famous for funding abortion causes, “Don’t get me wrong, they are pro-choice. Six in 10 millennials say abortion should be legal in all or most cases,” says Robert Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute and lead author of the study.

They claim that…..the survey found that millennials are more divided on all sorts of things when it comes to abortion.

For example, they claim….while the millennials and their parents are close together on their opinions about whether abortion should be legal, the younger generation is eight percentage points more likely to think that at least some health care providers should provide legal abortions. That means many of those young people who believe abortion should not be legal also believe it should be legally available. (HMMM- sounds like a Plug for Planned Parenthood, think this is a skewed survey?)

The Public Religion Research Institute found that among every age group surveyed, overlapping majorities said they described themselves as both “pro-choice” and “pro-life.” For millennials, three-quarters said they identified with the term pro-choice, while 65 percent said they could also be described as pro-life. ( AGAIN- Try looking at the ones who funded it and who will gain from its results)

Another interesting fact – UNDISCLOSED by the media is that one of the survey’s author served as General Counsel for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington

Rachel Laser is the Culture Program Director at Third Way, a progressive Washington, DC-based think tank. Laser was Senior Counsel in the Health and Reproductive Rights group at the National Women’s Law Center, where she focused on abortion, family planning and judicial nominations and directed their Pharmacy Refusal Project. Prior to NWLC, Ms. Laser served as General Counsel for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington and at a DC women’s health lobbying firm, where she focused on maternal health issues. Ms. Laser graduated from Harvard University and the University of Chicago Law School, where she was on the staff of the University of Chicago Law Review. Ms. Laser clerked for Federal Judge Peter Messitte of the Southern District of Maryland.

Video below, hear survey author, Rachel Laser say, ” I worked for 6 years in the abortion rights community and I stand here today committed to abortion rights as I ever was.”

Read Survey here ( Committed to Availability, conflicted about Morality)

National Right to Life’s Dave Andrusko summarizes the results:

1. The wording of the question on the basic legality dictates that in the population as a whole, “a solid majority” will come to the preferred conclusion. A combined 51% say abortion should be legal in all cases (19%) or most cases (37%). A total of 40% say abortion should be illegal in all cases (14%) or most cases (26%). The numbers for Millennials are almost identical.

But as we have pointed out several times in the last week, when more discerning questions are asked (what does “most” mean?), you discover that, in fact, “61% now preferring that abortion be legal in only a few circumstances or no circumstances,” according to Lynda Saad of Gallup. “Only 37% want abortion legal in all or most circumstances.”

And, even more intriguing, the authors concede that “Millennials are less supportive of legal abortion than their demographic profile would suggest” (meaning, for example, they are less religious). As they mature, typically they take their faith more seriously which is strongly associated with a heightened respect for life.

2. We read, “The binary ‘pro-choice’/’pro-life’ labels do not reflect the complexity of Americans’ views on abortion.” In many ways this illustrates how slippery the entire enterprise is. If you ask most people whether either label “describes them at least somewhat well” [my emphasis], most people will yes and yes. When you ask people to choose one or the other, sometimes there are more self-identified “pro-choicers” than “pro-lifers,” and vice versa.

But the more interesting finding is that overwhelmingly respondents agreed that is more socially acceptable to be pro-choice (53%) than pro-life (32%). The only fair conclusion to draw is that if neither were more socially acceptable, the % self-identifying as pro-life would be higher.

Having said that, what is buried in the numbers?

1. While the economic is more often described as a critical issue, 29% say abortion is a critical issue and another 29% said it is one among many important issues. That’s not insignificant. How “salient” is the issue? ”Those who opposed legal abortion are more than three times as likely as those who support legal abortion to say it is a critical issue.” Moreover 2/3rds (65%) of those who say abortion should always be illegal say abortion is a crucial issue in contrast to 19% of those who say abortion should legal in all cases. Huge intensity/single issue difference. Unfortunately, the breakout for the Millennials was not included.

2. Prior to the quantitative survey, Public Religion Research Institute conducted four focus groups with “politically moderate 18-29 year olds.” They asked them to say the first word that came to mind when they heard the term “abortion.’ The results were overwhelming. 54% of the words “are negative and more associated with opposing legal abortion.” Those included “death” killing” and ‘sad.” Only 16% of the responses “are more associated with affirming legal abortion.” But if you look at the actual list, there are much more personal comments such as “disgusting,” “scary,” “killing an innocent life,” and “young mothers.”

3. Millennials overwhelmingly support parental consent (71%).

4. There is a quirky section about “influences,” which I will return to next week. Clearly the authors’ goal is to minimize the impact of seeing an ultrasound. But in the end, “[W]hen we applied other demographic controls in order to understand the isolated effect of seeing an ultrasound image, we find a modest but significant negative impact on support for legal abortion. In other words, Americans who have recently seen an ultrasound are less likely to say abortion should be legal in all or most cases than those who have not.”

One other important dimension which takes us back to the circumstances under which people “support” abortion. They ask further questions to obtain a “more nuanced understanding of American views about the permissibility of abortion and specific circumstances.” They offer five situations—from the toughest (rape) to not being married.

Surprise, surprise they found that 28% held “mixed” views. Which brings me back to my previous point. There are far more instances in which a woman “is not married and does not want to marry the man” than there are babies with a “strong chanced of serious defect.” There is, unfortunately, strong support for the latter but 39% for the former.

Which is why, to quote Gallup again, “61% now preferring that abortion be legal in only a few circumstances or no circumstances.”

The important thing to remember is that young people are pro-life, especially the 18-25 year olds, and growing more so.